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  1. Android download and save image internally
  2. Android Tutorial: Download image from the Internet with URL
  3. Android: Download File from URL with Progress Bar -

Picasso class offers overloaded load methods which allow you to load images by File, path as string, URI and from drawable resources. You can cancel existing image load requests using various cancel methods that Picasso object offers. Below code shows how to cancel requests by passing image view for which the requests were made.

Android download and save image internally

You can add listener to Picasso object using Picasso. This is mainly useful for reporting and analysis purpose. Picasso allows you to get image download stats information using StatsSnapshot object which can obtained by calling getSnapshot method on Picasso object. From StatsSnapshot object, you can get such stats as download count, total download size and cache hits and misses.

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You can add configuration to Picasso Request object using RequestCreator. Below code shows how to resize and crop downloaded image. To just download an image into cache, you can use fetch method on RequestCreator object. This allows you to pre download certain images into cache. If image download fails, you can make the request serve default image by setting error image on RequestCreator object as shown below.

Android Tutorial: Download image from the Internet with URL

You can make an image-loading request to download the image without looking up cache and to not store the downloaded image into cache by specifying memory policy on RequestCreator object. Similarly, you can make a request to download the image from disk cache only by specifying network policy. You can make the downloaded image to rotate by calling rotate on RequestCreator object. You can set an image to be used while the requested image being downloaded by calling placeholder method on RequestCreator object passing drawable resource id to it.

You can transform the downloaded image by adding transformation object to RequestCreator object.

Android: Download File from URL with Progress Bar -

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Android Development Tutorial - Download image with Picasso and save to storage

Here, the download process will be done in a non-ui thread using an AsyncTask object. I am George Mathew, working as software architect and Android app developer at wptrafficanalyzer. For hiring me, please mail your requirements to info wptrafficanalyzer. My other blogs store4js. Ready to test your knowledge in Android? Take this quiz: If anyone can help me then plzz … Thanks…. How to request Android download manager to download multiple files one by one Also I would like to know each and every file download status.

Congrats for the tutorial!!! Any idea?? Does this app work on target Android 4. I created with these specs and got an error message when I tried to run it: The error message appeared when I ran the app and touch the Download button: Unfortunately, httpUrlConnectionDownloadImage has stopped.