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Inside its flowery garden, lays a tennis court, a swimming pool, a table tennis table and more. The hotel also has a dancing room and a television. Hat a dao sung poetry was also another popular form of nighttime entertainment among the monied Vietnamese. Hang Giay and Kham Thien became well-known for their theatre houses, where lyrical poems were sung on stage by women to a background of chamber music. With the arrival of ice, in the early s the first beer was sold in Vietnam. Homel beer was owned by a Frenchman, and its factory was located where the Hanoi beer company is now at.

When the American aircrafts were threatening the city day and night, on the street people drank more beer, from small glasses to big giant cups. Famed electronic musician Vu Nhat Tan remembers when he was a year-old pianist wandering the city to find a place to perform. It was Aside from the pianists, the hotels also had a jazz band, drummers, flautists, accordion players and singers.

Most venues were small and the singers sang without the support of a sound system. Like his contemporaries,. Tan learned about world music from used cassettes bought from the harbour in Hai Phong or at the flea market in Hanoi. In the internet came to Vietnam, and the music scene and nightlife quickly developed to a new level.

By the early s, there were more nightclubs and dancing bars playing loud techno music. The live music scene also began to develop across the city. Tadioto was never just a bar. It was a reaction to the growing popularity of MTV music, Vinahouse and Vietnamese pop, genres popular with Vietnamese youth that had taken over the clubbing scene. CAMA, an active independent music. They c ths. Providing an underground space and a home to original live music and international, non-mainstream DJs, the space quickly became a popular spot for music and bar lovers. The three-year-old Hanoi Rock City, with its arts space and live music venue, has also had a huge impact on the scene.

A young nightlife industry like the one in Hanoi means limited options. But in return it means more opportunity to create a new scene to fill in the gap. Long-term Hanoian expat JC Smith was among the first people to DJ soul and funk music in the capital, the kind of music he grew up with but missed when he came to Vietnam. UK bass music such as garage, drum-and-bass or new style deep house has yet to gain widespread popularity in Vietnam.

One of the reason is the lack of a profitable market that can sustain the venues. There is a shortage of artists. People who like a louder atmosphere can go to Dragonfly. Clubs open and close. But customers who like the idea of a friendly family-run business and tradition stay with us.

I want to know, have you ever seen the rain I want to know, have you ever seen the rain Coming down on a sunny day. Drunken Textuals t late a xt us rinks. From there, the music feeds into a DJ mixer, and then straight to the sound system. The method is distinct from most other clubs that usually include a line mixer between the DJ mixer and the system itself, which gives more direct control for a sound technician to adjust levels.

Instead, Lush puts control more into the hands of the DJs, by removing the middleman and giving them direct control over main levels. The sound comes from four full-range speakers that hit high and mid-frequencies. They are placed strategically, high in the main room and pointed toward high traffic areas. The bass comes from four subwoofers, which pump out the low frequencies that rattle your chest.

You want to be able to go too loud, and then turn it down, rather than drive it too hard and start to lose quality. To add even more dimension, simple metal disks called gobos can be slotted in front of the beams, to create patterns or logos, and spin independently.

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Next are the rollers, which direct an internal light source towards a. Lush has been one of the most popular nightclubs in the city for nearly a decade, continuously raising the bar in clubbing with every new phase of development. More than just flashing lights and loud music, nightclubs rely on highly technical equipment and expert design to be successful, and Mark puts all of his energy into making Lush no different. I think Lush started to change that. How To: Refuse a Drink ers er off trang se, but s a d fu ar, an t to re you at a b.

You wan ht it, and le. Tou don. Instead, Lush has eight inch plasma screen TVs set up behind the DJ, each with a metal frame that manipulates the standard rectangular shape of the screen into amorphous, curved edges. Each has a separate feed and, thanks to a high-powered computer system with two heavy-duty graphics cards, have the capacity to run images independently from each other.

The visuals are run through a software program called Resolume, which streams video loops made up of 15 to 20 one-minute clips. Almost all of the visuals that Lush uses come from a VJ named Beeple, who uploads looping abstract clips under a creative commons copyright, allowing anyone to download them freely. Do say.

