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  1. Html Placeholder on Date Input - IOS/Safari · Issue # · OnsenUI/OnsenUI · GitHub
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In case it's not obvious you'll want to add any other input types you use, e. I found it not only shorten the but also move the input slightly lower when placing inside a div. I encountered exactly the same problem in ios 11 and bootstrap 4.

Html Placeholder on Date Input - IOS/Safari · Issue # · OnsenUI/OnsenUI · GitHub

Are you aware of any way to prevent the hidden value issue? Check here: I'm using the latest version but the problem still present Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up.

Pure JavaScript

New issue. Copy link Quote reply. I tested the same situation on Chrome for Android and there is working fine Reduced test case here: Johann-S added css v4 labels Aug 11, This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Quick-and-dirty workaround YMMV: My solution was: Seems like a nice feature, however clicking the field shows the onscreen keyboard instead of the datepicker. Nice try though. MathijsSegers have you found a solution that NOT shows the keyboard? I tried this solutions here, but in iOS 6, 7 and 8, shows the keyboard for a little time and then shows the datepicker.

Well yes a disgusting one.

Placeholder disappear when clicking

I added a span with the looks of a textfield at the datefield rendering it visible only on ios. The z index of the datepicker was higher than the span but alpha 0. Onclick i'd reveal the datefield. It works but is kinda nasty. I have noticed that this does not work on iOS devices, does someone have a solution for this? This worked perfectly for me! Might I suggest making the field disabled, and then removing the disable on click? Much better solution.

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  • Not showing a placeholder for input type=“date” field with HTML5. How to solve it?.

I am able to see the placeholder when it is out of focus, but to get the date picker, I need to click on it twice. How can I solve it? But for now, this is a very good work around. I ended up using the following.

Prefilling a Date Input

Does not work on Firefox. I used this in my css: The best choice here for me in Android! Nice one! Just have to set the initial state of the "full" class, e. I suggest that we should use color: Great answer! You code make the jQuery a bit more readible using toggleClass: Davide Russo Abram: Please add explanation , how does it works? According to the HTML standard: Labels and placeholders are 2 different things. I do not understand what you are suggesting here.

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  4. This is the only correct answer. Wonder what's up with people!

    Just came across this following up from a dupe target and was amazed with the number of votes on the accepted answer: The specs clearly say the words must not be specified and do not apply , still people want to shoehorn this into their crappy web apps. EDIT Here the code if you are using required in your input: Yuri Yuri 1 6.

    Use datepicker as input to uitextfield in swift

    It works for me: Valentin 3, 3 12 Only problem with this is removing the placeholder when you've selected a date. The place holder doesn't get removed. On iOS 9. Adressing the problem in the current correct answer "clicking the field shows the onscreen keyboard instead of the datepicker": Aleksandr M Even with this code, in iOS tested on iOS 6, 7 and 8 shows the keyboard for a moment and then shows the datepicker.

    There is a way to NOT show the keyboard? Has worked for me. Dally S Dally S 7 To summarize the date inputs problem: You have to display them i. So, an HTML like: Javarome Javarome 5, 3 33 That's a very good workaround, thanks for the idea! You can set it as type text convert to date on focus make click on it From Angular point of view I managed to put a placeholder in input type date element. First of all I defined the following css: Found a better way to handle user basic comprehension with mouseover and opening datepicker on click: Matt Loye Matt Loye 1, 2 9 Found a better way to solve your problem.

    I think this will help you. Kawaldeep Singh Kawaldeep Singh 25 8. Welcome to Stack Overflow! Please try to provide a nice description about how your solution works.

    Placeholder hack for input[type="date"] element

    How do I write a good answer? Expanding on mvp's solution with unobtrusive javascript in mind, here's the approach: HeresJohnny HeresJohnny 1. Hey so I ran into the same issue last night and figured out a combination of all of your answer and some sparkling magic are doing a good job: The HTML: It will add the placeholder infront of the default 'dd.

    You could also set the placeholder of the date-input to 'date: