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Set the phone's volume level high. Google Maps routes aren't always as cycle-friendly as those produced by Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner, but the app is fast and reliable. To run Google Maps on Windows, get the free gMaps app.


This app uses the route-finding engine of CycleStreets. But rather than CycleStreets' staggered itinerary, you get turn-by-turn navigation with spoken instructions. That makes routes much easier to follow while cycling. The Bike Hub app also locates local bike shops and has useful information on cycling and the law, the Cycle to Work scheme, and more. Probably the best way to turn your smartphone into a GPS cycle computer. You can view speed, distance ridden, riding time, calories expended, an Apple Maps map showing where you are, average speed, height gained etc.

It keeps the riding data on your phone so doesn't require an online log-in to start up or view afterwards. The only downside, as with any GPS app, is heavy battery usage. Free in-app purchases. Another GPS route logger for cyclists with an interest in fitness, Strava's ace card is the way it aggregates the data on a semi-competitive social media site. As well as your rides, you can see how your performance compares to that of other cyclists on any given 'segment', such as a local hill. Can you get into the top 10? Can you beat your own personal record? It's a powerful motivating tool.

CycleStreets routing on iPhone

Just remember to respect other road users and your own safety. Windows users will need a client app, such as Striver. Unlike some shop finders, it seems fairly comprehensive. You can also use it access free eBook guides about riding in London, repairs, thief-proofing your bike and more. The only real downside is that it's restricted to London. Potholes and other road defects are a pain for cyclists, sometimes literally.

Councils are obliged to fix them but only if they're aware. This app gives you an easy way to tell them. Your phone's GPS pinpoints the road defect on a map and its camera provides visual evidence.

Best cycling apps: iPhone and Android tools for cyclists

The app does the rest, notifying the council on your behalf. It takes moments. Councils have an incentive to fix known defects as they can't claim ignorance in compensation claims. Will it rain tomorrow? How warm or cold will it be?

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A car satnav uses roads, the Bike Hub satnav uses roads and cycle paths, including off-road cycleways. The app also features turn-by-turn navigation, with voice instructions and vibrating alerts. The cycle routing — note: UK and Eire only — is done via CycleStreets. This A to B bicycle journey planning website uses mathematical graph theory algorithms to quickly work out great bike routes.

The Bike Hub app can cache maps so users can download sections of the map to their phones for even faster screen loads. This makes the app into a leisure route suggester.

Bike Hub Cycle Journey planner for iOS - Free download and software reviews - CNET

The latest version of the app 4. Here are some reviews of the app on iTunes. We really appreciate these reviews and the star ratings. Android users have issues specific to certain Android phones.

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  6. Users not in the UK or Ireland can use the bike shop finder as this is fed by the bike shop layer of OpenStreetMap and will see maps, but the routing-engine may not always plot routes outside of the home nations. Stunned by how good this is!

    How to use the Bike Hub app

    This app got me through Kingston via the back roads and cycle paths. I did an awesome 10miles without having to deal with fast traffic. Planning to follow the app on a 25 mile route next. I have used it to try new occasional commuting routes from St. Albans to Central London.

    Cycle specific satnav – the Bike Hub app