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Our One-on-One Chinese tutorial program offers participants the opportunity to Learn Mandarin Chinese tailored to each individual student's needs and language goals.

Our One-on-One tutoring program is flexible and held all year around. It offers participants the opportunity to learn Chinese, when, where and how they desire. Our tutors are native Chinese university graduates with at least two years experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Most of them teach at renowned universities in China such as Beijing language and Culture University, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Beijing Normal University. They will customize individual study plans based on students' Chinese levels and desired study fields. Based on the textbook, the tutor can also conduct the class in real communication environment such as shopping, taking bus, meeting friends, etc. The One-on-One tutoring program is the most efficient way to improve Chinese language skills in a short period of time.

Flexible schedules, professional services and personal attention are the most important aspects of this program.

Program Highlights
  • Personalized, One-on-One attention with a daily tutor is the best way to improve your Chinese in a short period of time
  • Flexible schedules all-year-round
  • Study plans available for all levels
  • Both daytime and evening classes are available
  • No minimum age requirements; open to everyone
  • High school students will be placed with a family with a teenage son or daughter to share experiences with
  • Lotus' One-on-One Tutoring program is available not only in Beijing, but in most major cities in China

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