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Finally decided to get a new TV with mirroring and what a shock, this piece of crap call iphone doesn't do wireless screen mirroring unless I waste MORE money on another piece of crap apple product. I went from android to apple and was super excited, i love my ipad, but the phone is little better than a paperweight as far as I am concerned. Totally agree I can't wait to get another Android phone.

I have just purchased a omnicast HDMI streeming dongle, all apears to work well except i cant get mirroring from my iphone 4 onto my TV i have gone through all the setting information without any trouble until i try to switch on mirroring from my phone to the TV when i get to the part in setting to turn on mirroring there is no on switch available only a cancel bar, has any one else experienced this problem if so is there a way round it so as i can mirror all my apps from my iphone onto my TV??

Ok so I'm trying to view videos in a vehicle using the ipad, but also viewing on the ipad as well. How can I do this, I've tried sports but cannot find a reliable link, they send me to some coupon page. Lightning Digital Av Adapter - http: I think Airplay is the best method to connect your iDevice to a TV. Compared to the Lightning adapter the Apple TV delivers more value for money. A nice infographic in this tutorial brings it to the point: Airplay vs.

How to connect your iPhone to your HDTV | TechHive

In my dorm, I use a lightning adapter you can pick one up really cheap on eBay if you don't mind that it wasn't made by Apple for quick plug and play. At home, plugging in cables in the cramped space behind the TV is an acrobatic feat that's worthy of legend. And even if you manage that or leave the cable lying around , there's no good place to put down your device. Hence, an Apple TV is the tool of choice. The iPod Touch supports video out only on 4th generation and beyond.

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I still have a 3rd gen and remain in the dark ages with neither video out nor a camera. Nice Article I know it's a little out of the scope - But how can the same be achieved on android devices? I'm not sure about Android. Try asking on MakeUseOf Answers.

Part 1: AirPlay Mirroring with Raspberry Pi

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With a galaxy, there is screen mirroring, where you can wirelessly mirror what's on your phone screen onto your smart tv. All you do is open screen mirroring and it will automatically search for compatible devices like wifi, once you find the device you want to use, say your smart tv, computer, tablet, etc. Connect to to it and you're all set. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Unlock the free iPhone and iPad cheat sheet now! This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

Enter your Email. How about an article on mirroring for us Android users? Get a iPhone 6s it will solve that problem. I have an iPhone 6s. How do I mirror from my iPhone to my television? Please assist Nobody cares what you post online. This is the adapter that you need for the new idevices like iphone 5, ipad mini and etc.

AirPlay is great, but for me the biggest factor is actually the TV and furniture. I use AirServer from MacHeist bundle an it works very well. Use chromecast. It will mirror chrome browser though not the entire device. Android has built in screen mirroring option. Scroll down for the next article. What Is Miracast?

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How to Cast Your Screen: Buy a Roku Instead! Chromecast vs. The reason why Miracast does not support Apple devices is simply due to the fact that Apple does not provide any kind of support for Miracast. You can read more on the detailed differences between Airtame and Miracast in our Miracast alternative article. MHL is one of the best standards for high-quality content and responsiveness. The only downside is that MHL is wired and not wireless. But most of the midrange and flagship smartphones come with support for MHL. Mobile gaming is a very popular application of MHL due to the lag-free experience that it creates.

DLNA operates using a client-server model. What this means is that, when the client and server are connected, the client can access the files present on the server. Even though this sounds very convenient and powerful, in practice there are a few complications that arise. There are other restrictions with regards to the format of the file as well as DRM restrictions for streaming certain content. The above figure rightfully depicts what the term screen mirroring means. Screen mirroring involves connecting your device to a common network or to a network hosted by the streaming device to display the exact same content on the display.

It can be done with wires or wirelessly.

Airplay and mirror iPhone on Amazon fire tv stick

The best example for wired screen mirroring is our faithful HDMI cable. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and it transfers information from the connected device to a display digitally 0s and 1s. This whole procedure can be broken down into three steps. Find the rear portion of your graphics card and connect the HDMI cable to the port. After that, connect the opposite side of the cable to your TV. Once you boot up your PC, the graphics card will detect the new display. On a laptop, you can press the Windows button and P to bring about different options to display your laptop screen on your TV.

Best Ways to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV

Since there are many different screens and resolutions, your computer needs to know some information before it can start a connection with a second screen. This second step tells your computer what the audio and video settings of your TV are, so your computer can display the information properly. This is also called E.

Extended Display Identification Data. The final step is obviously the actual screen mirroring. Once the connection is set up and the settings are identified, the information is sent from the computer to the TV.

iPhone to Apple TV via AirPlay

The TV screen mimics the contents of the computer screen exactly as it is. You can choose to display both screens, one screen only and extend as well. Just as with almost every wired technology, screen mirroring also has a wireless counterpart. It can also be done for smartphones and tablets as well. Let us take a look at the Airtame device as an example. Airtame uses a WiFi connection to mirror the contents of your PC or smartphone. The way it works is quite brilliant because it takes screenshots at the rate of 24 images per second.

You may be wondering why 24? This is because 24fps is the standard for videos and is an adequate frame rate for detection of realistic motion by the human eye. The Airtame device unpacks this information and displays it on the TV. The capturing of screenshots, packing, transmission over WiFi, unpacking and displaying on the TV, takes place effortlessly and almost like magic. Media streaming refers to receiving online content from a streaming device to a TV. A popular example of a media streaming device is the Google Chromecast.

It is a digital media player that is capable of playing online content on your TV. So what does Chromecast actually do? It downloads content from the Internet to your television on the fly. Media streaming is quite predictable in nature when considering the fact that there are no mouse movements and operations performed haphazardly. Due to this very reason, media streaming has a much better latency compared to screen mirroring. This is also the reason why media players can offer better encoding and compression.

The difference is felt while watching a movie using screen mirroring and watching a movie using a media streaming device. The mirrored screen may lag or show inconsistencies while the streaming device will give a better output. Miracast creates a direct peer-to-peer connection between two devices while Chromecast connects to a device using your local network.