Christine LaPlaca from Virginia, USA Joined our Combo program( 4week BLCU+2-hour tutor) in 2011.

Hi, I'm Christine. I came to Beijing through Lotus for a month to study at BLCU. Lotus has been very helpful. They've done a lot for me - they picked me up at the airport, they've provided me with a phone, and they have taken me to lots of historic sites in Beijing, which has been really nice. My classes at BLCU were pretty good. They were a little harder than I was expecting, and it was confusing sometimes because the teachers weren't always clear ĘC but Lotus was here to help me, and I also figured it out on my own.

I did a homestay through Lotus while I was here, which was really great because I got to experience the average life of a Chinese person in Beijing. I got to eat a lot of good food that my host family prepared for me, and I got to go to some cool places with them. They took me to the countryside and to Tianamen. It was really nice to have them show me around Beijing. It was really helpful. Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Beijing with Lotus.