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There is some problems with it, first off I wanna say it has an awesome selection of edits you can choose from however when you save the picture only 3 out of the 4 edits I did to a picture to affect.

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  • 1. Snapseed.

It has all the standard good things about photo editing apps, with a little extra. My only real complaint is that the slimming option basically just shrinks the photo horizontally, making it look smushed and weird. I would suggest adding a tool for people to swim the areas that they need rather than skimming the entire body at one. Aside from that, very good app, definitely a new fave!

When I first bought the app it worked great. Now everytime I try to select one of the little effects you can place in your picture like the bokeh and sun flares, etc. I hope they fix it soon. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Be an artist with Artist! Make your photos more textured, we have added more special effects: Overlay effect is more natural.

This photo editor app is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced iPhone photographers. With the Snapseed tools, you can easily improve exposure, color, and sharpness. And you can crop, rotate and straighten images. Selective tools and brushes allow you to edit certain parts of your image. And the Healing tool is great for removing unwanted objects. The Portrait tool is perfect for creating flawless portrait photos with smooth skin and sparkling eyes.


Filters make it easy to convert your photos to black and white or create a vintage look with textures. Unlike many other photo editing apps, there are no extra in-app purchases to pay for. The vast collection of VSCO filters allow you to create the look of classic film in your iPhone photos. These filters are perfect for adding a vintage feel to your images.

2. Google Snapseed

Many of them have a soft, faded look for beautifully understated edits. You can adjust the strength of the filters to suit your taste. It comes with 10 free filter presets and a set of photo editing tools. Afterlight 2 is easy to use despite its comprehensive set of editing tools.

The 10 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone (12222 Edition)

But it also has a set of advanced tools, such as curves and selective color. These allow you to fine-tune the colors and tones in your photos to get the very best out of your images. The filters and overlays in Afterlight 2 are great for enhancing or changing the mood in your photos.

The app comes with a basic set of filters, and you can add more collections of filters for free.

‎Snapseed on the App Store

The customizable text and artwork is a fun way to add graphics to your images. And the double-exposure tool lets you create unique combinations of blended images. It promises to never have any extra in-app purchases or subscriptions. And the app is even updated with new free content every month. Click here to learn how to create unique iPhone photo edits with Afterlight 2.

As well as traditional editing tools and filters, it has a fantastic selection of artistic effects.


You can turn a picture into a drawing or painting , and add unique design elements to your photos. The Mask tool allows you to apply effects to just certain parts of an image. This gives you ultimate control over your editing. You can also create double-exposures and fake-miniature tilt-shifts. And you can display your favorite images in a beautiful collage.

Whether you want to perform a simple edit or create an artistic masterpiece, you can do it all with Enlight! Click here for an in-depth Enlight tutorial with step-by-step videos. Simply use your finger to highlight the object you want to remove. That said, there are plenty of reasons to use other photo editing apps over Instagram filters. Don't do anything till you've read this. Read More for iPad Pro. Two standout features are the liquify tool, which allows you to blend and stretch images for subtle or wacky adjustments, and the defocus mask, which is perfect for faking depth of field in your shots.

However, it has no support for RAW editing. Adobe Photoshop Fix. Prisma is an app unlike any other here.

These styles are modeled on great artists like Picasso and Matisse, but also venture into comic book and futuristic territory. You can adjust the strength of the filter, which is fortunate since the app produces a mixture of impressive and slightly-off images. Some filters produce images that really look like computer-generated artwork; others transform images into something weird and wonderful. Prisma has some of its features locked behind a premium subscription. This app is all about emulating the look of fancy glass, weather effects, and lighting.

It also includes some basic photo editing tools, and uses layers to blend various effects together. In addition to lens distortions, like blurs and flares, the app includes bokeh balls, fog, rain, snow, and shimmering effects.

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You can adjust the intensity, position, and scale of the effects as you see fit. Lens Distortions. To its credit, the app has improved over the years with better labels on its editing tools and a more straightforward approach to image editing. Read More.