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By Zachary. Super fast charging for multiple devices and reliable performance. I own 3 or 4 anchor multi chargers and have never had one problem over the past 2 years. I usually mount the charges to the back of our night tables or side of our desks. Use this to charge iPhones, android phones, iPads, leap pads, wireless headphones, bluetooth headsets. It handles pretty much any electronic device I throw at it. Power IQ technology is great. Really maximizes charging speed.

Unit does not run hot and is cool to the touch. By Aaron D. Works beautifully - just as I'd expect from Anker products. I outgrew a five port USB charging hub that I had and decided to upgrade to this port model. I've used Anker USB charging hubs before and they've worked really well for me in the past - this one is no exception and it works great!

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There's a single, blue light that tells you that it's charging and I've had up to nine devices ranging from smartphone chargers to my ipad all going at once and it works beautifully. If I ever need more charging ports after this, I'll be getting a second one: By SuperE. See all customer reviews.

This little guy handles everything: I can charge all these in one day at the office. Very fast charging and the build quality is excellent. I appreciate the textured plastic on the front of the unit, where there is high traffic sometimes you hold a clutch of keys, etc and it prevent scratches. It is also lightweight and attractive. You really can't do much better than this. Samsung Galaxy S4: By Derek. Anker's awesome, this product is not I bought this product because I wanted a high quality charger for both home and travel. Multiple ports were necessary, as was a fast charging rate.

Some reviews showed it being as fast as Quick Charge. However as you can see from the picture, this was not my experience. Slower than I'd expect from a 2.

This wasn't just an estimation error either - my S7 was really charging slowly. This was tested with the same cord, same outlet. However, as their reputation suggests, they refunded my order, no hassle at all, even though it was slightly outside of the return window. By Amazon Customer. Good product; excellent customer service It comes out of the wall easily when you have several charging cords attached to it, as it can't handle the weight.

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Otherwise, it charges my devices pretty quickly. I was contacted by a Anker representative shortly after posting my review and a new unit was shipped to me right away. The new unit appears to handling the weight of the charging cables more effectively, suggesting that I may have originally received a defective unit.

I will say that I am impressed with the customer service support that I received from Anker. By JPrey. Anker a brand that you can trust Original review. I've tried multiple cables and devices to ensure I wasn't mistaken. Withing 5 hours of posting my original review up above I was contacted by Anker directly to resolve my issue.

Best Rated in Touch Screen Tablet Chargers & Adapters

They didn't request I return the faulty charger and I care about my device's so it was recycled as I didn't want to risk it either breaking a device or burning my house down in some off chance. To sum it up Anker cares and they take care of their customers. Always buying with confidence when you're buying Anker they got your back. By CantfindnameXD. So far so good. I only have 3 devices plugged into it I am using this to power Raspberry Pi devices.

I only have 3 devices plugged into it right now, though. Two more are waiting to be setup and plugged in. Ultimately, it will be powering 3 overclocked headless Pi 2s that's what's in there right now , and 2 factory headless Pi 3s once I get the Pi 3s setup. If it starts heating up with all 5 devices plugged in, I'll post a followup stating it probably can't handle being filled with Raspberry Pis.

By Vicky Bilaniuk. Occasionally doesn't power on. Works exactly as a it should in some occupancies. Occasionally the device won't charge through the USB ports. When that happens, the unit has to be unplugged from the wall for 5ish minutes and then it'll work. Rather annoying. Not really in line with the rest of anker products. By Bongobob. If you travel, it's a must! I absolutely love this unit. This device served all my needs, and I literally won't travel for business without it. Taking it on a family vacation, my wife and I never had to fight for a charging port, and having the extension cord on the unit allowed it to reach wherever we needed it.

I grew so fond of it that I bought one for home so I can charge all my devices in one place. Furthermore, the 60W unit provides enough juice for quick charging, so it cuts down on time. By NeilIsntWitty.

A great device that charges our two iPads and three iPhones After my post at the 6 week point, where I noted issues with the PowerPort 6 and the Lightning Cable, Anker contacted me directly and after confirming the issue, have sent a replacements for both. Great service and integrity. I will be buying from you again! Review at 2 weeks: A great device that charges our two iPads and three iPhones with ease.

The only issue is the LED light is extremely bright.

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Review at 6 weeks: It also wouldn't work consistently on those working ports, regardless of whether the Lightnening cable was the newly bought Anker one, or my older Apple bought one. Almost perfect, but occasionally has issues I like the idea of having this to charge my many device lying around the living room.

I've also used it with friend's iPhones and it's worked well. I take this on vacation with me rather than individual chargers for each device.

blackberry playbook ne

Great for hotel rooms or locations with few outlets. My only complaint with this is that occasionally I find that one of the ports fails to charge. When I move the cable to another port it charges. I don't believe it's the USB cable because this has happened a few times and usually seems to be the same port.

It doesn't happen every time but it's happened enough that it has been inconvenient. By BlackBerry. This is always done while I'm using my Playbook. I can imagine this rapid charger could fully charge the Playbook even more quickly when left idly not in use. This rapid charger connects to the Playbook via three magnetic pins. Cause this is a mild magnetic connection, it doesn't attach to the Playbook as firmly as a usb plug and can very easily detach. Which is a minor insignificant flaw when considering how super fast this rapid charger works.

By Ceifer. Was able to recharge my dead Playbook from Perfect, brought my Playbook back from the dead. The old Playbook's have a defect where if the battery runs down too far, then they refuse to take a charge from USB widely known issue on the Internet and get locked in a "Can't Charge" loop.

