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All of Lotus' immersion programs include trips to various monuments and testimonials to traditional Chinese culture. During our guided tours, we do our best to provide students with a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural significance of these sites.


孔庙 The Confucian Temple

雍和宫 Lama Temple
During the excursion, Beijing Staff will introduce traditional Chinese culture, as well as the history of Buddhism and how it has influenced Chinese language and culture.

See pictures from past excursions to the Lama Temple.

长城 The Great Wall

京剧 Peking Opera
天坛 Temple of Heaven

颐和园 Summer Palace

鸟巢 Olympic Park

八大处 Badachu Park|
Cultural Activities
A major part of Lotus' mission is to educate both Chinese people and friends from around the world about traditional Chinese culture. We try to accomplish this not just through academic lessons, but through doing - through having fun!
Cooking Classes
Lotus opens it kitchens to students interested in learning how to make traditional vegetarian Chinese dishes. The variety of vegetables, fruits and soy available in China makes being a vegetarian extremely easy (and delicious) here. In addition to being able to enjoy their cooking efforts after the lesson, many students bring recipes back home to give their friends and family a "taste of China".

Chinese Painting Class

Chinese Paper-cutting class


Tai Ji Chuan
Students learnBasic positions and routines of contemporary Chinese wushu (martial arts). For instance, during our Tai Ji Chuan workshop the Master teaches his students how to hone circular motions, which mirror the shape of the yin yang. Our teachers have been practicing since childhood and deeply enjoy sharing the philosophies and hands on lessons with enthusiastic students.


Chinese Medicine
In an effort to further expose China's rich heritage, we offer a traditional Chinese medicine workshop. Interested students will visit a Chinese clinic and watch doctors implement methods like cupping and acupuncture. Join us and watch, or get treated!

For the latest on Lotus student excursions, check out the Lotus blog.
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