Katherine Michonski, from the University of Chicago, USA, joined Lotus 6 weeks Summer program at BLCU in 2005.

My host family was very kind and helpful in every way. They always offered to help with my homework when I was having difficulty, and every night at dinner our conversations provided me with ideal listening and oral practice, as well as a lesson in Chinese culture! I really enjoyed having them as a resource to ask all the inevitable questions that arise when traveling. In turn, having the answers to these common questions made me a reliable resource for my classmates and other travelers. In addition, doing the homestay through a program made the trip much more enjoyable and hassle free. I felt that everything I needed was provided for by Lotus; from cabs to and from the airport, to a dictionary, map, and most importantly enrollment at the University, health insurance and a visa! I feel that this made my stay less stressful than my classmates, who constantly had to deal with these important issues using their beginning Chinese. My advice to anyone planning an intensive language course and homestay in China is to coordinate your stay through a program, and Lotus Study is the best one to use!

Lotus Study is an excellent program for anyone who would like to learn Chinese- the correct way. While classes provide students with the necessary grammar background, family life gives homestay participants constant listening and oral practice that any native speaker receives when learning a language. This combination intensifies your language study giving you an unbelievable advantage over the rest of the class. Living with a family also educates you in everything from Chinese history and culture to common idioms and cooking.

Lotus was amazing. From the initial stages of my planning until the very end, the employees at Lotus were always prompt in their responses to my inquiries and very detailed in their answers. They were also very flexible and dedicated in helping me to achieve my goal of traveling to China. I honestly did not have a single problem, miscommunication, or bad experience with Lotus. I highly recommend this program. The employees are all incredibly kind and devoted to making Lotus Study the best program for travel and study in China. As the program continues to grow in popularity, they are definitely succeeding!