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  1. How to fix the 'insufficient storage' error in Android and iOS
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  3. When iOS won't install an OS update for lack of space
  4. First: let us distinguish between "internal" and "external" storage

Your phone has a few apps on it, maybe a bit of music and some photos, but you are, you believe, nowhere near your size limit. But the next time you install, or try to update, you get a message: I just received this while trying to update Yelp, of all things. I went into the Storage area of Settings, and found that I have So that should be enough to simply update Yelp, which is a bit more than 11 MB if you install it new, and the updates are usually just changes with much smaller file sizes.

Storage space running out Easy Fix internal space running low resolved 100%

But it's not, because "Insufficient storage available," every time. The thing about "Insufficient storage available" is that, like its UNIX-like lever-puller, it's not great at telling you exactly what's wrong, just what it can report about that thing you tried to do. I have seen people complain about storage issues on big phones before, like the Galaxy S4, which makes less than half of its 16 GB version available to owners. I remembered making Midas-like decisions about which apps to keep on my Nexus One. I had thought that, with newer phones with much more storage, that app limitations were a thing of the past.

No so, it seems: I wanted to put together here all the reasons an Android phone might see this error. Let's get into it. On phones where the memory is physically built into the device and is not a physical micro SD card that can be swapped out, the storage is all usually one big block: On phones with removable storage, and some older phones and versions of Android, there are separate sections of memory: Why the division?

The key reason is security: That's key for apps that have tricky internals, but even more necessary for apps that require a paid license, offer in-app purchases, or authenticate you with an online account.

How to fix the 'insufficient storage' error in Android and iOS

You can access it from your phone or a computer to which you connect your phone by a USB cable. The reason most apps choose not to install there by default is that when you do plug your device in and access its storage with a computer, in a car, or anywhere else , those apps are no longer accessible, because the storage has been "mounted" elsewhere. Like I said: UNIX, man. And some apps split their core functions and data across internal and external storage.

But you may still run out of space to install apps, regardless of how your space is divided up. Some of the tips and tools that follow will help with that matter, too. Basically, their update never progressed.

Disable Low RAM memory warning - Android Lounge | Android Forums

These users had enough space for iOS 7 itself, but not enough working space to install it while iOS 6 was also running. Apple slimmed the space requirements for the iOS 8 updates, but some people still did not have enough space. To delete an app:. The iOS Settings app lets you delete individual files from many apps, using the Manage Storage screens in the General section.

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When Android shows the "Insufficient Storage Available" error Lack of working space is the cause of the "Insufficient Storage Available" error that periodically bedevils Android users. In most cases: Applications Manager might be an option after either Apps or Applications.

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  • 'Insufficient Storage Available' is one of Android's greatest annoyances. Here's how to fix it..
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You'll see a list of all apps and how much storage space they're taking. Tap the Menu or More button and choose Sort By Size to arrange the apps by which take the most storage. Tap an app to see how much storage it is taking, both for the app and its data the Storage section and for its cache the Cache section. Tap Clear Cache to remove its cache and free up that space.

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  4. You could also tap Clear data, but that removes your files, which is probably a bad idea. Repeat for each app. The Android Settings app shows the storage used by each app and lets you purge each app's cache. In some devices, there's a faster way to clear all the apps' cache in one fell swoop: Open the Settings app, tap Storage it should be in the System tab or section.

    You'll see how much storage is used, with details for cached data broken out.

    When iOS won't install an OS update for lack of space

    Tap Cached Data. In the confirmation form that appears, tap Delete to free up that cache for working space, or tap Cancel to leave the cache alone. When iOS won't install an OS update for lack of space iOS is much less prone to running out of room for app updates than Android, since apps' cache is contained in the same sandbox as the app itself and its data.

    There are two solutions for this issue in iOS: To delete an app: Tap and hold on one in the home screen; the app icons will start wiggling.

    First: let us distinguish between "internal" and "external" storage

    Tap the X icon on each app you want to remove, then tap OK in the confirmation form. The app and all its files and other data are removed. Press the Home button when done.

    Monitor available memory and memory usage

    The wiggling will stop. To remove files in apps' sandboxes, such as storage-intensive videos: Open the Settings app.