Jnai Gaither from Carleton College, USA, joined Lotus Fall semester program at BLCU with Free Homestay package in 2003.

Lotus Study is an excellent program. The support is wonderful. I got much help while in the States before I came to China. I really wanted to use this program to come to China to study and I was having many problems. I made frequent calls to Lotus' headquarters in California. My calls were returned promptly and were always friendly. Patrick, at the California Lotus office, was extremely helpful. I greatly appreciate all his time and patience he had with me.

My two families in China are wonderful. I had two because my first family had to unexpectedly go on a business trip and I was sent to another family. They are very gracious and will do anything in their power to keep you happy. They definitely aim to please. I had a lot of fun with both families and they taught me a lot. They are so well versed in their culture so they taught me a lot about different aspects of Chinese culture and history. I will never forget either family and hope to stay in touch with both when I "hui guo" ( return to the states.) So, all in all, Lotus is an excellent program that puts the students first and make sure that everything is going smoothly. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wishes to study in China and stay with a Chinese family. Thanks for everything, Lotus!!!