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Where we once were forced into month contracts with devices that were useless on any other network, nowadays your wireless carrier must unlock your phone if you request it. Seriously, they do. Before you can hook up your phone to a new network, you need to meet a series of requirements. First and foremost, it needs to be a legitimate device.

Then your account will need to be free of any financial obligations. Additionally, most carriers require accounts to have been active for a certain number of days before they will allow devices to be unlocked.

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  • unlock - Is is possible to move a Verizon iPhone 4s to another US cellular carrier? - Ask Different.
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Beyond that, the process varies slightly for each carrier:. Surprisingly, Verizon has the friendliest unlocking policy for LTE phones.

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Whether you purchased your iPhone from an Apple Store or a Verizon shop, Big Red states that it does not lock any 4G LTE devices, so no code is needed to open up your iPhone for use with another carrier. If you want to move to a new network, simply cancel your service and start a new plan with the carrier of your choice. Follow the link in the email to confirm the request. But I think the service is too expensive.

I unlocked my iPhone 4S a few months ago when I traveled to Europe. Is this true? That doesn't make sense to me! If I cancel my contract and pay the cancellation fee, I should be able to use my phone on other carriers. Please tell me I'm not stuck with Verizon for as long as I have this iPhone!

Why you can't take your unlocked iPhone 4S to another U.S. carrier - CNET

Dear JD, Here's a short answer to your question. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4S that you bought from Verizon only works on Verizon's network here in the U. This of course is different from most other device launches, where carriers build different devices for different markets and even different carriers, depending on whether they are a CDMA carrier, like Verizon and Sprint are in the U.

In theory, this should mean that a so-called "unlocked" iPhone 4S from any of the three major wireless carriers in the U.

How to unlock your iPhone on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile

Remember it has components that can handle both types of networks. But the reality is that the iPhone 4S is never really "unlocked. This means that it's very difficult, if not nearly impossible, to use an iPhone 4S from Verizon on any other carrier's network in the U. And iPhones sold for other carrier networks in the U. They can be "unlocked" for international use, which means that certain SIM cards can put in them to get access to foreign carrier's network. Marc Weber Tobias, a contributor to Forbes, wrote back in December that he tried this with a Verizon iPhone he purchased at full price from Best Buy, but was meant for the Verizon network.

He explained how he had to jump through a series of hoops just to get his device unlocked from Verizon. But keep in mind that the iPhone 4S is exactly the same in terms of hardware regardless of carrier. Unfortunately, I haven't heard of a way for consumers to change this. I'm sure some people have tried. But even if you're successful in breaking the lock on the device, there's a good chance that some of the services may not function properly.

This means that you may not be able to send or receive text messages or visual voice mail may be broken. At any rate, it's not an easy hack and it may render your device useless.

How U.S. Carriers Fool You Into Thinking Your iPhone 4S Is Unlocked

To sum up, I'm sad to say that if you buy an iPhone 4S from Verizon, you're pretty much stuck using it on Verizon. They use the same network. Dear Maggie, I just discovered your column. Thanks for all the informative stories. Here's my question. I am a Sprint customer with an iPhone 4S. I've noticed that Virgin Mobile, which uses Sprint's network, now offers the iPhone.

Could I cancel my service with Sprint, pay the early termination fee and take my iPhone 4S? After all, don't they use the same network as Sprint? Dear Ray, This is a great follow-up question to the question I just answered from J. As I described in the previous answer, the short answer is "no. I have to admit as a consumer I find this fact incredibly annoying.

You are absolutely correct about the relationship between Virgin Mobile and Sprint. Virgin Mobile is a prepaid brand that uses the Sprint network to deliver service. It's even owned by Sprint Nextel. The only major difference in terms of the service is the fact that Virgin Mobile only uses Sprint's network. It doesn't have access to any of Sprint's roaming partners, so it's footprint is slightly more limited that Sprint's coverage.

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  5. And the Virgin Mobile iPhone cannot roam overseas, since Virgin doesn't have any roaming partners. Other than that, Virgin Mobile uses the exact same radio frequency and the exact same network to delivers services for its customers as Sprint uses to deliver to its subscribers.