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However, you could try going to www. It will give you some chances to re-gain access to your account without needing to reset your phone.

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And as a recommendation, to prevent something like that from happening again, consider using some password management tool. Register Here or login if you are already a member. Before you can deploy apps to your Windows Phone, you have to register the phone for development. So I need to password to install any software.

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Last month I bought a Nokia Lumia At the same time, the salesman had set my email and password. But I've already forgotten my password and tried many times already. Thanks and regards. Related Questions. Is it ok to use a weak password as long as I have two-factor authentication? Last updated: We'll let you know when a new response is added.

Reset my phone However, you could try going to www. The only way to re-register it with a different account would be resetting it, but if you do that you will lose all your information, and you won't be allowed to re-install any application you have paid for, since they are associated to the account used to register the phone. In case you want to do that, here's the official guide: Please enter an answer. Send me notifications when members answer or reply to this question.

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Processing your response There was an error processing your information. Please try again later. Please enter a reply. If you only have a QR code and not the key, use a barcode scanning app Android or iOS to read the code first. In the console, type the following, replacing the example private key with your key:. Importing a private key using the debug console in Dash Core wallet. Dash Core will rescan the blockchain for transactions involving the public address of this key and enter the transactions and balance in your wallet.

The private key must be in wallet import format WIF. To do so, go to https: Enter the encrypted private key in the field and click View Details. You will be prompted for the password, and your keys will be decrypted. In most cases, if you selected a strong password and have forgotten or lost it, there is practically no hope of recovery.

The encryption used by the Dash wallets is extremely strong by design, and a well-chosen password should defeat most brute force cracking attempts. If you can recall some details of the password, particularly its length or sequences of characters that may be included, then brute force password cracking techniques may be worth attempting.

Several services exist to do this, or you can attempt it yourself.

how to change the wallet pin as i have forgot - Microsoft Community

Because Dash Core is based on Bitcoin Core, most approaches to apply brute force to crack a Bitcoin wallet will also work for Dash wallets. First Steps What is Dash? Does Dash Electrum trust servers? What is the Seed? How secure is the seed? What are change addresses? How can I send the maximum available in my wallet? How can I send Dash without paying a transaction fee? How is the wallet encrypted? I have forgotten my password but still have my seed. Is there any way I can recover my password? Does Dash Electrum support cold wallets?

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Can I import private keys from other Dash clients? Can I sweep private keys from other Dash clients? Where is my wallet file located? Can I do bulk payments with Dash Electrum? Can Dash Electrum create and sign raw transactions? Dash Electrum freezes when I try to send Dash What is the gap limit? How can I pre-generate new addresses? How to upgrade Dash Electrum?

‘I Forgot My PIN’: An Epic Tale of Losing $30,000 in Bitcoin

Bitcore Dashcore PHP: Bitcoin-PHP Python: PyCoin Java: DashJ Objective-C: Sending from a hardware wallet Option 2: Automated installation using dashman Option 2: Manual installation Register your masternode Option 1: Registering from a hardware wallet Option 2: Updating from dashman Option 2: Automatic method Option 2: Automated script setup Option 2: Backup is stored in an older version of Dash Core that no longer works Follow instructions for restoring wallet files using Dash Core Backup is a file If file name is similar to wallet.

You need the private key. If 51 characters long and starting with 7, this is a private key in WIF , import using Dash Core If 58 characters long and starting with 6P, this is a BIP38 encrypted private key , decrypt using paper wallet then import using Dash Core Once you have determined your backup format, follow the links to view the restore guide for that format. Compare this with the latest available version of Dash Core on the website as follows: Forcing Dash Core to rescan the blockchain.

Restoring a file backup using Dash Wallet for Android.

how to change the wallet pin as i have forgot

Restoring a word recovery phrase using Dash wallet for Android. Restoring a word recovery phrase using Dash wallet for iOS. Restoring a word recovery phrase using Dash Electrum. Once the tool is loaded in your browser, complete the following steps: Enter your 12 word seed phrase in the BIP39 Mnemonic field.

Leave BIP39 Passphrase blank. Set coin to Dash.