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Basically, a button in the Action Center switches on the flash on your Windows Phone so that the device can be used as a flashlight. The build also changes the name of the new browser to Microsoft Edge previously called Project Spartan. With the onset of Microsoft Edge, users will no longer be able to access their cookies, history, favorites and reading list pages from older builds.

Microsoft alerted users of this change previously and advised that they back up the data.

Guide to transfer contacts from Gmail to iCloud fastest

The Edge browser also modifies the address bar: Users also have the option to see a website in desktop view in Build Cortana, the personal assistant, also gets enhancements. April 29, Whatsapp Video Optimizer March 26, Latest Apps. Scheduled SMS 1. December 16, TextBelter 1.

Download Flashlight-X XAP File for Windows Phone - Appx4Fun

September 10, Metro Commander Pro 1. September 19, January 27, Nokia Center 1. September 9, Win2D Example Gallery June 27, Common Settings 1. April 16, No mobile ecosystem would be complete without a bevy of flashlight apps just beware which flashlight app you download.

Utilities & Tools

And the Windows Phone store is no different. And one of the most popular for WP has been Flashlight-X.

Brightening Things Up

The app offers up a number of useful tools including a continual light source from the phone's flash, a blinking SOS mode for emergencies, and a decent compass that works even when you are out of range from your network signal. Even if you don't use this app on a daily basis, it's a useful tile to have pinned to your home screen should an emergency arise—or for when you need to make your way around when the lights go out. Today, to be on the Internet is to tweet, so the official Twitter is a must-have app.

Basically, the WP Twitter app is exactly what you would expect from the app in other ecosystems up until last month.

Goodbye darkness my old friend

Still, the app works in all the ways it should. Chances are that you reading this feature with very few days left in , which is unfortunate as this WP version of Pandora gives users ad-free tunes and no monthly streaming cap for the rest of the year you know, the one that will end in a few days.

Top Flash Light Apps for Windows

But ads or no ads, Pandora on your smartphone can add the perfect soundtrack to your daily jog or a welcome replacement for the bland terrestrial radio during your morning drive. When it comes to Vine and Instagram, I think Instagram is the superior social video service.

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So, if you are a Windows Phone user who feels the deep burn to share your life in teeny tiny video snippets, then Vine is the way to go. At least until Instagram gets their act together. Netflix is the disrupting juggernaut that is slowly dismantling the pay TV paradigm. A Netflix account will bring all the buffet-style video entertainment to you new device. Evan lives in Brooklyn, NY and enjoys writing about what future may hold and taking long romantic walks on the beach.

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