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A few years back, Lifeproof revolutionized the iPhone case with its waterproof, shock-proof, snow-proof and dirt-proof iPhone 4 case.

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Now, they've done it again. The've designed the shell to take maximize the case's resonance to enhance and amplify the mini's acoustic output. In other words, you might find your iPad mini actually sounds better in its Lifeproof case than outside of it. I speak from experience. In my opinion, it trumps the competition for one shining reason; instead of a plastic screen protector which I've always called the Achilles Heel of waterproof cases , the Atlas is the first slim profile waterproof case to incorporate shatter resistant, tempered glass as its screen protector.

And that makes all the difference.

  1. Adventure Time "Jake's In Here" Phone Case for iPhone and Galaxy | Cartoon Network Shop.
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Finally, it is a waterproof case that allows interaction with the iPhone the way Steve Jobs would approve of. And that isn't necesarily a drawback to everyone, since it does indicate a strong closure that won't accidentally come undone underwater. The Atlas also comes with a free warranty against damage, which like the glass touchscreen cover, is also unprecedented in a waterproof case.

This case holds true to the Lifeproof ethos of being virtually impervious to the elements, submersion, impact, sand and mud or other unforeseen calamity. There is no shortage of Bluetooth speaker options, but when it comes to Bluetooth speakers that are equipped to handle the adventures of summer, the list dwindles fast. A good pair of Bluetooth speakers can liven up any social gathering, and make any solo expeditions even more enjoyable. The following are great options for reliable Bluetooth speakers that can handle just about anything you throw at them.

The Eton Rugged Rukus is pure genius.

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  • Gear Up for Summer with These Adventure-Proof iOS Accessories.
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  • Combining a ruggedized Bluetooth speaker with a Li-ion battery is awesome, but its been done before. What makes this speaker so unique however, is its built in solar panel. With the Rukus you have a virtually inexhaustible supply of energy. Energy that will keep its two powerful 30mm speaker drivers cranking out your tunes, and energy to keep your iPhone charged up.

    ‎ARK: Survival Evolved on the App Store

    I never could get my iPad mini to take a charge from the Rukus, but it charged my phone fast and efficiently. With the Rukus in full sun, while I sat nearby in the shade with the speaker turned up over halfway and the iPhone playing the music via Bluetooth while being plugged in and taking a charge from the speaker's battery, my iPhone still managed to stay topped off.

    Survive and tame 80+ creatures

    In fact, in full sun, with no other drain taking place, the Rukus can charge its own battery from empty to full in about 5 hours. This gadget could have just as easily gone in the category below back up charging solutions but in the end I kept the Rukus featured here under Bluetooth speakers simply due to the fact that that is how the manufacturer, Eton describes it, as a rugged Bluetooth speaker first and foremost and as a solar charging solution in the second place. If you want a speaker that can join you on your wildest adventure, this is the one.

    Likewise, if you want a practically unbreakable speaker, this is the one. Heck, this thing even floats, making it ideal for days in the pool, at the creek or on the beach, beating that summer heat.

    Bluetooth Headphones

    With a whopping 10 hour battery life and a convenient built-in mic, the EcoXBT is the perfect hands-free, summer adventure companion, and the champion of rugged, waterprooof Bluetooth speakers. Our mobile technology is great! It allows us to stay connected practically wherever we may roam and whatever the circumstances, as long as our battery lasts that is! When we are on the go, traveling and exploring and enjoying a break from the daily grind, we've got more important things to worry about than dying batteries.

    And yet, haven't we all had the experience of our iDevice batteries giving out way before we do? Put your mind at ease and carry a back up charger. With a good, travel-ready charger you can double, triple or even indefinitely extend the life of your iDevice. With a powerful Li-ion battery, capable of recharging the iPhone two times, and a companion app that gives you smart data about your battery usage and estimated battery life remaining, the Otterbox Defender with iON Intelligence is my top pick for an iPhone battery case that has been designed and tested to surpass stringent Military Standards of ingress protection.

    If traveling light while staying connected is critical, this may be just wheat the doctor ordered. Also the notes help to. Ark has an amazing storyline. And as you go along, you can craft, fight, or gather tons and tons of items. This game is great. Since this came out June 14th, I thought it was went extinction dlcbut I guess not. But I love that you guys made this game on mobile. But the game does need to be updated, the two problems are gamma quality graphics and that stuff, and fixing the connection issues people are having with the servers.

    But still this game is great. Anyone who loves adventure, dinos, survival, hardcore, and combat That quick. But I think ark should be 1 youtubers are saying ark is dying, but I think not. I like the game but the more I play the more buggy I realize it is.

    Adventure Time "Jake's In Here" Phone Case for iPhone and Galaxy

    So I got a bunch of prime from killing a baby Therizinosaurus for being a clone of the mother Therizinosaurus I used to to breed it and I got 27 prime meat cooked it all but then I crashed! Guess what happen next? And I was gonna use the cooked prime for taming and I know cooked is less effective than raw but cooked is still better than normal raw meat and I cook prime so it last longer.

    So can you try to make the game more stable? Because people like play a lot but only find dinosaurs like level 5. For me out of like dinosaurs about 3 will be above level 10 and they are usually only level 18 like what? Over all great game. This of course makes crafting high quality gear next to impossible on hard and brutal difficulty. Another huge issue is that the game will render your tames far away from your base in some random location if you go far away to gather said resources since ones closer do not respawn forcing you to bring EVERY SINGLE tame back to your base.

    App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Look for pumpkins when it is night time on the Island for a special treat! October 9th: Fixed issue in which Tapejara could disconnect players. Survivors can find them when starting a new game clear your current save in Manage Save Data. Are you brave enough to play Brutal? Adorn your tame and get awesome buffs - Turret targeting fixes - PvP Servers: Use them to breed more mutations or quickly hatch eggs!

    Try on a manticore chestpiece, an easter chick beanie, a cute dino helmet or a chili mask! If you play in Single Player, please update! Soothing Balm increased to 15 amber, Intense Focus reduced to 35 amber - New Level Up flow to multiple point attribution and simplify the process - Fixed bug where glaciers would disappear while underwater - Fixed bug where tames could be lost permanently if they were in or nearby caves - Tweaked crop growth to be 10x faster in single player - Better loss prevention when leaving tames at a great distance in single player - Fixed auto turret exploit by making their bullets shoot through dead creatures.

    If you lost your Primal Pass previously, please select "Restore Purchases" in the store. This new version should restore them back. Available worldwide on June 14th, ! You still need to touch the screen in the inventory and menus, but controllers can now be used for the main game play. Improved Primal Pass Tracking. Fixed a connection issue over WiFi.


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