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To illustrate Krona's utility, we describe its application to various metagenomic data sets and its compatibility with popular metagenomic analysis tools. Conclusions Krona is both a powerful metagenomic visualization tool and a demonstration of the potential of HTML5 for highly accessible bioinformatic visualizations. Its rich and interactive displays facilitate more informed interpretations of metagenomic analyses, while its implementation as a browser -based application makes it extremely portable and easily adopted into existing analysis packages.

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Both the Krona rendering code and conversion tools are freely available under a BSD open-source license, and available from: The Ensembl Web site: The Ensembl Web site http: It is being actively reused and extended in several different projects, and has been downloaded and installed in companies and academic institutions worldwide. Here, we describe some of the technical features of the site, with particular reference to its dynamic configuration that enables it to handle disparate data from multiple species.

Introgression Browser: High throughput whole- genome SNP visualization. Aflitos, S. Breeding by introgressive hybridization is a pivotal strategy to broaden the genetic basis of crops. Usually, the desired traits are monitored in consecutive crossing generations by marker-assisted selection, but their analyses fail in chromosome regions where crossover recombinants are rare or not. Introgression browser: Alves Aflitos, S. Ajax and Firefox: New Web Applications and Browsers.

Alternative browsers are gaining significant market share, and both Apple and Microsoft are releasing OS upgrades which portend some interesting changes in Web development. Of particular interest for language learning professionals may be new developments in the area of Web browser based applications, particularly using an approach dubbed "Ajax. Securing the Tor Browser against De-anonymization Exploits. Full Text Available Tor is a well-known anonymous communication system used by millions of users, including journalists and civil rights activists all over the world.

The Tor Browser gives non-technical users an easy way to access the Tor Network. However, many government organizations are actively trying to compromise Tor not only in regions with repressive regimes but also in the free world, as the recent FBI incidents clearly demonstrate. Exploiting software vulnerabilities in general, and browser vulnerabilities in particular, constitutes a clear and present threat to the Tor software.

The Tor Browser shares a large part of its attack surface with the Firefox browser. Therefore, Firefox vulnerabilities even patched ones are highly valuable to attackers trying to monitor users of the Tor Browser. Geant4 application in a Web browser. Geant4 is a toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter.

Apple Daily News – 2018-04-11

Because the Geant4 toolkit's visualization and user interface modules are well decoupled from the rest of Geant4, it is straightforward to adapt these modules to render in a web application instead of a computer's native window manager. Porting a Geant4 application to a web application is easy, and with minimal effort, Geant4 users can replicate this process to share their own Geant4 applications in a web browser. Brain Browser: Full Text Available Recent years have seen massive, distributed datasets become the norm in neuroimaging research, and the methodologies used analyze them have, in response, become more collaborative and exploratory.

Tools and infrastructure are continuously being developed and deployed to facilitate research in this context: Brain Browser is a lightweight, high-performance JavaScript visualization library built to provide easy-to-use, powerful, on-demand visualization of remote datasets in this new research environment. It is thus trivial to integrate Brain Browser into any web-based platform.

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Brain Browser is simple enough to produce a basic web-based visualization in a few lines of code, while at the same time being robust enough to create full-featured visualization applications. Brain Browser can dynamically load the data required for a given visualization, so no network bandwidth needs to be waisted on data that will not be used. Brain Browser 's integration into the standardized web platform also allows users to consider using 3D data visualization in novel ways, such as for data distribution, data sharing and dynamic online publications.

Faecal nitrogen of browser and mixed feeder game species during Faecal nitrogen of browser and mixed feeder game species during different seasons. A practical measure of assessing periods of potential nutritional stress of game species is needed in the management of Quality Search Content: Internet became destiny to get information or to transact a business need.

Most of the works including the recent articles demands for quality search content from the Web. The Interactions in the Internet are performed through a web browser. The database offers an excellent web-based graphical user interface the UCSC genome browser and several means for programmatic queries. A simple application programming interface API in a scripting language aimed at the biologist was however not yet available. The current version of the API supports databases of all organisms in the UCSC genome database including human, mammals, vertebrates, deuterostomes, insects, nematodes, and yeast.

The API uses the bin index-if available-when querying for genomic intervals. The API is implemented in pure Ruby and is therefore available in different environments and with different Ruby interpreters including JRuby. Source code and documentation are available at https: Feedback and help is provided via the website at http: The API uses the bin index—if available—when querying for genomic intervals.