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Solicit Help. Cut the Flattery. The back wall is a clean curve, red neon lights glowing over a massive mural of silhouetted faces. Originally, the aesthetic was Japanese anime. Now the design still pays homage to the original concept, but in a stripped-down version that uses shape rather than colour to give it dimension.

Irregular walls interrupt the way that sound frequencies bounce off of flat surfaces and affect sound quality. Thankfully, packing the house full also does the trick, since bodies in the space work a little like the couches and pillows by also absorbing sound waves. The interior of Lush also does away with the overabundance of tables that some other clubs use to bring in cash, namely through bottle service.

Although plenty of tables line the walls in the main room, and sections are closed off for VIP bottle service, the main area is nothing but open dance floor. Without pesky couches to lazily sink into, the plus crowds stay energetic for longer. Fix a Broken Heel in, walk re to d your a ls hee y en your high easil ky as heel can of glue in this: Because basically it matches the craziness on my menu — look at that, fish sauce in a cocktail!

This year [I started playing darts]. Do you play against customers, do you win? Some of the customers, they want to buy me drinks. And sometimes I drink one, it makes me very crazy. I cannot drink. He started dancing around the place with his pants round his ankles. Crazy guy. I just focus on the drinks, the cocktails.

The flair — flipping the bottles and the tricks — I can do a little, but not much. We have one bartender that does. So, what about his drinks? Oh, he… well, his drinks are… not as good. What about yours? Well… yes. Mine are good. You drink 15 different shots. There is no time limit but of course the quicker you do it, the more infamous you are. I think the house record is about 20 seconds. The only snag is you have to actually pay for the 15 shots. I did it once — never, ever again. I was ill. And in nighttime, you go to. So this place is perfect, you can feel the wind, you can see the people actually walking around.

It feels a little bit different than in the bar, in the lounge, where you have the aircon, and you have to be mannered, you have to have good manner. I looove Lola, I liiike alcohol, love cocktail! I like manager. Excuse me, little English. You meet some interesting people here? What he was doing here was training Vietnam Airlines on problems with terrorism and how to deal with those situations… so you meet interesting people like that, get to chat to people like that.

Make Friends times re are. And e h T rself up ere. Four years. Most fun drink? We have a big range of whiskey, so I like making whiskey-and-Coke or our Sidecar, which is really delicious. Best part about the job? Making cocktails is good exercise! Cosmopolitan cocktail. Tell me something about yourself. I'm superconfident. When we first meet, you can either really hate me or really like me. They love smoothies. We started with just cocktails, but a lot of customers wanted smoothies. So we mixed some Oreos with chocolate.

People are crazy about it. Almost two years. The Snowfall in Love. We take a big wine glass and put in rose syrup, Cointreau, some rose petals. We serve it with two macarons. How would you describe local tastes? Two years — since the bar opened. Our music! Working to the music helps me make the best cocktails. Foreigners also come here to dance and listen to our musical acts. They say it reminds them of bars at home. Be Chivalrous. G s rating a social. Enough to be considered decoration. I love all the fabulous cocktails that 88 makes, getting inebriated on something that Jonas stirs or shakes.

What are you actually drinking? Single malt scotch. Hey Lucas, I like the feel of your sweater, what's it made out of? I live in Saigon, but I come here every time I come to Hanoi. Half of it was a bar and half was a massage parlor. Cognac or whiskey. Too classy for beer? This is definitely not a place to drink beer. When I drink beer, I do it the Vietnamese way — I go to a big seafood restaurant with my friends.

I come here to sit. Came for an early lunch. Iced tea. Want to try? What do you do here? Do you live here? Why are you drinking water? The only people I see carrying a bottle of water around are backpackers. I used to come every week. The Godfather. I can't remember.

The name attracted me. Cocktails or beer? With guys, I have beer. Quick, g e. T cloth evitably the b is in and. It works e the bub le. Battle of the Bands: The Covers Edition There is more original music than ever in Ho Chi Minh City, which a lot of us traditionalist snobs are hailing as a good barometer of the health of the scene. But now that bands are getting paid to sing their own songs, have they lost their cover chops? Ed Weinberg invited eight musicians to iBox Karaoke to see.

