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I cannot return a phone without the return proper identifications from you people. She told me it was already the 7th day. Again she sorry she cannot help me nor can I return the phone. I said all I wanna do is get credit then to buy another phone. They told me I could not. She advised me to sell the phone.

1,096 • Bad

I tried to sell the phone realizing I had to have it unlocked. I call them again and asked them to unlock the phone so I can sell it. I had over 50 people wanting to buy this phone then they tell me they could not unlock the phone and till the phone was in service for it least 12 months. I explain to them I do not want the phone turned on. I'm trying to sell a new phone not a use phone. Again they gave me some bullcrap that they could not unlock it. I am done with them. This is the 2nd phone I'm stuck with. I have no idea how to use an iPhone.

There's nobody else in my family to let them use it so it will just sit in the box like the other one I've had for 3 years. I'm letting customers know there is no satisfaction with Virgin. I have never had satisfaction with them and I'm letting everybody else know that they will not give you any satisfaction like the saying is you go cheap you get cheap. Their phones are just as cheap. In 4 years I've gone through 4 phones well to besides the two that sat their phones are only good for one year. They will start to screw up or you feel like you have a virus.

They will no longer work. I've always gone with Boost or somebody like Virgin for the pricing. But now I'm with Sprint. A better company. Better phones. Better service. Thank you. I've been a Virgin Mobile customer since I've never had good luck with their customer service, but figured customer service for these kinds of things is never good anyway. And, the service is so cheap. BUT -- this past week has me wholeheartedly considering taking my business elsewhere, even if it means paying twice as much.

I tried to purchase an iPhone on virginmobileusa. I called customer service and they said it was a problem with my bank. I called my bank and they said there was no issue with my card or my bank account, and that I should go ahead and try again. So, I called Virgin Mobile customer service again and told them this. I got fed up and went to the Apple Store, which is a journey from my house and quite a pain to make, and purchased a new phone there. That is a five hundred dollar difference because the Virgin Mobile website would not process my order.

Sooooooooooo unhappy. And it gets better. I purchased a brand new, very very very expensive phone from the Apple Store, and proceed to try to switch out the SIM card from my old iPhone. It doesn't work, so I call Virgin Mobile. After being on hold for 80 minutes, I finally speak to someone. I explain the whole issue after giving all my account information, only to be transferred to a different department.

They tell me that my current SIM card is not compatible with the new phone, and that I need to purchase one from Virgin Mobile. They tell me to do this online. I explicitly asked if there was anything I needed to do at this point, and she said NO. She said to wait for the SIM card to come in the mail and then give Virgin Mobile another call to have them help me set up the new phone. She said I would receive the card in business days.

Eight days go by. No SIM card comes in the mail. I give Virgin Mobile another call. Am on hold for 40 minutes. Talk to a customer service rep, who transfers me to the tech department, who puts me on hold to "figure it out," then tells me the order was never placed. Why did it take so long, and so many people, and so many hours of my life for them to tell me this? How can they be this incompetent? Mainly use landline. Keep Virgin mobile flip phone for "just in case". Left five year old flip phone in hotel in SF. Not worth returning to find it, have a backup flip phone, unused, unactivated, at home.

Long story short, Abby, with Virgin Mobile, worked with me to keep obsolete flip phone. She even called me back when she found a comparable plan to the one I used to use that was no longer available. Thanks Abby. I have been a V. Mobile customer for over 20 years. I use the "pay as you go" program.

I turned off my service and was told I'd receive a full refund of unused money app. They even gave me a "confirmation number".

1172 Virgin Mobile Consumer Reviews and Complaints

All I got refunded was app. I was lied to by their agent, and now they are offering me a new phone that I cannot use instead of a refund. Their customer service is terrible, and their policies are well hidden and deceptive. If I was a lawyer, I'd be filing a class action suit for breach of contract. I hope someone does!! Stay away from Virgin Mobile I have been mostly pleased with service from Virgin Mobile Canada. I have a well priced plan and customer service is friendly. My only complaint is that when I leave the country and am roaming, I often have extra unwarranted charges on my bill.

So you need to check every bill to make sure you are not overcharged when roaming. This, in my opinion, is unacceptable and should be fixed by the company. Hard to know where to begin Call centre is in the Philippines. Each time I call they lie. Upgraded the service plan and now don't receive texts. But of course they won't reduce the plan nor take money off except for a small one time deal. Then they tell you to call another department that has absolutely nothing to do with it.

