An Lam, from USA, joined Lotus One on One program in 2005.

My host family was a perfect match for me. They were a down to earth, modern family. My stay there was great. My host mother was a busy professional, but always spent the time to show me around and teach me about Chinese Culture. This stay in Beijing reinforced my knowledge of the Chinese as generous, caring and intelligent people.

Along with learning Chinese at home, my tutor spent a lot of time teaching me a lot of practical Chinese. She took me around the city, we ate in great restaurants, and she also taught me a lot of famous Chinese stories. By the end of my trip, I felt a huge improvement in my comfort in buying food, taking a taxi around and having general conversations with the locals.

Going to China after living in America for 28 years is definitely a culture shock. I was so glad to have Lotus guide me through the process of trying to blend in and learning the ways of the Chinese. I was privileged to live in Beijing during this decade of great development. The mix of old ways and new attitudes leaves you with a raw experience that is quite unforgettable.