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  1. Why is Kik Messenger better than BlackBerry Messenger?
  2. BlackBerry Messenger vs Kik Messenger
  3. How to send a picture on Kik messenger on blackberry?
  4. Kik Messenger Has "No Immediate Plans" to Support BlackBerry 10 | TruTower

Why is Kik Messenger better than BlackBerry Messenger?

Here are some of the biggest WhatsApp alternatives. The only thing users might find frustrating compared to WhatsApp is that Kik requires a username, not phone numbers, as a basis for accounts. Shortly after Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the name WeChat was frequently mentioned as another messaging behemoth. Here are some figures to blow your mind: Another report claimed WeChat was the fifth most used smartphone app in the world as of Aug.

How to identify a fake live pic in kik messenger

Features include traditional messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, photo and video sharing, location sharing and the ability to share streaming content feeds. WeChat is more of its own self-contained social network, allowing users to share, like and comment on photos, and easily chat with people nearby. The service is free across all platforms. LINE, which was originally developed under the Japanese arm of Naver Corporation, is a tremendously popular service that serves over million registrants worldwide.

Similar to other data messaging clients, LINE allows users to exchange text, video, audio and graphics messages; users can also make free VoIP calls with phone calls to come , and even use the platform to make free audio and video conference calls with multiple LINE users.

The app looks intuitive, with just the right amount of customization options, and it has enough features to be competitive against other alternatives. Initially developed for the iPhone, Viber has evolved into a messaging powerhouse that has over million users across the world, with support for over a dozen different languages.

With familiar abilities like text, picture and video messaging across all platforms, Viber actually has some platform-specific features as well.

BlackBerry Messenger vs Kik Messenger

For example, on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, voice calling is available, with future plans to bring the feature over to Windows Phone 8 as well. With kik you use your real name and then your screen name is more in the background, which is cool because if I want to find a friend named Vanessa Thomas Exp , I can search for that name and not lilfreak69nurmowth. Kik is like a more professional grown-up IM, like facebook is to myspace. When facebook first started you had to be in college with a college email to be a member, they sent the registration to college emails only.

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You can transfer files of any size, plus when you send a message you know whens its been delivered and when its been read. Unlike texting where you simply send it and you hope they receive it, sometimes SMS gets delayed, I know I have received some messages an hour later. I see a lot of downtime from their twitter feed.

Why is BlackBerry Messenger better than Kik Messenger?

I guess I dont understand if this app is more like YAK free txts , or more like Yhoo messenger, where you actually have to have the app open and be signed in to get messages? Surely the Blackberry store has something that will talk to the MSN network no? Why re-invent the wheel? But this just seems like I would be installing Google Chat again, but with a different name, especially if file transfers are iffy. I, too, will be getting an Android phone next month. BBM should do cross platform and not require pins.

They would destroy any of these wannabe IM clients. There are great programs already that do this, kik, whatsapp, pingchat and lots others.

How to send a picture on Kik messenger on blackberry?

All these services should unite on the same platform, probably jabber. Symbian is bleeding market share and will probably fall to second place in , but still it should be supported. There is no such thing as a BBM email. Except without the ability to use your PC to respond. Whatsapp is useless, too.

Second, kik is faster than texting and has sent, received and read notifications.. Plus it has profiles, status, group chat..

Kik Messenger Has "No Immediate Plans" to Support BlackBerry 10 | TruTower

Wow, what a puff PR piece. User rating: Found a bad link? Help us by reporting it. What's New: Version 7. Stability improvements Version 7. Stability improvements Version 2.

New My Little Pony sticker pack Optionally give cards permission to use your location Stability improvements. Read more. Apps similar to Kik Messenger 3.

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