I had lost my original charger, but this one works and charged it right back to normal. This isn't a cheap knockoff, this is a genuine Blackberry accessory, no worries. By Informed Consumer. Miracle charger Magnetic contacts are marvellous. I don't understand why the industry hasn't converted en mass to this format.

Perhaps some greedy entity owns the patent rights or something and refuses to open source them to the world. This charger brings dead Playbooks back to life. It brought back two Playbooks I had written off and were sitting in a box.


One charge and they now work like the day I bought them. I hope I can find other electronics that use the same magnetic contacts to charge. This charger is great! I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 This charger is great! I had a Samsung Galaxy Note I thought the battery was the problem but figured I'd try a new charger first. Some other reviewers indicated that this charger worked so I tried it and it works great.

Very fast charge. It arrived very quickly too! Great Value and Quality This Charger exceeded my expecations The cord is thicker than the orginal OEM; charges faster than the OEM charger, and doesnt get excessively warm during heavy use. My 8 year old can watch videos and enjoy the unit charging at a rate that is quicker then the OEM. Plus, my 8 year old cannot loose it in comparsion to the OEM design.

The jack is also stronger than the OEM designed version. Im cheap, so I wish it was 10 bucks cheaper Good charger Got it pretty quick. Better build than the one I replaced. The wire that is connected to the umm connector to my tablet looks like it will not snap off like my old one did. The wire is a good length too. The constant green light from the charger does not light up my room like my old 3rd party charger. The problem with the playbook is that it will not charge, if it is drained past that point.

Try these solutions: Hopefully one of these wille work for you. When you see the logo, immediately charge the playbook. This solution requires patience. Plug the charger into the socket and plug the USB into the playbook. The red light should stay on for secs. Remove the USB cable from the playbook wait for 2 to 5 sec and plug the USB cable back to the charger and wait till that red light comes and goes again. Repeat this step at least times. The only power that the playbook gets, is when that red light is on when plugging the USB cord into the playbook, once that light goes off the playbook is not charging..

This way the playbook gets enough power needed to boot. Once the Playbook has enough power to boot, the red light stays and changes to green but this time it should be blinking slowly slowly and keep on blinking. You should also see the playbook logo return. The green light keeps blinking until there is enough charge for the playbook to stand on its own, then changes to a solid red until it gets fully charged.

Just remember to do this often, and that it will require lots of patience. You should also consider to use an AC wall charger since they supply a higher amperage than a USB port. Hope this helps, good luck. Hi, Thank u for these answers. For me number 3 worked. My Playbook seemed that just had no solution but after doing this process of plugging and unplugging the charger did the trick.

I did it for about 25 times until the image of charging appeared, and then the blinking green light. This worked for me. The trick is to always keep the blackberry symbol facing upwards, if it is put down, it ruins the alignment of the piece again!

How to Charge BlackBerry Playbook 2 different ways

My BB tablet is dead an not turning on, when eva i plug in my charger i see the red led light 4 abt sec then it turns off i a yellow ish green ish light blick 5 time and than nothing happens after that Am frustrated rite nw. Voir 21 commentaires en plus. Thomas Corrigan. I have a rapid charger and a regular USB charger. I let my Playbook get so low, it wouldn't turn on or charge.

Since the charging system is software controlled, the playbook can get so low the software won't run to charge it. I had to "stack" charge it, which means putting the charger on for seconds, taking it off, putting it right back on for seconds, taking it off, and repeating this process about times.

Blackberry playbook ne se charge plus

The charger will charge for about seconds before it shuts down because the Playbook software isn't taking over the charging process. Until the playbook gets enough charge to run the charging circuit, it won't take a prolonged charge. By repeating this process of "stacking" all of these little charges together, you are able to build up enough charger for the Playbook to run the charging circuit software to fully charge itself. Another time, I let my Playbook get too low and hooked it up to my desktop and was told I needed to download some software to use it. I said "ok" and it began downloading the software which would take about an hour.

The problem was the USB connection to the desktop would not provide enough power to run the Playbook in order to download the software AND charge the playbook at the same time. The playbook would just run out of power and shut down in the middle of the process. I had to hook up the rapid charger and the USB cable to do this; and it worked fine. Both of these problems are very common because a lot of people leave their Playbook on "stand by" for too long and they drain down too low. The charging circuit is software controlled and if the Playbook gets too low there is not enough power to run the software to allow the Playbook to charge itself.

The charging circuit allows for a second charge so that the charging software can engage and then stops assuming the software has taken over the charging process. When the Playbook is completely dead, this can't happen, hence the "stacking" trick. It's a pain in the butt, but it works. Working under a lighted magnifier, I used a thin but rigid plastic probe on a Playbook's USB port to very gently push the connector down a little. Then I checked that the connector on the USB charger could align with the adjusted connector on the Playbook, and that a connection could be made.

When I was sure, I plugged in the USB charger unit to an electric outlet and it started charging up right away. You can also charge the Playbook by using the Blackberry Rapid Charger that connects to the 3 pin charging port that is to the right of the USB port on the Playbook. However if you want to connect the Playbook to a computer you need to fix the USB connector on the Playbook in any case. I tried leveling the metal in the port but my playbook will still not turn on: I suggest using a plastic probe. See my post above. If the playbook will not turn on, try a new charger -- perhaps one that a friend has.