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Share with friends. Do you like this game? Download game Ms. Pac-Man for free. Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games. Captain Sabertooth and the treasure of Lama Rama.

Pac-Man: Championship edition

Please, select version of your platform. Why do I need to select the version of my platform? To select compatible games for your device, we need to know the version of your platform. How to find out the version of my platform? Show brand list. Select platform. Page information:. Pac-Man - free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

PAC-MAN App of the Week – Available Free in the App Store

Play Ms. I was sick of runners and I didn't like that the newest Sonic game had to be a runner. Well, guess who's still playing Sonic Dash? Once you accept that it's terrible, it's really not so bad.

‎PAC-MAN on the App Store

User Reviews. Write a Review. Man I hate this game! Essential Links. By Metascore By user score. Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Game Of Thrones. Alphabear 2.

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Donut County. Valleys Between. Where Shadows Slumber.

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You're still navigating mazes and trying to earn high scores by eating dots, ghosts, and fruit. But the infinite nature of each run totally changes your approach to typical Pac-Man scenarios. No longer are you concerned with sweeping over every inch of the map to make sure no dot gets left uneaten. And you can't memorize routes since they are constantly, randomly changing.

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These twists are exciting and refreshing. In the original Pac-Man, if you reached level , a "kill screen," the game would glitch out and crash. In Pac-Man , if you're not constantly moving forward, that same glitch will swallow you alive. But at least it's a beautiful death. The glitch, rendered as a restless mass of colorful numbers, is the most visually impressive part of the game's already outstanding chunky, 3D, neon, isometric aesthetic. It's a gorgeous dream of the s only possible on s technology, like the iPad Air 2 I used for testing.

Insert Coin There are a few moments when Pac-Man 's dueling influences don't entirely mesh. Being forced to think on your feet as you only get partial glimpses of your next possible path forward is thrilling. However, this also leads to deaths that feel cheaper than those in the original Pac-Man.

This frustration is compounded by the game's free-to-play features.

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You can play Pac-Man as often as you like without spending a cent. But to play the full version of the game, you must spend a credit, which is just cute arcade slang for using currency that costs real money or waiting until the next day. If you die, you can also burn a credit to continue without resetting your run. You get six free credits per day and a pack of 12 costs one dollar. What the full version of the game adds that the free version lacks are a host of fun power-ups that introduce even more strategies into the mix.

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You ever wanted to see Pac-Man freeze a whole gang of ghosts or shoot a giant laser out of his mouth? Now you can. The free-to-play model consistently annoys me, but Pac-Man 's free version is good enough that I am totally satisfied mostly playing that mode.

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I also understand what the game is going for by putting some features behind a paywall. It sort of replicates the familiar arcade tension of putting real money on the line to rack up the highest score possible. I'm looking at you Angry Birds 2 and Plants vs.