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Making a Basic Wallpaper (Solid or Pattern)

You can change your wallpaper from there. You can then follow the on-screen tips to change home screen of your Samsung phone, change the lock screen of your Samsung or change both home and lock screens. You will be able to select wallpaper from your Gallery app, from Samsung live wallpapers or pre-installed wallpaper with your Samsung smart phone.

Setting live wallpapers

Note that the live wallpapers or dynamic wallpapers are considered to drain more battery of your phone. So we would normally suggest you to use static photos as background or wallpaper on Samsung phone.

[WALLPAPER]HD/ULTRA-HD Wallpapers for grand 2

You can follow below steps to download high quality wallpapers online and activate them on your Samsung phone. There are many wallpaper downloading websites online or you can search on Google for the HD background or wallpaper for mobile phones, I am sure you will find quite a lot of useful websites you can get good wallpapers for your Samsung smart phone. Open the wallpaper or photo you like to download from the website, long press on the image file until you get the image options to save image , copy image , view image and set as wallpaper. Then find this saved image file within the Gallery app on Samsung.

There will be a Download folder where all your downloaded image files are saved. If you deleted the images by mistake or lost the images unexpectedly, you can refer to this guide to retrieve deleted images on Samsung phones.

Select and open the enlarged photo from Gallery app, press on the Menu button on your Samsung handset, this will bring up a menu list as above. The last thing you can do, which is completely optional, is add a bit of text on top of the finished wallpaper. This is great if you have a profound quote or passage that you want to read every day, which is a tip we recommend Get Things Done! Whether you're on a Mac, Windows or Linux computer, the desktop is an open space that isn't pre-defined by a rigid structure. Unlike the interfaces of mobile devices or Windows 8's Go down to the Text Layer Options section, type in the text you want to overlay, then tap Apply.

You should now see the text in the preview zone. Feel free to adjust the Text Size and Text Opacity using the sliders below — the longer the text entry, the smaller the text size should be.

Samsung Wallpapers

You can also adjust the Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment if you want to get creative, but I find that Center for both looks best on Android wallpapers. Lastly, you can add a Shadow I really like this look and recommend it and tweak the Text Color using a color picker. Live wallpapers have become quite popular over the past few years. Instead of a dull, static background that has no inspiring qualities, a live wallpaper is animated and full of life.

They drain battery life a bit faster than traditional wallpapers, but many users are fine with the trade-off.

How do I change the wallpaper on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone? | Samsung Support UK

Check out our big collection of Android live wallpapers 25 Awesome Android Live Wallpapers by Category 25 Awesome Android Live Wallpapers by Category Having a background on your phone that moves around is super fun and futuristic. Here we take a look at the best live wallpapers for Android. Read More to get a sense of what they are, how awesome they can be, and maybe even download a few to try out yourself. So what did you make? Share your custom-made Android wallpaper with us in the comments below!

How to access your phone wallpapers in gallery (for Samsung phones)

Or if you decided to go with a downloaded one, feel free to share that as well. Explore more about: Android Customization , Wallpaper. Your email address will not be published.

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