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Prior to requesting any recommendations, you are required to indicate whether you wish to waive your rights. Cal State Apply will release your decision to waive or not waive access to your recommenders and designated programs. Your waiver decision serves the same purpose as a legal signature and is binding.

Selecting Yes indicates to programs that your recommender completed their recommendation with the understanding that you would not be able to view it. This means you will not be able to see the content of the recommendation. Selecting No indicates to programs that your recommender completed their recommendation with the understanding that you may choose to view it in the future.

Our Best Answer - What is EOP?

Selecting this option does not allow you to view your recommendation via the application. What is EOP? Enter the appropriate income requirements and estimates for and Enter the current number of members in your household. Indicate if you are independent of parental support. If you select Yes , enter responses regarding your income, household size, and number of dependents.

In the space provided, briefly describe your family's economic background, including information about your financial challenges. This information is used to determine your motivation and willingness to undertake college work. Use complete sentences and avoid simple answers such as just "Yes" or "No. Enter brief responses for the subsequent short answer questions. Include information about your financial challenges. Why would you like to attend college?

EOP Admission by Term

Discuss your career and personal goals. Are there any particular circumstances, school experiences, or persons that influenced your preparation or motivation to attend college e. Please explain.

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Briefly discuss your academic background. Did you utilize any additional support at your high school, such as tutoring?

Educational Opportunity Program Office

List any volunteer, extracurricular activities, or work experience in which you are or have been involved in the past two years. Is there any additional information you would like EOP to consider in determining your admission to the program? Important Reminder Applicants may complete and submit their Cal State Apply application and then later return to complete the EOP portion of the application.

Enter the recommender's information, including a valid email address.

Educational Opportunity Program Office

Enter the EOP deadline so your recommender knows when to complete the request by. How do I contact the Admissions Office?

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