No end of lies and constant frustration!

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This is for anyone who is considering Virgin as a cell phone carrier. I am in sales, and I know important and how detrimental these reviews can be. I have never written a bad review, but now I can't find enough review platforms to warn people. They were great at first, but as soon as they get you in a contract- your customer service and anything related to that will extremely decline.

Not one person in that company knows what another said- even with "notes on the file". You will repeat yourself times and still be in the same boat with nothing done. They will offer you lucrative plans to make up for terrible experiences and customer service, but will then retract them. This is literally the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Consider this a heads up and warning. I strongly suggest anywhere else but this company. You will get better reliability with a cup and string in the woods. Where do I start?? I just had a way better experience at Telus!

Virgin Mobile Review

I ported my cell phone over to Telus after the following negative experience with Virgin Know that you can do that. It was very easy to do and Telus gave me an excellent deal and seamlessly made it happen immediately. Virgin mobile internet stopped working properly about 2 months after I had it installed Service was SO intermittent!! I kept trying to explain that I have a heart condition and need wifi for an alarm system I had installed.

I had to explain myself over and over and was passed from person to person about 50 times throughout this ordeal. My neighbour, whose house the cord was also wrapped around tripped over it and fell. I called CCTS but they are not a punitive body. I literally had to drive to our local Bell office and ask a worker in the parking lot to come and check it out He then called his manager and lo and behold Aecon It took him one hour. October 30th the following fall!! It was neglectful and blatant abuse of their own customer.

Top 1, Reviews and Complaints about Virgin Mobile

My advice?? All this while my son was bedridden and just wanted to be able to watch TV and play Fortnite. For going on two months now, Virgin Mobile has been telling me that they've shipped me a replacement phone for one id purchased that would not respond to their Network. They also told me they'd hold my payment on my account and apply it once I called to activate said device.

Each time I've called the next person has told me nothing said prior had actually taken place. Each rep claimed to be going to escalate the issue.

Virgin mobile iPhone is basically FREE with this deal. (IS IT ANY GOOD?)

Each claimed issue was resolved. I spoke to a Grace, a Gavin. Got an order number. Etc etc. Twice I was hung up on. When I simply asked for my money back they fought some more. Then agreed. Called back and got the same song and dance. Hung up on They all lie and feign ignorance. It's sickening. I support four children and a wife. They've robbed me and will not fix it. I'm currently seeking an attorney. I foresee a class action suit as I'm certain they've done this to others. My wife uses Virgin Mobile also.

She rarely receives texts from others because the network is messed up and they refused to fix the problem for her either. There are days each month with no service. They do not credit her for it. They blatantly take money and fail to provide the service. End of story. Do Not use or trust Virgin Mobile and if you know a good attorney send them my way! Old phone died and bought a new phone to replace it. Then they told me my new phone didn't work with my plan.

I would have to upgrade. Tried to return the phone, but it had been too long. Tried to get it unlocked so I could use another carrier, but they won't because it hasn't been in service for at least a year. The same day I activate the phone and find out the phone was not working. The same day on the 28th I call Virgin Mobile and they say there was a problem with the antenna in the area where I live. They want me to wait 2 day for the update with the antenna. After 2 day the still don't work. Budget Plans.

Base Individual Plan. Base Family Plan 4 Lines. Extra Data for 1 GB. Carryover Data. Network Performance. Unlimited Plans. Individual Unlimited Plan. Family Unlimited Plan 4 Lines. High-speed Data Cap GB. Looks like Virgin Mobile chose a side when it comes to Android vs. What can we say? Speed on the Sprint network is a similar story. Three different independent companies pretty much came to a consensus that Sprint is dead last for speed. So take those ratings as you will. Click here to cancel reply.

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Name required. Email will not be published required. You can use these tags: This site is a U. Consumer site. You can learn more about our site and privacy policy here. Overall Rating 1. Network used:. Plan type:. View Plans. Written by: Catherine McNally. Get all the juicy details on Virgin Mobile plans, prices, and performance. Unlimited Prepaid View Plan.

Virgin Mobile review

Pros 23 GB of high-speed data per month with unlimited plans, then your data is slowed Member benefits and discounts on well-known brands. Cons Limited streaming and gaming quality No family plans—only one line per account iPhones only. Virgin Mobile phone plans and prices You get one line and one line only.