Streamflow records obtained in the upper Santa Cruz River basin of southern Arizona, United States, and northern Sonora, Mexico, have been analyzed to aid in the appraisal of the surface-water resources of the area. Records are available for 15 sites, and the length of record ranges from 60 years for the gaging station on the Santa. The analysis provides information on flow duration, low-flow frequency magnitude, flood-volume frequency and magnitude, and storage requirements to maintain selected draft rates. Flood-peak information collected from the gaging stations has been projected on a regional basis from which estimates of flood magnitude and frequency may be made for any site in the basin.

Most streams in the 3,square-mile basin are ephemeral. Elsewhere, flow occurs only in direct response to precipitation. The median number of days per year in which there is no flow ranges from 4 at Sonoita Creek near Patagonia to at Rillito Creek near Tomson. The streamflow is extremely variable from year to year, and annual flows have a coefficient of variation close to or exceeding unity at most stations. Although the amount of flow in the basin is small most of the time, the area is subject to floods. Most floods result from high-intensity precipitation caused by thunderstorms during the period ,July to September.

Occasionally, when snowfall at the lower altitudes is followed by rain, winter floods produce large volumes of flow. The pervasive nature of web-based content has lead to the development of applications and user interfaces that port between a broad range of operating systems and databases, while providing intuitive access to static and time-varying information. However, the integration of this vast resource into virtual environments has remained elusive.

In this paper we present an implementation of a 3D Web Browser WebVR that enables the user to search the internet for arbitrary information and to seamlessly augment this information into virtual environments. WebVR provides access to the standard data input and query mechanisms offered by conventional web browsers , with the difference that it generates active texture-skins of the web contents that can be mapped onto arbitrary surfaces within the environment.

Once mapped, the corresponding texture functions as a fully integrated web- browser that will respond to traditional events such as the selection of links or text input. As a result, any surface within the environment can be turned into a web-enabled resource that provides access to user-definable data. In order to leverage from the continuous advancement of browser technology and to support both static as well as streamed content, WebVR uses ActiveX controls to extract the desired texture skin from industry strength browsers , providing a unique mechanism for data fusion and extensibility.

Santa Cruz thermic plant islanding with local loads. An analysis is made of such scheme implementation implications on the scheme for islanding a Santa Cruz 84 MW machine to provide supply to the auxiliary services of The Angra dos Reis nuclear plant presently existing in the system. Usability of Web Browsers for Multi-touch Platforms.

Multi-touch interface is an improvement within the existing touch screen technology, which allows the user to operate the electronic visual display with finger gestures. This work examines how good current web browsers are positioned to avail of the next generation HCI, currently dubbed Natural User Interfaces which are largely multi-touch interfaces at this point in time.

As more and more services become available on the Internet, the issue of fast Key words: Analysis of gene evolution and metabolic pathways using the Candida Gene Order Browser. Abstract Background Candida species are the most common cause of opportunistic fungal infection worldwide. Recent sequencing efforts have provided a wealth of Candida genomic data. CGOB incorporates all available Candida clade genome sequences including two Candida albicans isolates SC and WO-1 and 8 closely related species Candida dubliniensis, Candida tropicalis, Candida parapsilosis, Lodderomyces elongisporus, Debaryomyces hansenii, Pichia stipitis, Candida guilliermondii and Candida lusitaniae.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is also included as a reference genome. Results CGOB assignments of homology were manually curated based on sequence similarity and synteny. In total CGOB includes genes arranged into homology columns. Interrogation of CGOB revealed that the majority of tandemly duplicated genes are under strong purifying selection in all Candida species. We identified clusters of adjacent genes involved in the same metabolic pathways such as catabolism of biotin, galactose and N-acetyl glucosamine and we showed that some clusters are species or lineage-specific.

We also identified one example of intron gain in C. Conclusions Our analysis provides an important resource that is now available for the Candida community. CGOB is available at http: This text is richly illustrated with clear, easy-to-follow, full color diagrams, which are downloadable from the book's website Contingency Table Browser - prediction of early stage protein structure. The accuracy of FOD predictions is greatly dependent on the accuracy of the chosen intermediate.

A suitable intermediate can be constructed using the sequence-structure relationship information contained in the so-called contingency table - this table expresses the likelihood of encountering various structural motifs for each tetrapeptide fragment in the amino acid sequence. The limited accuracy with which such structures could previously be predicted provided the motivation for a more indepth study of the contingency table itself.

