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Rules for Poker All-In Situations

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Zynga Poker for Playbook and Blackberry 10

I fear i will then become super cheap not wanting to spend any of my money Bankroll on anything fearing i will wipe through it and have to work again Bottom line is i have a long term goal to just never work again Its what i hate most Is this goal worth the risk? I mean if worst comes to worst i can always get another job right??? Opinions please Similar Threads for: August 14th, , 4: Poker at: Is poker your real passion? It would seem way to stressful for me, but I've worked for myself most of my life. If you hate your job, I would suggest learning more about other passions while you play poker.

You do have other passions right? Online Poker at: That question is similar to my question posted several days before. About 2k dollar a month. That is well enough to our asia countries. But may be not enough to people in western countries. Poker Stars. First you have to decide if it really is your passion, what you can see yourself doing every day for the rest of your life.

Odd Poker Rules & Exceptions | Weird Poker Situations Explained

Secondly, everyone has a different idea of what they consider a good living. If you are simply trying to get by, make your a month, and a little spending money, sure you can make a living playing live. Sure if you find soft games and put in alot of volume, but with the inability to multitable online, it does make it somewhat harder to earn a GOOD living. MiamiMadePunk [].

Originally Posted by Hellmuth iz the Greatest. August 14th, , 6: You just need to be very dedicated at it and you cant just give up if you have a bad day or bad week. I remember one time I walked in to the nino bought in the lowest amount which was 60 bucks cashed out , the very next day bought in and cashed out after 8 hours. How many people can say they make bucks in a 8 hour shift, probably not too many. But yes I struggled to had my fair of bad beats and what not, but that is just the beauty of the game, yes you hate getting bad beats but when you personally get lucky and hit your flush on the river for a dollar pot it feels great.

Beanfacekilla [4,]. Bet Online. You could get by if you are good. The swings can be devastating. Most important is are you a winning player? Have you played enough poker to be able to answer this question truthfully? You will need at least 50 buy-ins for your stakes, at least 6 months of emergency and living expenses, self control, and excellent money management habits. August 14th, , 7: TheVeryBlessed [16].

August 14th, , 9: Hating your job as you say you do will make you a better poker player imo. Keep at it. In less then 2 you might just have that edge. Full Tilt. Probably not. This isn't counting stuff like various poker-related expenses. You need to play online, I'd recommend getting in a couple million hands at microstakes and above before setting out to play for a living.

If you do go for it, start out with a minimum of 6 months living expenses rent, food, etc and a separate poker bankroll of 50 buyins for the level you are playing i. If this sounds like a tough task, it is. Build up your bankroll, and then take shots at bigger games perhaps through a staking arrangement. If you have to play with the stress of paying the rent and eating, then you aren't going to play optimally.

You just aren't. I'd get a part-time job that you don't HATE that will pay some of your expenses and also some insurance. Something like Starbucks. August 14th, , Originally Posted by baudib1. Blobweird [2,]. Originally Posted by MiamiMadePunk. Play Time.

Other Odd Poker Rules and Exceptions

Dude, also for a sample size big enough to show if you're a true winning player or not. Also dude, to stay ahead of the game. See baudib this is why ya don't leave the cash game forum, dude. Arjonius [3,]. Do the math and see if you think you can win enough to make your living from poker. First, figure out how much you need to average in winnings per month. Then figure out how many hours per month you're willing and able to average. Divide the former by the latter to get your required win rate per hour. Then judge how reasonable it is that you can average this much over the long term.

August 14th, , 5: Propane Goat [4,]. I can't add much more than to say that not having a fat reserve account for living expenses will probably give you more problems than anything else. I think it would be tough to try and make good decisions and not play scared if you're constantly worried about not being able to pay the rent if you have a losing week. WeenieSVK []. How many people have same dream these days.. To quit their boring job and start their poker career.

Me too But I didnt find that big balls to quit job and start plying poker as "professional" yet.