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A whole suite of third-party tools has come to the fore in recent years in order to provide an ad hoc infrastructure for sharing sounds and computer instructions between apps, and between the iPad and other equipment.

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Of these following four only Aum was new in , while the others saw various updates and upgrades. As with all the apps in this sub-category, Aum seems like the sort of thing Apple should simply purchase and make part of the iOS backend. Pictured above. There may not be another piece of software that is more requested for developers of music apps to include as part of their own releases.

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Audiobus is the de facto sound router for iOS, allowing for an enormous and growing library of apps to send sound back and forth audiob. By the makers of Aum, this is a simple, elegant, and highly effective means to store and share audio files and MIDI files between apps. Excellent, narrow-focus band equalizer that works via Audiobus see above.

And these six well, 10 is sort of a list-making cheat are performance-oriented iOS apps, the first five listed in alphabetical order, the last a grab bag:. Novation already had a success on its hands with its Launchpad app when it launched this fluid, efficient, and pleasurable approach to sample-based sound production blocs. The app debuted in late , and this year it got even better with the addition of recording and editing features motion-soundscape. This app is a creative resuscitation and refashioning of one of my favorite apps of all time, the RJDJ app from Reality Jockey.

Korg has virtually reimagined itself as a software company, so rapid fire is its release schedule of iOS apps. This is a massive one, loaded with a variety of, per the name, audio gadgets, and it appears Korg has no plans to slow down its expansion.

Core accessibility applications for Android | Media Access Australia

This is arguably the most user-friendly audio looper available. It appealed to me initially because it allowed for easy desynchronization of loops. Many loopers, software and hardware alike, seem to assume the user wants a steady beat, but while Loopy is great for building songs in realtime, it also allows for layering of asynchronous sounds. I use it just as often with outboard sound sources, like Buddha Machines and the squelchy feedback of a no-input mixer, as I do with intra-app audio loopyapp. Listing 10 or so iOS apps here is just the tip of the iOSberg.

The high priority assigned to Aum and Audiobus is that I use them to connect so many other apps, including delays and noise sources, effects and sequencers, too many to list here.

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For solid retrospective insights on iOS music-making, I recommend the year-end articles on two great dedicated music-app sites: While Android is quite behind iOS in music-making software, there is a growing library of useful tools. These are listed in alphabetical order. A powerful and ubiquitous cross-platform music construction kit, packed with synthesizers, drum machines, a sequencer, and effects play.

This appears to be unique to Android play. A simple synthesizer employing frequency modulation, and it comes packed with presets. A polyphonic synthesizer with a great user interface.

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    We're launching an amazing new product, check it out!

    A colorful little groovebox. An excellent noise generator. A loop-oriented tactile synth by Matt Feury. A great little sound-experimentation app with a sequencer, drone machine, and theremin. Also available on iOS play. This apps are great. I really have fun using these apps Blocs Wave and mx player. While software like Mobile Accessibility discussed below will work with the touchscreen, you will gain the most access to Android by obtaining a phone with a physical keyboard and what's known as a trackpad.

    The trackpad comes in several forms, and basically simulates a joystick. Phones with both a physical keyboard and trackpad are ideal. Google's Eyes-free team keeps a list of recommended Android phones. This list is by no means complete, however.

    Best Android Apps and Options for Persons with Disabilities

    There are currently no fewer than three screen reading options available for Android. Due to the way Google has programmed the interface on the phone, you can install any or all of these screen readers at the same time and switch between them at will. This allows you to switch to a particular screen reader if it works better for a particular application. Many Android phones come with Talkback, Google's free screen reading solution. If it is not installed on your handset, it can be easily downloaded from the Android Market. It provides basic access to many of the phone's functions including contacts, the call log, phone settings, and many third-party apps.


    If it's already on your phone, it can be activated by going to Android Settings and selecting Accessibility. Spiel is another free screen reader available for Android. Both Spiel and Talkback provide similar functionality and work with a wide variety of applications.

    I downloaded the most expensive Android app EVER.

    Spiel comes with a bit more customization, and also includes a way to write scripts for your applications to improve speech, if you are an advanced user. Several text-to-speech voices in a variety of languages are available either for free or close to free from the Android Market including Loquendo and Svox. Code Factory has released Mobile Accessibility, a suite of programs which fills in many of the areas where Google's accessibility falls short.

    The suite includes, among other things, a web browser, calendar, Email client, GPS location tool, contacts manager, phone dialer, and an easy way to hear phone status and system notifications. Mobile Accessibility comes with Nuance Vocalizer as its voice. Mobile Accessibility also acts as a screen reader outside of the suite, similar to Talkback and Spiel above. The screen reader also uses the Vocalizer voices. A virtual touchscreen keyboard and speech recognition tool are also included, both of which work in Mobile Accessibility as well as in other apps.

    Android supports a variety of languages and a few text-to-speech engines. Major European languages English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish are supported by the free human-sounding Pico TTS engine, while less commonly spoken languages are supported by the free and more robotic ESpeak engine. The Android Market also offers human sounding SVox voices in 37 languages At a very low cost and Loquendo voices currently available only in English for a couple of dollars more.

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    7. ESpeak runs on Android 2. Other voices run on android 2. Note these voices will not work with Mobile Accessibility. The Eyes-free Shell is another home screen replacement for Android. It uses a simple grid layout and the touchscreen to offer phone status, battery information, a voice search capability Android 2. It is self-voicing and independent of any screen reader you may have installed. Remember, you're not limited by any of these options. You could run the Eyes-Free shell and Mobile Accessibility together if you wished.