Announcing the New Chinese Blog

Lotus has just launched a Chinese-language blog to accompany its newly revamped Chinese website. It’s called 美国Lotus教育基金会中文博客, which simply means Lotus Educational Foundation Chinese Blog. Maybe we should start a competition here on the English blog to come up with a more creative name for the Chinese blog.

In case you’re wondering, our Chinese website is targeted at students and host families here in China. It provides information on hosting foreign students in China, as well as information on Lotus newly launched program, for Chinese students to study English in the United States over the summer.

If you think your Mandarin is up to the challenge, we invite you to join the discussion on our other blog (but don’t abandon us here at the English blog!) and see what staff and others at Lotus in Beijing are up to these days.

Lotus Springtime Staff Outing

Lotus staff took the day off on Monday to go visit some of Beijing’s rural areas. Staff have been working feverishly for the past two months preparing for Lotus summer programs in Beijing, as well as introducing a new program for Chinese students to study English in the US while living with a local host family. It was a much needed break which included staff, some members of the board, interns, and family.

We rose early in the morning (most of us anyway) and headed out to Mentougou (门头沟) in the mountains northwest of Beijing. There are a couple of folk villages there, including one with walls dating from the Ming Dynasty. We also went for a leisurely hike in a small valley in the areas. Well, it’s small by my standards, since I’m from a city near the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

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