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Visual Ring Indicator you can see the phone ring. Power Failure Protection. Talking Caller ID Voice can be turned off. Talking Keypad Voice can be turned off. Handsfree volume control. Back To Top O f Page.

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Click to Download Brochure and Order Form. Click the Contact Us link to request information. Yes, the user records their own personal 'action words' to operate the phone. Yes, with the v - v power supply, only a power plug adapter is needed for worldwide power requirements. Yes, this unit will call any phone number that is programmed into it, calling a cell phone is no different than calling any other number.

What are these systems typically called? Systems like these are known by many names and phrases: Back To Top Of Page. I purchase this telephone for my mother. I absolutely love it. It was easy to set up and very user friendly. Select Shipping Country Ship to U.

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Can I program this to work in different languages? Can I use this system in Canada? Yes, this unit will work in Canada. Can I use this system around the world? Can I call a cell phone with this? Verified Purchase I purchase this telephone for my mother.

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She is blind and has no use of her arms. Please enable JavaScript to view this page content properly. Assistive Technology Services. Not only are voice commands recognized, but a voice output reads the display back to the user. Unlike the downloadable apps, the Ray cell phone is loaded with features to help the blind use the cell phone with ease. Contact lists can be created and edited online with the help of family members or support staff, with a list of 7 quick dial numbers.

Other features include a programmable tag reader for medications or other important objects plus money and color identifying software. There is even a video camera application that allows the user to show an item to a sighted person online to help in identifying it. Ray cell phones can be customized to recognize up to 11 languages, including among others German, French and Hebrew.

There are two distinct phones available, both on the cutting edge of technology, or a downloadable app. On the horizon is a Smart Watch, which will give the visually impaired all of the same benefits as the Ray phone, right from the convenience of their wrist. In addition to voice-activated dialing they can work in speakerphone function, allowing for hands free operation while in use.

The cell phone is also compatible with TTY devices, although that would likely make it cumbersome for use outside of the home. With that in mind, and the lack of full internet access that smart phones provide, the Sprint cell phones with voice activated calling are not useful for anything other than making voice activated phone calls.

Samsung Haven — Designed specifically for the aging market, the Samsung Haven cell phone does provide features that the visually impaired will find helpful such as voice activated dialing, large buttons and a large screen with big fonts. This is really nothing more than the most basic of cell phones, and does not include a camera or even Bluetooth compatibility.

Charging is easy though as it includes a cradle which stays plugged in at all times.

Clarity's Fortissimo Voice-Activated and Hands-Free Speakerphone

The user simply needs to place the phone inside and wait for the charge to complete. For a blind individual who has no interest in a cell phone other than to make phone calls easily, this phone provides those desired features. As blind people gain more independence and begin to explore the outside world, having a cell phone handy in case of an emergency provides extra security. If you are looking at ways in which you can improve the quality of life for a blind family member, consider all of their needs outside of the home. Choose a product that offers them to opportunity to experience the same convenience as you do, along with added benefits that take into consideration the challenges they face while out and about alone.

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