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High school Semester Program

Lotus Educational Foundation's High School Semester Programs are designed for high school students who are interested in taking up to half a year off to explore and learn in China. Through this program, participants learn Chinese language and traditional culture by living with a homestay in Beijing and taking intensive language courses. In addition to offering cultural activities and weekend excursions, Lotus is also happy to arrange volunteer opportunities, and travel itineraries.

Lotus High School Semester Program Highlights

  • Immerse yourself in the Chinese language and culture by living with a local Chinese family
  • Practice Chinese while enjoying daily breakfast and dinner with your host family
  • Enroll in daily intensive language courses according to your individual preference
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to volunteer at local senior centers and schools
  • Participate in a part-time internship at a local business or association in Beijing
  • Explore Beijing's historical and cultural landmarks during afternoon excursions
  • Experience Chinese culture first-hand with activities such as calligraphy lessons, cooking class, and a traditional Chinese medicine workshop
  • Cap your program off with travel to some of China's most remarkable locations
  • Rest assured with the assistance and supervision provided by our on-site staff

Option 1: High School Attached to Capital Normal University

About the school:

Established in 1914, the High School Attached to Capital Normal University (abbreviated as HSACNU) has long been considered an ideal institution for high school education in China. The school was recognized as one of the first key high schools of Beijing in 1978 and one of the first model schools of China in 2001. Today, there are more than seventeen hundred middle and high school students studying in HSACNU.

HASCNU has received many honors from the local and national governments. It has been conferred such titles as "Advanced School for Moral Education in Haidian District?" Advanced School for Education and Scientific Research in Haidian District ? and as the "School of the Red Cross in Beijing? to name just a few.

The International Department of HSACNU, established in 2002, has been renowned for high-quality teaching, successful administration, and exemplary students. HSACNU is fortunate to have a distinguished teaching staff, which consists of some of the most experienced teachers in China. The International Department of HSACNU provides international students every chance to build a close relationship with Chinese students as well as experience Chinese life first hand. At present there are more than one hundred international students studying at HSACNU.

Course description:

Target students: Senior high school foreign students who have no knowledge of Chinese.
Goals: Students will participate in an intensive language program.
Courses: Spoken Chinese, Listening, Grammar, Chinese Culture, PE and so on.
Class hours: 6 classes/per day, 45 min/class
Study period: from 6 months to one year

Options 2:Second High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University

About the school:

The Second High School Affiliated with Beijing Normal University is a top-level high school in Beijing. Although based in China, it has gained considerable fame and influence abroad. The campus is equipped with advanced teaching facilities and outstanding teachers. The campus itself is beautiful, and in addition, pursues excellence in academics with a strict regimen.

Since the 1990s, the school has been devoted to honoring the past while forging ahead with a pioneering spirit. The school is a leader in the high school fields of education, teaching, research and management. The Second High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University is an ideal location to continue primary education abroad.

Course description:

a. Chinese language study International students only class: focus on Chinese language and Chinese culture learning. Study period: semester or one year

b. Chinese students' class: students can join the Chinese class in the middle of the course, focusing on Chinese courses. Study period:semester or one year

c. Customized students' study class: students can choose to have personal tutor while studying or join a class according to their Chinese level. Study period: semester or one year

Note: Students must be under 18 years old to apply.

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