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I don't think the is fragile. My daughter's was beat all to hell. She is rough on things. That drop did the trick, however. Still this is happening a lot going by posts on the forums. Wish I knew the answer to your question on what to replace or patch or reconnect. I still haven't come across the solution. Thanks everyone for your comments.

But getting back to my original question: Has anyone had any success in fixing the WSOD by adding electrical tape to any component?

How to fix the white screen problem of the Blackberry (Bold): ***READ Description***

The white screen on 2 of the 4 Blackberries is back to normal, all because of 2 well placed slivers of electrical tape. Here's that we did: I placed 2 thin slivers of electrical tape on both sides of the fragile ribbon cable of the LCD screen. Placing tape on both sides lessens the pressure on the ribbon cable.

Little slivers of electrical tape fixed 2 of my 4 busted Bold s. I'll fix the rest tonight. This is what I mean by poor design and defective hardware from Blackberry. I hope this helps other people Post updates. I'm curious about how long it will last. Good to see what and where the damage is done. Thanks for following up. Here are 2 more pics on what I did: For this BB Bold , I used 3 pieces of tape. I should also mention that on this one, I also broke off the plastic clip on the rear half shell of the case that was pressing against the ribbon cable.

SOLVED: charging light blinking, no display - BlackBerry Bold - iFixit

I don't have pics of this, but it did the trick, and over 24hrs later, no WSOD. Thanks again for everyone's help and suggestions Hy i am having a very similar problem, i have 3 blackberries: I came out it had some vapor on it from the steam in the shower i wiped it off and it was perfectly fine.

Then i kept turning it off and on sometimes screen becomes normal then it gets white in 1 minute if not less. I said my blackberry had died, after that i got a new blackberry, and i kept the old one with me blackberry b: One month after i bought it, i was in las vegas so and i was walking around the hotel when i take my cellphone off my pocket and its a white screen. They said i had to buy a new one since prepaid does not have insurance.

At this point i started searching how to fix it i bought the opening tool for blackberry and i started the experiment. I was working now with only the green plate and the lcd screen. At this point i realized maybe blackberry b the one my dad droped in the water still has a good usb cable and a good screen if it didnt get damaged in the water. So i oppened blackberry b took the screen out of it placed it in blackberry a. They are both so there shouldnt be a conflict.

Battling the 'BlackBerry White Screen of Death'

Now i kept the cellphone turned on and removed the b screen and i put instead the a screen to see what happens, a screen turned white. So a still has the same usb connection problem. Now i removed screen a and installed screen b again while keeping the blackberry turned on. Screen b was fully white just like a was. At this point i turned the cellphone off and on again to see if b is permanently "white screen" it turned on with the original random colors.

Blackberry c i dont wana touch it since its the newest until i have more information. Originally Posted by ernopena. Thread Tools. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On. Contact Us - BlackBerryForums. Add Thread to del. Sponsored By. Mark Forums Read. Nov Model: TMobile Posts: Nov Location: New Hampshire Model: Ask Carrier: Jul Location: Florida Panhandle Model: Jan Model: ATT Posts: After having looked through the crackberry forums and others, it looks like your 3G's: Some people suggest to leave the battery out for a couple of hours or even overnight , and then to retry it.

Of course there is also the possibility of a upgrade error, since the phone has no visible hardware damage.

Here is a decent explanation how to recover a dead BB, and this talks about the battery management. Hope this helps. Good Luck. I believe you are right, I'm getting a new battery and if that doesn't work and help me keep his contacts I'm going to have to reload his software.

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I'll let you know.. Thank you for accepting my answer. Do feel free to unaccept it if it is not your battery: Got out the old windows xp laptop, installed driver.. Says it's up to date.. Somehow I think I'm doing this all wrong.

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I don't have internet on laptop, only wireless is on the mac and this silly phone is windows only I think. The only thing here is that the screen is completely black, the nuked berry in your link has WSOD.. I am wondering if the soft reset might work with the new battery Alt — Right Shift Button — Del and see if that does anything.

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You apparently can use a Mac for the update. Check on this site May save you a trip;- and see if this video is helpful. Its for the Win OS but may be you can adapt it for your Mac.

How to Fix a BB White Screen Error

Found mac os. Strangely I could download from cd that came with bb but nothing opened on desktop for mac. Guess os mismatch?? Anyhow all better so thankyou x. Show 2 more comments. January Plug in charger until red light goes on and when it goes off quickly unplug the charger and plug back in. When the light is red its getting charge forced into it. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. BlackBerry Bold The original Blackberry Bold smartphone, featuring various improvements from older Blackberry models.

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