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At its core, it's a fairly rudimental runner.

Prince of Persia Escape - Android/iOS Gameplay (BY Ketchapp)

You'll get all of the death pits and spike traps associated with the series, but sadly none of the passion or verve. The way the prince controls never feels precise and many of the tougher levels suffer as a result. Then there are the instances when the frame rate dips into the single digits, at which point traumatic memories of trying to run Crysis on my Dad's work computer began to resurface.

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Beyond the core platforming though, what makes this game so bothersome to me is that, in its current state, it simply doesn't feel like it wants to be played. Ad invasion Instead, its aim is to prod and provoke its players into either watching an extended ad or paying to remove them entirely.

You'll get hit with an ad on death, you'll get hit with an ad between levels, and sometimes you'll get hit with an ad before you've even arrived at the main menu. This is a fairly popular monetisation model and it can be done well, but that simply isn't the case here. Basically, Prince of Persia: Escape is bursting at the seams with ads. They permeate the entire experience to a ridiculous degree, meaning that the free to play model as utilised here is utterly egregious.

Prince of Persia: Escape review - "A game that doesn't want to be played"

I have no qualms about saying that it negatively impacts the moment to moment gameplay and makes the entire ordeal worse. It's not even that the game is that difficult, so the stingy in-game economy which you rely on to get revived shouldn't technically be so annoying. Use the walls to stop and plan your moves When the Prince hits a wall literally , he stops.

Those are good moments to take a breather and eventually prepare your next moves.

These walls become extremely useful in the later levels where things are extremely complicated and you have to do some serious tapping at the right moment in order to complete the level. These walls allow you to stay focused and I recommend using them instead of jumping over in order to speed your way through a level.

Practice perfect tapping in difficult areas. Those series of two-tile spikes as seen above? They are horrible to get past and you need perfect timing for the first jump and then another, and then the other.

Prince Of Persia: Escape Cheats for iPhone - iPad

These require the most practice in my opinion, but if you manage to land your first jump just right and land exactly at the end of the tile on the lower level, the Prince will immediately fall down to the other tile in safety. Try various routes In many stages, there is more than one route you can follow in order to reach the end.

Usually, one is more dangerous but more rewarding, offering you more gems, while the other is a bit easier, but without any gems. If you end up in some spikes or falling down an opening, you can always try a different route. Keep the gems for when new features like the clothes mentioned below are released. Most likely, all the items that you will be allowed to purchase will be available for the in-game gems you collect during your adventures and I strongly believe that they will have no impact over the game, being pure decorations. Therefore, collecting Gems are not as important in the long run, but you will be able to spend them on clothes and items that customize your prince.

This would be it for now for fellow fans of the game.

‎Prince of Persia Classic HD on the App Store

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