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The Contingency Table Browser is a tool which can visualize, search and analyze the table. Our work presents possible applications of Contingency Table Browser , among them - analysis of specific protein sequences from the point of view of their structural ambiguity. Natural gas utilization in Santa Cruz thermal-electric power; A utilizacao de gas natural em Santa Cruz. Use of natural gas as an alternative energy source on the thermo electric power plant of Santa Cruz are presented. Economic studies on hydroelectric power plants to use thermal generators during low water supply periods, costs of natural gas as a alternative energy fuel, and the engineer services to the conversion of fuel oil system, are discussed.

In order to assist communities and decision makers in implementing sustainable practices, EPA is developing computer-based systems including models, databases, web tools, and web browsers to help communities decide upon approaches that support their desired outcomes. Communities need access to resources that will allow them to achieve their sustainability objectives through intelligent decisions in four key sustainability areas: The purpose of the document is to provide basic guidance on use of the tool for users.

Soil chemistry and mineralogy of the Santa Cruz coastal terraces. Marine terraces in the central coast of California provide an opportunity to study a soil chronosequence in which similar materials beach deposits have been weathered under similar slope, climatic, and vegetation conditions during the Quaternary. Hanks and others , Aniku , Fine and others , Anderson and , and Rosenbloom and Anderson Established in by master gardener Alan Chadwick, the original site was a neglected 4-acre plot A quantitative analysis of surgical capacity in Santa Cruz , Bolivia.

PIPES indices were calculated by summing scores from each domain, dividing by the total number of survey items, and multiplying by Thirty-one of the 32 public facilities that provide surgical care in Santa Cruz were assessed. Santa Cruz had at least 7. However, these providers were unequally distributed, such that nine rural sites had no anesthesiologist.

PIPES indices ranged from 5. Unfortunately, surgeons are limited in rural areas by deficits in anesthesia and perioperative services. These results are currently being used to target local quality improvement initiatives. Concertina browsers: Evidence suggests that concertina browsers - browsers with the facility to expand and contract sections of information - are important in providing the reader with an enhanced cognition of small to medium amounts of information.

These systems have been shown to be useful for visually disabled users surfing the World Wide Web Web , and with the development of the Mobile Web, there has been renewed interest in their use. This is due to the similarities of reduced or constrained vision found to exist between visually impaired users and the users of mobile devices. The cognition of information fragments is key to the user experience and the reduction of 'information overload'; as such we are concerned with assisting designers of concertina browsers in providing an enhanced user experience by ascertaining user preference through a formative evaluation of concertina summaries.

Here we investigate a number of these concertina summarization techniques against each other. We describe a formative evaluation which concludes that users prefer concertina summarization of Web documents starting from 6. These preferences were found to be representative of documents of less than words of content, and included the preference to not fragment an individual sentence even if that meant slightly increasing the target: Starting, maximum, and step percentage slices.

Full Text Available With few exceptions, the field of Machine Learning ML research has largely ignored the browser as a computational engine. Beyond an educational resource for ML, the browser has vast potential to not only improve the state-of-the-art in ML research, but also, inexpensively and on a massive scale, to bring sophisticated ML learning and prediction to the public at large. This paper introduces MLitB, a prototype ML framework written entirely in Javascript, capable of performing large-scale distributed computing with heterogeneous classes of devices.

The development of MLitB has been driven by several underlying objectives whose aim is to make ML learning and usage ubiquitous by using ubiquitous compute devices, cheap and effortlessly distributed, and collaborative. This is achieved by allowing every internet capable device to run training algorithms and predictive models with no software installation and by saving models in universally readable formats.

Our prototype library is capable of training deep neural networks with synchronized, distributed stochastic gradient descent. MLitB offers several important opportunities for novel ML research, including: MLitB is available as open source software. Randomizing core browser objects to break advanced device fingerprinting techniques. International audience; The rich programming interfaces APIs provided by web browsers can be diverted to collect a browser fingerprint.

A small number of queries on these interfaces are sufficient to build a fingerprint that is statistically unique and very stable over time.

cruz genome browser: Topics by

Consequently, the fingerprint can be used to track users. Our work aims at mitigating the risk of browser fingerprinting for users privacy by 'breaking' the stability of a fingerprint over time. We add randomness in the Fernando Cruz Kronfly and the fractured time of Destierro. Destierro part from a present that, in perpetual motion, leading to a present of the already-gone, a narrative temporality made by absences.

The time in this temporality and its links generated produces what we called ghost community, a kind of community which govern relations between that remains present and what does not. Full Text Available The goal of this research is the creation of an album browser system at a music store based on embedded Linux. It is expected with this system; it will help the promotion of said music store and make the customers activity at the store simpler and easier. The result of the research are; 1. The database query process is working properly; 2.

