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About BLCU
Beijing Language and Culture University is the only university in China that specializes in teaching Chinese language and culture to foreign students. More than 9,000 international students from over 110 countries and over 8,000 Chinese students study at the University each year. BLCU is by far the largest and most popular university to learn Chinese among foreign students.

At present, BLCU has 3 doctoral programs, 14 postgraduate programs and 15 undergraduate programs. Among over 700 faculty members, more than 300 are professors and associate professors. The University comprises of 11 teaching units, 6 research institutes, and such auxiliary bodies as the Library, the University Press, the Audio and Visual Education Center and the Network Center. Many of the textbooks used for studying Chinese around the world are published here. The HSK Test (Chinese TOEFL) is administered and developed by BLCU and the HSK Test Center is one of the research institutes at BLCU.

BLCU is increasing its cooperation and exchange with numerous foreign countries, and right now it has built partnerships with 130 universities from 32 countries in the world. The overseas branch schools have been set up in the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

Course descriptions
BCLU has Chinese language courses for all levels of learners, beginning through advanced (no minimum language ability required). All students will be given a qualification test to determine their ability, in order to place them in the correct level. There are 20 hours of class per week and six levels as stated below :
Level A: is for beginners. This course includes the study of Chinese pinyin, basic sentence patterns, Chinese characters, and grammar.
Level B: is for students who have some pronunciation training, know about 800 Chinese words, and can speak in simple, daily conversation. Course includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It focuses on Chinese pinyin, daily conversation, improving listening skills, reading skills, and writing exercises.
Level C: is for students who know about 1500 Chinese words and basic sentence patterns, as well as able to engage in daily conversation. This course is more extensive in building skills: listening, writing, reading, and speaking abilities. Build vocabulary, continuing to study sentence patterns and grammar, intensify reading exercises, and understand the meaning and usage of words.
Level D: is for students who know at least 2500 Chinese words, and have a system of knowledge of Chinese grammar, as well as are able to speak in daily conversation at a higher level than Level C. There will be strong emphasis on building listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.
Level E: is for students who know about 3500 Chinese words, and can engage in more complicated discussions, as well as give short speeches.
Level F: is for students with a vocabulary larger than 4000 Chinese words and can express detailed ideas in daily conversation.

Transcripts and Certification
Upon successful completion of your language program at BLCU, you can receive an official certificate and transcript from the university which are accepted by most other universities around the world. Successful completion requires an 80% attendance rate and passing grades for the exams and overall course.



  • High school program open to high school students aged 14-18.
  • College and customized study programs open to participants 17 and older.
  • Passport and Visa required. Lotus will provide all the documents needed for obtaining a Visa.
  • To reduce your costs and avoid causing you to pay for something you already have, insurance is not included in our program. Oftentimes students are already covered under their own policies or their family plan. However, we do require that you have medical and accidental insurance coverage while you are in China. Please send Lotus proof of your insurance, either a letter or a copy of your insurance card.

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