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Parents Feedback

Brent Smith, Managing Director of Developing Bank of Singapore, joined Lotus' 2-week summer program in 2007; his son Kyle Smith, from Singapore American School, joined Lotus' 3-week high school program.

I highly recommend Lotus, and had an excellent experience. I found the program to be very well organized, all of the teachers both through the university and through the one-on-one tutorial program that was set up by Lotus was excellent. Additionally, the extra curriculum programs set up by the Lotus were fun and instructional. I had a very good time; I felt the program was well put together and I would recommend it.

Like many other parents of a high school student, my wife and I were apprehensive at first about our son being in Beijing, luckily I was able to be with him for part of the time and I am very happy to say that Lotus has a very safe, well-organized, and age-appropriate program for teenagers as well, with which I am very satisfied.The home stay has been an intriguing part of the program for me, living with the Chinese family not only practicing a language outside the classroom, but actually being a part of the culture, learning new words was a very exciting and very important part of the program, and I had a lot of fun doing it. I absolutely recommend it to others.

Caroline M. Tanner, a doctor from the U.S. - her daughter, Ana Tanner, joined Lotus' 2-week High School Small Class Program Summer 2009.

The Lotus program was excellent overall. The opportunity for intensive language study, combined with the homestay, was excellent. The staffs were also helpful and thoughtful. The program did a good job of placing the students, so that each student was challenged, but not overwhelmed and, according to Ana, the teacher was terrific. We are not sure of our summer schedules for next year, but spending more time with Lotus will definitely be on the list of possibilities for Ana. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful program!

A thank you note from Gea Aprile, Italy - her daughter, Camilla, joined our 4-week Small Class Program in Summer 2007

Dear Grace:
Thank you very much for your kind words. I've been speaking with Camilla regularly and I know she has completely enjoyed her experience with Lotus.
The host family was absolutely wonderful to her; she has made great friends during her time in Beijing.
I know she will stay in touch with you all, and is also thinking of spending a gap year with Lotus.

Thank you very much for looking after her and for the incredible opportunities you have offered her. I am very happy that her Chinese has improved, and am sure she will continue studying this year. Grace, all your staff and you in particular have been absolutely wonderful. I will recommend your homestay program to everybody in Italy!
Thank you so very much!
Kind regards,
Gea Aprile

Alix Davenport with her daughter, Lucy, joined 2-week One-on-One tutoring program in Fall 2009.

I came with my 8 year old daughter who was adopted from China. She is learning Chinese and we had a 2-week vacation to help her improve. It was important to me that she should have a good time and a positive experience in China so that she would be motivated to study Chinese. I was very pleased with our visit.
Lucy loved the homestay program and her Chinese lessons. She wants to come every year! She thinks Chinese people work very hard and eat very well!

Laura Hayward, from USA - she and her daughter Meredith joined Lotus鈥?One-on-One tutoring
program, Summer 2006

Dear Lotus Educational Foundation,
Thank you for the wonderful experience my daughter and I had in Beijing. Being able to be immersed once again in Chinese helped Meredith speak and understand the language more fully and apply the knowledge gained from her high school Chinese classes.

Meredith found her tutor helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. Meredith had specific goals she wanted to attain to help her with her continuing study of Chinese and the tutor helped her achieve those goals. On our daily wanderings and sightseeing through Beijing after her lesson, Meredith confidently spoke Chinese in all situations. It certainly was nice for me to be able to have someone about who could speak the language!

Our host family was generous and kind. Fortunately, most of them could not speak English, which was very helpful to Meredith, although having some family members have a good command of English was also helpful, as Meredith was able to receive an in situ lesson for things she did not understand. The host family was comfortable having two additional people in their house and Meredith also enjoyed playing with the children鈥nd the opportunity to once again, use her Chinese.

To be frank, I wanted to go to Beijing to "check out" the situation regarding quality of tutoring, homestay family quality and the overall quality of the program. As you know, Meredith is a high school student and has been studying Chinese for four years. She will continue her study of Chinese for the remainder of her high school career. To that end, I was looking for a program in which Meredith could return to every summer that provided steadily increasing difficulty of mastery of Chinese, taking fully into account her steadily increasing fluency and study of Chinese during the academic year. The Lotus program provides such a structure. I am also confident that staying with a host family will also continue to be a very good experience.

As an organization, you all were always quick to respond to my questions and provided information for our alternative attainment of our Chinese visas. The pick up and drop off service is terrific as well as all the extras you provide, such as the SIM chip, the dictionary, etc.
Kind regards,


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