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  2. And The Winner Is… Best eBook Reading App
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There are other hidden gems here too, such as the ability to save definitions of every word you look up, thus creating your own personal dictionary that you can later export. Marvin comes with a bundle of free ebooks, available to download after launching the app for the first time. These include several classic novels, which is great for those who love reading classic literature.

Not to your taste? No problem. Marvin makes adding more ebooks to your library easy, giving you the choice of three different methods in which to do so. One includes iTunes file sharing to transfer any ePubs from your computer straight to Marvin. The second involves using Marvin to open attachments in your iPad Mail app. That, or you can simply connect Marvin to Dropbox, where you can download any of the ebooks you have stored.

And The Winner Is… Best eBook Reading App

The latest update adds a new star rating system, 6 new smart collections to filter by star rating, bulk actions to rate, the ability to delete bookmarks and highlights, keywords in the library search bar, note attachment and more. It also supports Calibre, the industry-standard e-book library manager. With Calibre, you can sync your books to other e-book readers, convert e-books, manage your library, and more.

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  6. 5 best book reading apps for iPhone and iPad.
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With scores of positive reviews across-the-board, iOS users in particular have given this app a collective five-star rating overall. It makes it possible for me to have a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast right at my fingertips, no ladders needed! I love that you can edit metadata in the app itself, I love the interface, the fonts and colors, the simple commands and shortcuts you can assign to menu buttons.

5 best book reading apps for iPhone and iPad

Reading and book sharing site Goodreads has nothing but appreciation for Marvin, with a host of five-star ratings praising the app. Is Marvin perfect? One other slight critique that should be taken into account before purchasing is that due to its lack of DRM support, those who buy their eBooks from Amazon, iBooks, other DRM book stores cannot integrate their purchases with Marvin.

The options are certainly there to tinker around with, but Marvin is also great in its original downloaded state. Yes, Kindle has a cluttered interface, and frustratingly offers less flexibility than Marvin, but as an alternative, it definitely holds its own.

Best E-Book Reader Apps - iBook and Google Play Book Alternatives

Unfortunately, the Kindle app does have its drawbacks. Similar to Marvin, you can perform a text search, or look up specific words or terms with Google or Wikipedia. Book navigation is pretty swift too, and turning pages is as easy as swiping or tapping the screen. Though Kindle owners will find the app to their advantage, it pales in comparison compared to the smarter, seamless experience that Marvin offers.


Unfortunately though, Marvin only supports. You can then simply authorize the app with your Adobe ID, and download books from either Dropbox or iTunes to add them to your library. Although Bluefire is indeed a great all-around app, its main complaint is how sluggish it is at loading eBooks compared to the faster, more acclaimed reading apps.

Turn your old iPad into a dedicated e-reader

This is mainly due to its sophisticated typeface more than anything else though, which automatically inserts ligatures that make text far easier to read. Bluefire Reader also offers many other options including orientation lock, different typefaces, themes, and the ability to use it for highlighting and annotation. Unfortunately, Bluefire is hindered slightly by its lack of an offline dictionary and the inability to look-up words and terms on Wikipedia. Another missing feature is the two-column support in landscape mode, which can be a huge setback for some readers.

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