Photos by Francis Xavier. Dismissing the guidebook, she queues up five Pink songs and three Adele songs. David Moses Haimovich of Space Panther had been singing some Kylie, and she perhaps got the wrong idea. Owl grabs the mic and belts out some Pink. After aerating her lungs for a couple Pink songs, Owl passes the mic to former Joy Oi! However, he has a few karaoke tricks up his sleeve. But I grab the mic on Bed of Roses and a beautiful thing happens.

The entire room backs up my witchy warble, like that moment in a concert where the performer holds his mic out to the crowd for the chorus, and the crowd carries it through. Unfortu with a be left stain. It thing tick, g ame do to lips them clea o. There are no lyrics on the screen. Alec goes with a karaoke stalwart — the theme to Ghostbusters.

However, our attention is compromised by the creepy video accompanying — which shows a western guy kidnapping an Asian girl. Is this a karaoke original? Final score: Justin 8 — David 4 Next up, former Joy Oi! He stays alive. Transfixed by the Sea World dolphin tricks on the screen, he howls the lyrics a little too closely to the mic, perhaps in a nostalgic trance.

Owl goes out of her wheelhouse for R. Some of us feel Justin got an unfair shake, by singing a gravelly Gregg Allman part to this falsetto-focused crowd. Justin overcard.

First up is Justin, going back to the Prince well with Purple Rain. This time, he embraces the highest falsetto of all, with astounding results. His falsetto finesse intact, he takes a seat, grinning. Final, final score: Win at Arm Wrestling d tdate on ou virility. Elbow placement. Late Night Eats Been out on the town? Words by Elisabeth Rosen and Seamus Butler. Photos by Thiep Nguyen 80 Word December From d the opp ing r iv u a s , w s w s e aggr nuckles to your elbo down. Like most streets in the capital, Doi Can is just as deserted at night as it is hectic during daylight hours.

By midnight, the only light on the street emerges from this hole-in-thewall banh cuon shop, where steam wafting from the pan softens the electric lighting into a gentle glow. At this neighbourhood eatery, open until around 2am, prices are far more wallet-friendly than in the Old Quarter and the atmosphere is equally hospitable. Sit down with locals at flowered linoleum tables and order a stack of soft rice crepes filled with pork and mushroom nhan thit or poached egg trung. Greasy scrambled eggs, crisp pickled cucumber and an addictive chilli sauce, all smashed between toasted halves of crusty baguette: We dug up all our favourite late-night haunts.

Pickup games from badminton to spot-the-biggestrat are all par for the course, and you can even enjoy a shoeshine while you eat. Shotgun start. There are many ways to cool off on a sweltering, sticky Saigon night. But opting for this little late night oddity refreshes your spirits as well as your body. Pearl barley, juniper berries and lotus seeds combine in a sweet ginger tea heaped with a generous portion of shaved ice, for the even cooler price of about VND10, a pop. Whether you consider it a drink or a cold soup, the shop stays open until 2am, allowing you to take in the surrounding streetside atmosphere and the closing markets on De Tham before heading back towards your favourite watering hole.

Or home, as the case may be. Late at night, your options seem limited, yet some of the most delicious offerings are passing you by inconspicuously. Banh cam is a donut-like ball referred to in the north as banh ran literally fried bread. Open until 5am, this dimly lit bar and eatery sits at the far end of Bui Vien, its secluded location allowing diners to escape the notice of street hawkers, who look for easier and more available targets.

Creamy, vodkainfused Alfredo sauce piled high with crispy and chewy morsels of bacon serves as a warm hand that quickly moves you off to a pleasant slumber — and hopefully an equally pleasant morning. Rewind to one hour earlier and you would have seen a mad dash through rush hour traffic, a shocked look on my face when they told me that no promotion whatsoever had been done for the show, and 40 minutes of trying to repair a drum kit that sounded like it had spent the past 15 years out in the sun.

