About Us

Lotus Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization based in San Jose, California, with an office in Beijing. As the oldest and most experienced provider of homestay accommodation we design quality Mandarin Immersion Programs at an affordable price for our students and travelers. Since our opening in 2001 our program has grown by leaps and bounds as the homestay option becomes more and more appealing to those students who take their Mandarin seriously.

Our Mission

The mission of the Lotus Educational Foundation is to foster international cultural exchange through language education and homestay service. We are particularly interested in restoring and preserving China's threatened cultural heritage. As such, our extracurriculars and cultural excursions reflect our desire to educate foreigners about the rich traditions of China.

As a non-profit, Lotus also feels its primary purpose is to give back to less fortunate members of our global community. Lotus supports a variety of charity organizations and relief efforts throughout China and abroad. We find all those who volunteer with us, even if for just one day, walk away with impressions that last a lifetime.

Lotus Outreach

During the past few years, Lotus has sponsored a number of non-profit organizations in the United States, among them:
  ,Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation-USA
  ,Amitabha Buddhist Society of USA
  ,Lapis Lazuli Light-USA
  ,Longchen Nyingtik Dharma Center-USA
  ,DRBA - Dharma Realm Buddhist Association