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Synchronization options with Windows Mobile Device Center

Thanks so much!!! Same problem here and worked for me too. This helped me to get WMDC to launch. Didn't install any of the dependencies from the accepted answer. Installed WMDC 6. Brilliant this worked The only other thing I noticed with my PC was that it kept coming up with " Default email application is not selected Had to restart my PC several times, but now it works, even with "Enable advanced network " checked on the device! I have managed to get my PDA working properly with Windows These are the steps I followed to solve the problem: First of all I installed Visual Studio This is not working for me.

I guess you did something additional.

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I did find one way to get the devices to connect in wmdc on win If i uncheck advanced network functionality on the pda under usb settings it will connect but when our users try to use the data connection for a download the reason we use wmdc the download hangs after a few seconds and then wmdc either crashes or loses the connection.

So far we are unable to find any solution that works.

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The bad thing is almost all of our users are on win 7 or 8. I have seen several fresh installations just work without any tweaking. Steps to success, definitely!!! Had the same problem. Came across an article from Zebra with the fix that worked for me: Installing required manually enabling the.

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NET Framework 3. Switch to "Local System account" with checking "Allow service to interact with desktop" then click OK.

I am not sure how much this limits RAPI functions. These Services settings changes must also be re-applied every time you Restart your PC.

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So this is obviously not a final solution. Restart my computer and it actually works again. Support Note, 2 June This worked for me, although not quite perfectly. When I disconnect my device the Device Center should stay up and show Disconnected, but instead it shuts down. Trying to connect VS to WM6.

Synchronization options with Windows Mobile Device Center

I have been successful connecting to a WinCE device with just the registry update. I made the changes as above, the registry updates, services logon to local and interact with desktop. Still couldn't get it to work. Finally, I disabled the AVG advanced firewall and left the Windows firewall settings as they were and it worked.

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The firewall is set up so that any apps requiring access through them should cause popups but they didn't. Can't see anyway to customize the AVG advanced firewall so will leave it off, at least while developing.

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The solution. Executing all of these steps in the exact order usually helps resolve the connection issues with WMDC on Windows Check the boxes for. NET Framework 3. Download the latest version of Windows Mobile Device Center - drvupdate-amd Right-click on the downloaded file and choose Propertie s. Go to Compatibility tab, choose these two options: Windows Vista. Press OK to confirm. Restart the computer.