The audio data buffering process is working properly. With those experiment results, it can be concluded that the summary of this research is that the system is ready to be implemented and used in the music stores. It is based on the idea of distributed processing of Webpages content. In this paper the architecture of Web pagescontent analysis system is presented, details concerning the implementation ofthe system and the text processing algorithms are described and test resultsare provided. Full Text Available Web browsing on mobile networks is slow in comparison to wired or Wi-Fi networks.

Particularly, the connection establishment phase including DNS lookups and TCP handshakes takes a long time on mobile networks due to its long round-trip latency. In this paper, we propose a novel web browser architecture that aims to improve mobile web browsing performance. Our approach delegates the connection establishment and HTTP header field delivery tasks to a dedicated proxy server located at the joint point between the WAN and mobile network.

Since the traffic for the connection establishment and HTTP header fields delivery passes only through the WAN between the proxy and web servers, our approach significantly reduces both the number and size of packets on the mobile network. Computing hungry multimedia web applications need to efficiently utilize the device resources. HTML5 web workers is a non-sharing concurrency platform that enables multimedia web application to utilize the available multi-core hardware. HTML5 web workers are implemented by major browser vendors The concurrent execution in web workers allows parallel processing using available cores at the expense of communication overhead and extra computation.

The benefits of concurrent execution can be maximized This work presents load-balancing algorithms between web workers using parameters such as scheduler throughput, computation priority and game entity locality. An award-winning web-based multimedia game raptjs. The paper presents an open source system that allows the user to interact with a 3D molecular viewer using associated hand gestures for rotating, scaling and panning the rendered model. The novelty of this approach is that the entire application is browser -based and doesn't require installation of third party plug-ins or additional software components in order to visualize the supported chemical file formats.

This kind of solution is suitable for instruction of users in less IT oriented environments, like medicine or chemistry. For rendering various molecular geometries our team used GLmol a molecular viewer written in JavaScript. The interaction with the 3D models is made with Leap Motion controller that allows real-time tracking of the user's hand gestures.

The first results confirmed that the resulting application leads to a better way of understanding various types of translational bioinformatics related problems in both biomedical research and education. Bringing complete genome sequences accompanied with their rich annotations and references, makes phi GENOME a unique information resource in the field of phage genomics.

Water supply and demand management strategies in the Galapagos: A case study of Santa CRuz Island. Water resources on many islands in the world have been severely strained by increases in visitors. Santa Cruz Island, a tourism hub in the Galapagos, is facing significant challenges of too many people and not enough available water.

There are no permanent freshwater resources on Santa Cruz , and the. First generation annotations for the fathead minnow Pimephales promelas genome. Ab initio gene prediction and evidence alignment were used to produce the first annotations for the fathead minnow SOAPdenovo genome assembly. Additionally, a genome browser hosted at genome. Lexicon Sextant: This paper presents an ongoing study of the development of a customizable web browser information organization and management system, which the author has named Lexicon Sextant LS. LS is a user friendly, graphical web based add-on to the latest generation of web browsers , such as Google Chrome, making it easier and more intuitive to store and….

Cracking ShadowCrypt: This paper wi New experimental methods must be developed to study interaction networks in systems biology. To reduce biological noise, individual subjects, such as single cells, should be analyzed using high throughput approaches. The measurement of several correlative physical properties would further improve data consistency.

Accordingly, a considerable quantity of data must be acquired, correlated, catalogued and stored in a database for subsequent analysis. We have developed openBEB open Biological Experiment Browser , a software framework for data acquisition, coordination, annotation and synchronization with database solutions such as openBIS.

OpenBEB consists of two main parts: A core program and a plug-in manager. Whereas the data-type independent core of openBEB maintains a local container of raw-data and metadata and provides annotation and data management tools, all data-specific tasks are performed by plug-ins. The open architecture of openBEB enables the fast integration of plug-ins, e. A macro-interpreter allows the automation and coordination of the different modules. An update and deployment mechanism keeps the core program, the plug-ins and the metadata definition files in sync with a central repository.

The versatility, the simple deployment and update mechanism, and the scalability in terms of module integration offered by openBEB make this software interesting for a large scientific community. OpenBEB targets three types of researcher, ideally working closely together: The design of openBEB enables the rapid development of plug-ins, which will inherently benefit from the "house keeping" abilities of the core program.

We report the use of openBEB to combine live cell microscopy, microfluidic control and visual. Full Text Available Historical extirpations have resulted in depauperate large herbivore assemblages in many northern forests. In eastern North America, most forests are inhabited by a single wild ungulate species, white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus, and relationships between deer densities and impacts on forest regeneration are correspondingly well documented.

