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We have thousands of great games you can play with no downloads. Fun is just a click away! See More Online Games.

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Mobile Play on iPhone and iPad. Great New Games! Midnight Calling: Anabel Collector's Edition Immortal Love 2: The Price of a Miracle Collector's Edition. Gummy Drop!

The 15 Best iOS Tower Defense Games

Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet Collector's Edition. See More Great Games. Featured Games Play these popular games from Big Fish! See More. Download Games PC games and Mac games you can download and play free! Fright Chasers: Online Games Free online games you can play in your web browser!

O que estão falando…

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Forgot your password? This enables Google Play games services for your application, and creates an OAuth 2. Before using the Google Play games services APIs, you must install the required libraries using one of these approaches. CocoaPods is a dependency manager for installing Objective-C libraries. Add the GooglePlayGames pod to your Podfile. A typical podfile might look like this:. Add the ObjC linker flag to the app target's build settings. In your view controller, add a sign-in button and a sign-out button. Make sure your sign-in button conforms to the Google Sign-in branding guidelines.

To reduce your development effort, many of the built-in user-interfaces provided by Google Play games services already include a sign-out option so you don't need to add this manually. Control-drag these two buttons into your view controller. This creates IBOutlet objects for these buttons. Next, control-drag these two buttons into the implementation section of your view controller's. This creates the following methods for handling the player's button presses.

Saiba como baixar músicas de graça e legalmente no iPhone [Dica de App]

Import the GooglePlayGames header file. The easiest way to do this is to open up your application's. By putting this import statement in your application's precompiled header file, you don't have to import this header in all your other files. In your view controller's.

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This is the string you previously recorded in the 'Add your game to the Google Play Console' section. Add the following code to the two buttonWasPressed methods you previously created in the 'Add a sign-in and sign-out button' section. When a player signs in to Google, the sign-in process takes place in a web view within your game. Specify two unique strings in the two new Identifier fields. For additional detail on entering this information, see the Google Sign-in quick migration guide. This method handles the URL that your application receives at the end of the authentication process.

You can now test your application and be able to sign in and out.

7 jogos indispensáveis e grátis para iOS #DicaDeApp

When testers sign in, they will use a web view within your application to complete the sign-in process. Next, tell the GPGManager that this class will be its status delegate. You can do this in many places throughout your application such as in your AppDelegate. The following snippet shows how you can do this from the viewDidLoad method for your initial view controller:.

The 15 Best iOS Tower Defense Games - Edition

Now when testers sign in or out, they should see the appropriate message reported in the console log. Now, when testers finish signing in, the sign-in button will be hidden. When they sign out, the sign-out button will be hidden and the sign-in button should re-appear. You can also sign players in automatically, to avoid having them sign in every time they launch your game.

The GPGManager will automatically sign the player in when you specify silently: This call succeeds if all the following conditions are met:.

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  • Baixar jogos para iPhone, iPad, iPod;
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  • Using this behavior, you can sign the player in automatically to your game by adding the signInWithClientID: Run your application and notice that, unless you signed out when you last used your application, you are now signed in automatically. When the application starts player sign-in automatically, there is a small delay between the time sign-in starts and completes.

    Your game should disable the UI during this time. First, add an instance variable to your view controller class to keep track of whether or not you are signing the player in silently:. Add the following lines to your refreshInterfaceBasedOnSignIn method to disable the sign-in and sign-out buttons if the player is silently signing in:.

    Now, when testers start your application, they should see your sign-in button, but it will be hidden during the automatic sign-in. Once initial player sign-in is completed, the sign-in button is hidden and a sign-out button appears. At this point, you are now ready to start adding achievements, leaderboards, quests, and other Google Play games services features to your game.

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