On the bright side, you can make money in Vietnam. You can get your bar tab comped, free admission for your friends and the opportunity to play with some real talent — the band just shortchanged on drinks had opened for Japandroids and The Cribs.

LG V20 – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

The trick is to know the ropes ahead of time. So, here they are: This is a mix-tape of complaints and praise. There is a disconnect between drum-seekers and drum-providers in this city.

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  • As you can imagine, a new drum kit is expensive — like VND10 million. Learning Things. S at chanc our th to y time you lose ay than ds. T t intereste d. The real downside of not being grounded, however, is that the microphone, plugs and basically. They kept rolling with it and the audience held up lighters, rock balladstyle, until the lights came back on. Common logic helps: Inept sound engineers in the US are known as boners: It was probably a hot gig that scored them plenty of girls — until a decade later, pushing 40 and still living within five miles of their childhood home.

    Their contempt is understandable. Being a Person. T g y in y… bilit an a g someth king awa n, right? As the bass swelled and damaged the house speakers I jumped offstage, wrestled him away from the controls and threatened terrible things if I saw him anywhere near his own soundboard again.

    Sadly, these are exceptions. So, yeah, Joy Oi! We were done. Bryon is going to make sausages and promote his incredible new project, Space Panther. Gareth is going to find a new girlfriend. Me and Chelsea are going to do more outdoor stuff. Recover n the fu , and over. Drink Water. Alte knew r while o quick-me te r of wa them ove. Avoid Bubbles. Hair of the Dog. Words by Elisabeth Rosen. Photo by Thiep Nguyen. But this man in angular glasses and a beret, shaking my hand with a wide smile, had little in common with the other Mao.

    Except, perhaps, for fame. Yet his manner is anything but exclusive. The idea came to him when he passed Long Bien Bridge one day and saw workers dismantling the old railroad tracks: I thought, why not put them in a bar? Where Red Lounge is dim and intimate, a speakeasy for an era when going out at night still felt slightly illicit, Coach House is brash and open.

    But cigarette smoke still clouds the room and the music is just as deafening. On the way to Hair of the Dog, this happens at least five times. As we walk the twisting streets. When I ask what she does, she yells: Or at least, they know Mao. Outside Hair of the Dog, Mao high-fives the owner, who leans against a motorbike watching backpackers pass by, and looks mildly bored.

    Mao stands there, surveying the scene. Downstairs, flashing lights curve into twisting shapes and Icona Pop croons to young Vietnamese clustered around shishas and platters of fresh fruit. Eyes are transfixed to iPhones, thumbs traveling rapidly over the screens with an energy that some people might use to dance. If you turned off the music, there would be complete silence. They talk for a few minutes.

    Waryn hands him a flyer for a new wine promotion: Mao scans it curiously. In fact, he was born into a farming family in Bac Giang, a mountainous northern province famous for the thin, crispy rice crackers banh da and glutinous rice wine made with a special kind of yellow flower. He moved to the capital in to study sociology at Hanoi National University; instead of going into academia, he opened a bar.

    Good night! We pick our way through the sidewalk beer joints and backpackers and balloon vendors, then round the upper curve of Hoan Kiem Lake and walk down the silent, shadowy street of Bao Khanh. Our photographer points to a man in thick-rimmed black glasses, a silver necklace dangling from his neck. We are joined by the barber, a German girl and some other friends of Mao.

    Someone yells that the bar is closing and we walk back to Coach, drink there for a while, then go to Tet Bar, where we sit on straw mats, surrounded by paintings of Buddha, and Mao orders a round of whiskey sours. Mao takes a thoughtful sip. Left model: VND, Right model: VND, Top: VND1,, Bottom: VND, all by Mango. The Spectaculaire 3D light show in Lyon, France. From the evening of Dec. Business Buff Words by Nick Ross. In Sapa, the various Hmong tribes emerge from their mountain dwellings to haggle and jibe, often speaking English or even French better than Vietnamese.