Recent recolonizations by moose Alces americanus in northeastern regions complicate established deer density thresholds and predictions of browsing impacts on forest dynamics because size and foraging differences between the two animals suggest a lack of functional redundancy. In contrast, in the partial exclosures, deer had non-significant effects on stem density, basal area, and species composition, but significantly reduced species richness by 2. Moose used the control plots at roughly the same frequency as deer as determined by remote camera traps, suggesting that the much larger moose was the dominant browser species in terms of animal biomass in these cuts.

A lack of functional redundancy with respect to foraging behavior between sympatric large herbivores may explain combined browsing effects that were. Multiple browsers structure tree recruitment in logged temperate forests. Historical extirpations have resulted in depauperate large herbivore assemblages in many northern forests. In eastern North America, most forests are inhabited by a single wild ungulate species, white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus , and relationships between deer densities and impacts on forest regeneration are correspondingly well documented.

Moose used the control plots at roughly the same frequency as deer as determined by remote camera traps , suggesting that the much larger moose was the dominant browser species in terms of animal biomass in these cuts. In this poster, we are going to present three user interfaces that CERES team uses to validate pixel-level data. Besides our home grown tools, we will aslo present the browser technology that we use to provide interactive interfaces, such as jquery, HighCharts and Google Earth. We pass data to the users' browsers and use the browsers to do some simple computations. The three user interfaces are: Thumbnails -- it displays hundrends images to allow users to browse hour data files in few seconds.

Multiple-synchronized cursors -- it allows users to compare multiple images side by side. The land cover features in Indicator selection is a persistent question in river and stream assessment and management. We employ qualitative research techniques to identify features of rivers and streams important to urban residents recruited from the general public in the Santa Cruz watershed.

Web browsers are becoming the universal interface to reach applications and services related with these systems. Different browsing contexts may be required in order to reach them, e. By browsing context we mean how the user browsers the Web, including mainly the concrete configuration of its browser.

When the context of the browser changes, its security requirements also change. In this work, we present the use of authorisation policies to automatise the process of controlling the resources of a Web browser when its context changes. The objective of our proposal is oriented towards easing the adaptation to the security requirements of the new context and enforce them in the browser without the need for user intervention.

Although the tool is not comprehensive, it could be viewed as a test bed for integrating legacy codes into modern systems. La Cruz Parlante permite a los mayas de Quintana Roo seguir existiendo y los protege, pero para ello debe estar custodiada por los propios mayas. Conservation efforts and possibilities for increased collaboration in the Santa Cruz River watershed. This circuit presents a high concurrence of national and foreigner tourists. The system uses the "odd-ball" row-col paradigm for generating the P evoked potentials on the scalp of the user, which are immediately processed and translated into web browser commands.

There were previous approaches for controlling a BCI web browser. However, to the best of our knowledge, none of them was focused on an assistive context, failing to test their applications with a suitable number of end users. In addition, all of them were synchronous applications, where it was necessary to introduce a "read-mode" command in order to avoid a continuous command selection. Thus, the aim of this study is twofold: The browser was tested with sixteen MS patients and five healthy volunteers.

Both quantitative and qualitative metrics were obtained. MS participants reached an average accuracy of Results show that MS patients can successfully control the BCI web browser , improving their personal autonomy. First, we developed a comprehensive UI attack that cannot be mitigated with popular UI defenses, and tested the efficacy of the attack through a user study administered on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Only 1 of the 59 participants who were under attack successfully noticed the UI attack, which validates the stealthiness of the attack. Second, we present multiple attack vectors against Shadow-Crypt that do not rely upon UI deception.

Should we be worried? Full Text Available This study explores the impact of browsers on vegetation types within the Mapungubwe National Park and specifically whether rocky outcrops or ridges in the park serve as refugia from browsers , particularly elephants. We sampled 80 transects at 20 sites and recorded plants comprising 65 species. Although certain woody species e. Albizia harveyi, Boscia albitrunca, Lannea schweinfurthii appeared to be preferred by browsers , browsing levels were relatively high among all woody species.

We did not find that rocky ridges acted as refugia to browsers , but instead found that vegetation in rocky ridges was more severely impacted by browsers than vegetation in flat areas, despite vegetation being more accessible in flat areas. If elephant numbers continue to increase at the current rate e. Conservation implications: High levels of browsing by both elephant and smaller herbivores contribute to significant impacts on vegetation away from rivers in Mapungubwe National Park. Without management interventions that address both types of impact, structural and species diversity are bound to decrease over the short to medium term.

