Robert Sachse, from USA, joined Lotus 4 weeks One on One program in summer 2006.

I am a senior in college in the United States. I came to China to learn mandarin as quickly as possible. That being said, I decided a home-stay program would be most appropriate! The Lotus Organization provided outstanding service before, during and after my trip in China. I was most pleased with the degree of freedom I was able to exercise while in China. Since I participated under the 1-1 tutoring program, the class times were very flexible. My tutor was understanding, smart, and very funny. I got more than plenty of time to explore the city; I even signed up at a local health club to upkeep the active lifestyle I have in the USA!

My experience in Beijing was absolutely phenomenal. My host family was warm, caring and very helpful when it came to learning Mandarin. In the one month that I was in Beijing, I hold so many fond memories with them in my heart. We cooked, watched TV, played computer games and grocery shopped. Their lifestyles quickly became mine without any problem, though I still don't like eating chicken's feet!

I now firmly believe that if one is to truly learn a language, an immersion program is the only method. I was so impressed by Lotus that next year I will most definitely return with them!

Robert Sachse