    The Tay in Ba Be National Park run guesthouses and tours, adapting to mainstream Vietnamese life without losing their ethnic identity. And in the Central Highlands you meet the Muong, Co Tu and Ta Oi, some living in isolated villages, others like the Bana with their houses built in towns or even the heart of the city. Most maintain a semblance of tradition, but few allow outsiders in. Opening the Door While Vuong has spent his life behind a lens — he first picked up a camera at the age of 17 — for Laval, the fascination started in when he spent time living with the Pa Then community in Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang.

    The experience led to a photographic exhibition the following year at the Museum of Hanoi. But he was far from finished. Some focus on habitat, showing where they live and work, eat and sleep. Others depict people in traditional dress, at work or at play. They speak to the viewer where words can only fail. The exhibition is part of the celebrations of 40 years of diplomatic relations between France and Vietnam.

    Photos by Yves Schiepek. Hoang — the name she was born with, and would later go by in Saigon — found hell much later, but she is climbing out of it admirably well. Last year, a friend called me with the bad news. A local newspaper had reported that Hoang, popularly known as Himiko, was in a coma following a road accident. The cause varies with the source. Whatever happened, it led to grave head injuries. Surgeons cut out a piece of her cranium to minimise the damage of brain swelling.

    She was in a life-threatening coma for days. Weeks later, conscious again, she. The unflinching photos of stitches and scars are not for the fainthearted. They are testament to the highly skilled medical team, who grafted back the part of the skull they had earlier removed and frozen. A Way Back Himiko says her life turned into a Korean film: Storms of tears flowed, but not from pain.

    She raves. In less than a year, her recovery has been remarkable. A New Beginning Concussion can affect language skills. The first time I saw Himiko after the accident she told me she wanted to practice English, because her Vietnamese had become childlike. This admission came from someone who had studied Russian, and who had worked as a translator in Japan to save money to study art.

    She put herself through university and saw her art prices rise. But inside her head, there are still fireworks. Any artwork she sells funds her dreams, new or old. Excited about her next project, a further development of a photographic series titled Come Out, Himiko emails curators at luxury hotels, takes calls from galleries and receives private collectors. It was in the living room of a shared house. Saigon was a different place in There were hardly any galleries. It was sparked off by her determination to have more than the one exhibition a year she might get if she relied on other art spaces.

    With Himiko they got a yes. I understand them. The grass roots, lo-fi approach might suggest a somewhat provincial art style. But with Himiko it only indicates openness and forward-thinking. Her own artwork is in two important collections of Vietnamese art. One day the alternative art space was closed down. It lasted some years before the same thing happened again. She opened a third, but was unable to keep it following her accident.

    Now Himiko owes nothing, but is back at square one. Now the sound of an ambulance makes her take stock.


    Over a decade old, La Cantina was the first Tex-Mex restaurant in the city. In my opinion there should be an ongoing theme, something to link one article to the next. But according to my editor, there was a theme, although a more personal one. He decided to explain. Located next to the long-running Margherita, an Italiancum-Tex-Mex-cum-Vietnamese restaurant that just refuses to lose its edge, the alleyway known as Hem Chua was then the main party area in the budget expat scene.

    But, smiles my editor, The Gold Brickyard was the place. Unfortunately the bar — ran by the mother of well-known actress and singer, Bang Lang — had a short lifespan. And by it had changed hands and been converted into La Cantina, the first dedicated Tex-Mex restaurant in the city. The varnished. But otherwise the former hangout had gone.

    Cảm nhận BlackBerry KEY2 sau một tuần sử dụng...

    La Cantina has been resilient. Its owner, Thanh, started off from humble origins as a waiter. Now, along with his flagship restaurant he owns a total of seven eateries in The Pham. A success story. Very eye-catching. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs: How to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 with flickering screen after installing Android 80 Oreo update easy fix. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 sta per arrivare in due varianti: Honor Im Video: Cumpar telefoane defecte -gt Iasilasati mi mesaj cu 13 raspunsuri Salut am 5 telefoane defecte te-ar interesa 2 iphone 5 si 5s gold 2x samsunggrand prime si s5 mini si un allview v1 te intereseaza.