Mouse Resource Browser -a database of mouse databases. The laboratory mouse has become the organism of choice for discovering gene function and unravelling pathogenetic mechanisms of human diseases through the application of various functional genomic approaches. The resulting deluge of data has led to the deployment of numerous online resources and the. A user-centred evaluation framework for the Sealife semantic web browsers. Semantically-enriched browsing has enhanced the browsing experience by providing contextualized dynamically generated Web content, and quicker access to searched-for information.

However, adoption of Semantic Web technologies is limited and user perception from the non-IT domain sceptical. Furthermore, little attention has been given to evaluating semantic browsers with real users to demonstrate the enhancements and obtain valuable feedback. The Sealife project investigates semantic browsing and its application to the life science domain.

Sealife's main objective is to develop the notion of context-based information integration by extending three existing Semantic Web browsers SWBs to link the existing Web to the eScience infrastructure. This paper describes a user-centred evaluation framework that was developed to evaluate the Sealife SWBs that elicited feedback on users' perceptions on ease of use and information findability. Three sources of data: It was found that the evaluation framework used successfully elicited users' perceptions of the three distinct SWBs.

The results indicate that the browser with the most mature and polished interface was rated higher for usability, and semantic links were used by the users of all three browsers. Confirmation or contradiction of our original hypotheses with relation to SWBs is detailed along with observations of implementation issues. Our objective was to apply new tools to identify weak points in current screening algorithms, and find ways to improve them.

Methods Women presenting for delivery were screened by rapid and conventional serological tests. For infants of infected mothers, blood specimens obtained on days 0, 7, 21, 30, 90, , and were concentrated and examined microscopically; serological tests were performed for the day 90, , and specimens. Maternal and infant specimens, including umbilical tissue, were tested by polymerase chain reaction PCR targeting the kinetoplast minicircle and by quantitative PCR.

Ten infants had congenital T. Only 4 infants had positive results of microscopy evaluation in the first month, and none had positive cord blood microscopy results. PCR-positive women were more likely to transmit T. Data integration and visualization help geneticists make sense of large amounts of data. To help facilitate interpretation of genetic association data we developed Toppar, a customizable visualization tool that stores results from association studies and enables browsing over multiple results, by combining features from existing tools and linking to appropriate external databases.

Detailed information on Toppar's features and functionality are on our website http: Our online version of Toppar is accessible from the website and can be test-driven using Firefox, Safari or Chrome on sub-sets of publicly available genome -wide association study anthropometric waist and body mass index data Locke et al.

The evolving fresh market berry industry in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Full Text Available The fresh market berry industry in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties has contributed significantly to the agricultural vibrancy of the two counties and the state of California. Dramatic growth in strawberry, raspberry and blackberry production has been documented over the last 50 years, and most notably since the s. Factors influencing this growth include innovations in agricultural practices and heightened consumer demand. Here, we review the historical context for the berry industry in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

Organic production, production economics and challenges for the future are also discussed. This is a special structure allowing a focused emphasis on research and includes special commitments for space and personnel from the Santa Cruz campus. The Institute serves to consolidate the research in experimental and theoretical particle physics on campus. This report covers four separate experimental projects.

Research in High Energy Physics last final report for period A Grid-enabled workflow for discovering enriched windows of genomic features related to DNA sequences. Inda, M. Chromosome location is often used as a scaffold to organize genomic information in both the living cell and molecular biological research. Thus, ever-increasing amounts of data about genomic features are stored in public databases and can be readily visualized by genome browsers. The line between native and web applications is becoming increasingly blurred as modern web browsers are becoming powerful platforms on which applications can be run.

Such applications are trivial to install and are readily extensible and easy to use. In an educational setting, web applications permit a way to deploy deploy tools in a highly-restrictive computing environment. The I2U2 collaboration has developed a browser -based event display for viewing events in data collected and released to the public by the CMS experiment at the LHC. The only requirement is a modern browser using HTML5 canvas. This browser -based approach to display of events can have broader usage and impact for experts and public alike.

However, due to recent changes in Web usage patterns, coupled with browser performance improvements, the long-standing issue has now become a significant threat to the privacy of Internet users. In this paper we analyze the impact of CSS-based history detection and demonstrate the feasibility of conducting practical attacks with minimal resources. We analyze Web browser behavior and detectability of content loaded via standard protocols and with various HTTP response codes.