    Samsung Galaxy J6: Easily Bypass Your Google Account. Enhanced Modules and Management Capabilities. As maiores marcas do planeta confiam seu sucesso na estrutura Magento tais como: Samsung Nokia Nike Texaco entre outras. Sponsored by Yale and Samsung Digital Lock Distributor Largest Door amp Gate Factory This Company was formed by a group of young entrepreneurs with a vision to succeedin this industry and to take service quality to a whole new level We pride ourselves in offering the most competitive pricing on the market.

    Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Llamado a ser el rey sin corona del de la gama alta. Samsung Galaxy j5 Prime spotted online- Will it be best Budget mobile. Samsung Galaxy S Straight Talk goes Android: Probleme beim Galaxy S7: Android Circuit: Black Ops 4. Apple versus Samsung patent trial comes down to the meaning of a three-word phrase. Jaunumi !!! Samsung DeX Pad is a second generation and much more portable version of the same idea! I really love this! The wall charger is exactly the OEM that my Nokia Lumia and I don't know about the mini USB cord is original or not but it charged phone just fine despite it slightly but loose and the cord is short.

    I needed a back up battery charger despite I have a charging pad and a power bank but you never know when it might come in handy. Published 4 days agoclement cunningham5. Correct amps for my phone. Published 6 months agoamazonlover5. Published 11 months agoBrenda Horton5. Obviously the picture shows both the cable and a wall charger but I only receive the wall charger. I selected this item expecting to have both of them. Published 1 year agoMolly2.

    See and discover other items: Learn more about Amazon Prime. It was released on 30 September at the Nokia Online Store before being released in markets around the world on 1 October Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia's Executive Vice President for Markets, said in an interview that software quality control would be better than for the N Initially scheduled for the second quarter of , the N8 was pushed back to the third quarter,[7] being finally released on 30 September due to 'final amendments'.

    Bay Cao và Vươn Xa

    The N8 became the product with the most customer pre-orders in Nokia's history up to the point of its release[8] and sales in Q4 were estimated to be almost 4 million. The Nokia N8's battery compartment is internally contained and thus the battery is not entirely straightforwardly removable or replaceable by users. Nonetheless, although the procedure is not endorsed by Nokia,[17][18] it is possible with the correct tool and careful handling to change the battery. This update brought new features to the Symbian Smartphone like HTML 5 web apps support and a new set of home screen widgets.

    Other software which will function on the N8 smartphone: Flash Lite 4 has been made available via partner Calsoft Applications[edit]Key built in applications include: Unified mail client for multiple providers: MMS support has Facebook application, Twitter, etc.

    The Anna operating system update gave Communicator support which is usually reserved for E-Series devices. There was also a new push notification API and a corresponding app. Sharing and Internet[edit]Browsing and Internet[edit]Proprietary web browser latest version 7. Supported protocols: HTTP v1. Twitter automatically sync with contacts app and updates are visible in phone contacts. Japan Wi-Fi PositioningElectronic compassPhotography[edit] Rear view of the Nokia N8 illustrating the megapixel autofocus lens with Carl Zeiss optics and xenon flashCamera[edit]megapixel camera with 4 elements Carl Zeiss tessar optics and mechanical protection shutterShutter: The corresponding cable is provided in the retail box in most regions.

    In January , Nokia stopped offering the Ovi Music Unlimited service in 27 of the 33 countries where it was offered. The service is still offered in China, India and Indonesia with a month subscription and in Brazil, Turkey and South Africa with a 6-month subscription. The reason for the closure in a majority of the markets where Ovi Music Unlimited was offered was due to a lack of popularity.

    For the Spanish promotion of the phone they also created a short video featuring luminescent puppets, called '[www. He also appeared on the GMA talk show Startalk to promote the device. The winner was 'Splitscreen: A Love Story'. Nokia Conversations. Forum Nokia. Archived from the original on 25 April Retrieved 1 August Expert Reviews. My Nokia Blog.

    Finest Fones. Nokia N8 Blog. The Nokia Blog. Retrieved 4 May Nokia Europe Website. Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 7 February Flash Enabled Mobile and Consumer Devices. All About Symbian. Retrieved Retrieved on Retrieved 18 September