We develop an algorithm for efficient examination of large link sets and evaluate its performance in modern browsers. Compared to existing methods our approach is up to 6 times faster, and is able to detect up to 30, visited links per second. Our results indicat Piracy Versus Privacy: The Piratebrowser is a web browser which utilizes the Privacy Enhancing Technology Tor to circumvent nationally implemented internet filters blocking the access to the Pirate Bay.

The article analyzes the possible consequences of a mass influx of copyright pirates into the privacy domain. One application of such a static analysis is to detect type-related and dataflow-related programming errors. We report on experiments with a range of modern web applications Oryza Genome: The species in the genus Oryza, encompassing nine genome types and 23 species, are a rich genetic resource and may have applications in deeper genomic analyses aiming to understand the evolution of plant genomes.

With the advancement of next-generation sequencing NGS technology, a flood of Oryza species reference genomes and genomic variation information has become available in recent years. This genomic information, combined with the comprehensive phenotypic information that we are accumulating in our Oryzabase, can serve as an excellent genotype-phenotype association resource for analyzing rice functional and structural evolution, and the associated diversity of the Oryza genus. The current version of Oryza Genome includes genotype information of O.

Two variant viewers are implemented: SNP Viewer as a conventional genome browser interface and Variant Table as a textbased browser for precise inspection of each variant one by one. Portable VCF variant call format file or tabdelimited file download is also available. All of the resources can be accessed through http: Since , there has been a great attention about HTML5. Application developers and browser makers fully embrace and support the web of the future.

The idea is to introduce the HTML5 to medical physics community for open source software developments. The benefit of using HTML5 is developing portable software systems. The canvas element of HTML5 was used for handling and displaying the images, and JavaScript was used to manipulate the data. Sample application were developed to: Simulation via Monte Carlo, and 5. The programs showed great performance and speed in uploading the data and displaying the results.

The flatness and symmetry program and Dynalog file analyzer ran in a fraction of second. The reason behind this performance is using JavaScript language which is a lower level programming language in comparison to the most of the scientific programming packages such as Matlab.

The second reason is that JavaScript runs locally on client side computers not on the web-servers. HTML5 and JavaScript can be used to develop useful applications that can be run online or offline on different modern web- browsers. The programming platform can be also one of the modern web- browsers which are mostly open source such as Firefox. The De-Genderization of Knowledge Production: All societies have official knowledge.

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Life of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz , 17th-century nun and literary genius, illustrates who discovers knowledge is more important than what knowledge is promulgated. Real issue was not what Sor Juana wrote but whether nun or woman should engage in producing and publishing knowledge. Her efforts have inspired….

Geomorphological evidences of Quaternary tectonic activities in the Santa Cruz river valley, Patagonia, Argentina. Present bed of the river has a meandering outline with first order meanders of great ratio bends and second order meanders of minor ratio bends. Regional and partial detailed studies allow to recognize structural control on river's bed sketch and valley s geomorphology that relates first order bends with reactivated principal faults. These faults fit well with parallel system of northwest strike of Austral Basin.

On geological, geomorphologic and structural evidences recognized in Santa Cruz river, quaternary tectonic activity, related to Andean movements in southern Patagonian foreland, is postulated. Mitigation options for futurewater scarcity: Browser App Approach: As smartphones proliferate, many different platforms begin to emerge.

The challenge to developers as well as IS educators and students is how to learn the skills to design and develop apps to run on cross-platforms. For developers, the purpose of this paper is to describe an alternative to the complex native app development. For IS educators and students, the paper provides a feasible way to learn and develop fully functional mobile apps without technical burdens. The methods used in the development of browser -based apps is prototyping. The paper illustrates the application of the browser -based approach to create a series of browser apps without high learning curve.

The results show the potentials for using browser app approach to teach as well as to create new apps. Future Research: For further work, we discuss the use of hybrid development framework to enhance browser apps. Comparative Genome Viewer. The amount of information about genomes , both in the form of complete sequences and annotations, has been exponentially increasing in the last few years.

As a result there is the need for tools providing a graphical representation of such information that should be comprehensive and intuitive. Visual representation is especially important in the comparative genomics field since it should provide a combined view of data belonging to different genomes.

We believe that existing tools are limited in this respect as they focus on a single genome at a time conservation histograms or compress alignment representation to a single dimension. We have therefore developed a web-based tool called Comparative Genome Viewer Cgv: We give access to our system through a web-based interface that provides the user with an interactive representation that can be updated in real time using the mouse to move from region to region and to zoom in on interesting details.

Lightweight genome viewer: Lightweight genome viewer lwgv is a web-based tool for visualization of sequence annotations in their chromosomal context. It performs most of the functions of larger genome browsers , while relying on standard flat-file formats and bypassing the database needs of most visualization tools. Visualization as an aide to discovery requires display of novel data in conjunction with static annotations in their chromosomal context. With database-based systems, displaying dynamic results requires temporary tables that need to be tracked for removal. The dynamic results of these analyses are written to transient files, which can import static content from a more permanent file.

It is particularly suited for applications ranging from short sequences to medium-sized genomes when the creation and maintenance of a large software and database infrastructure is not necessary or desired. Full Text Available Abstract Background Lightweight genome viewer lwgv is a web-based tool for visualization of sequence annotations in their chromosomal context.

Results lwgv simplifies the visualization of user-generated results on a local computer. Conclusion lwgv provides a lightweight alternative to large genome browsers for visualizing biological annotations and dynamic analyses in their chromosomal context. We created a self-study program using HTML browser on the Clinical Nursing General Remarks Course, Eighty-three students each selected a published book on a personal history written personal reflections from individuals who had undergone medical treatment and hospitalization , read it and submitted reports of their impressions of the histories.

Their reports were arranged from a nursing perspective and entered on the home page of our college using HTML browser. We intended that the students would become more interested in reading of the personal histories, and that they would acquire new self-study skills and increase their interest in Internet through use of our program. In addition, we hoped that this program would encourage positive communication and mutual sharing of information. The students were able to easily refer to a personal history according to their interest from a nursing perspective.

Therefore this program realized the mutual learning among students and other users. Online experiments are growing in popularity, and the increasing sophistication of Web technology has made it possible to run complex behavioral experiments online using only a Web browser. Unlike with offline laboratory experiments, however, few tools exist to aid in the development of browser -based experiments.

This makes the process of creating an experiment slow and challenging, particularly for researchers who lack a Web development background. This article introduces jsPsych, a JavaScript library for the development of Web-based experiments. The jsPsych library is open-source and designed to be expanded by the research community. The project is available online at www. Integration of a browser based operator manual in the system environment of a process computer system. The integration of a browser based operator manual in the system environment of a process computer system is an optimization of the operating procedure in the control room and a safety enhancement due to faster and error-free access to the manual contents.

Several requirements by the authorities have to be fulfilled: The integration of the on-line manual in the surveillance process computer system provides the operator with the relevant comments to the surveillance signal. The described integration of the on-line manual is an optimization of the operator's everyday job with respect to ergonomics and safety human performance. A browser -based multi-user working environment for physicists. Many programs in experimental particle physics do not yet have a graphical interface, or demand strong platform and software requirements.

With the most recent development of the VISPA project, we provide graphical interfaces to existing software programs and access to multiple computing clusters through standard web browsers. The scalable clientserver system allows analyses to be performed in sizable teams, and disburdens the individual physicist from installing and maintaining a software environment.

The browser based VISPA system was field-tested in biweekly homework of a third year physics course by more than students. We discuss the system deployment and the evaluation by the students. Personalized, participated, pervasive, and reproducible image bioinformatics in the web browser.

Image bioinformatics infrastructure typically relies on a combination of server-side high-performance computing and client desktop applications tailored for graphic rendering.

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On the server side, matrix manipulation environments are often used as the back-end where deployment of specialized analytical workflows takes place. However, neither the server-side nor the client-side desktop solution, by themselves or combined, is conducive to the emergence of open, collaborative, computational ecosystems for image analysis that are both self-sustained and user driven.

Multiple versioned code hosting services were used to develop distinct ImageJS modules to illustrate its amenability to collaborative deployment without compromise of reproducibility or provenance. The illustrative examples include modules for image segmentation, feature extraction, and filtering. The deployment of image analysis by code migration is in sharp contrast with the more conventional, heavier, and less safe reliance on data transfer. Accordingly, code and data are loaded into the browser by exactly the same script tag loading mechanism, which offers a number of interesting applications that would be hard to attain with more conventional platforms, such as NIH's popular ImageJ application.

The modern web browser was found to be advantageous for image bioinformatics in both the research and clinical environments. This conclusion reflects advantages in deployment scalability and analysis reproducibility, as well as the critical ability to deliver advanced computational statistical procedures machines where access to sensitive data is controlled, that is, without local "download and installation".

Full Text Available Background: Materials and Methods: This conclusion reflects advantages in deployment scalability and analysis reproducibility, as well as the critical ability to deliver advanced computational statistical procedures machines where access to sensitive data is controlled, that is, without. Multi-user tool for annotating GENomes. Israel joins the list of countries investigating Apple over iPhone slowdown issue.

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