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  4. Apple releases iOS 4.2.1 update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
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Awesome Note Note and Scheduling as one. Note everything from simple note to daily, journey, business and studies. Into the world of notes! Attach anything to your notes. Remember birthdays and anniversaries. Format comes to life!

iphone - How to downgrade from iOS to iOS ? - Ask Different

More luxurious note. More organized but personalized folders. Use natural language create schedules fast and easy. Use Awesome Note on every device everyday. Use on iPhone and iPad at the same time. Edit notes on your PC using Evernote. Use Apple watch note with your voice and check schedules. Go wider with Landscape mode Take notes on wider screen. It has not been released to the masses as of yet.

Not to be to detailed, but it is not released yet as your headline says.

  • How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.
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  • SOLVED: Awesome Note won't open - Fixya;

Too much trouble to be correct? Nothing here in Chicago either. Why are they starting to feel like Microsoft when it comes to delayed launches?

How to Jailbreak

The article was posted 8: So for those of you not in the Pacific Time Zone, you will get the update an hour later in Mountain, two hours in Central, and three hours in Eastern Time Zones. Will have to wait for the jailbreaking team to tell me when to update to this new iOS. If your jailbroken wait. I hear they already have the jailbreak for this new softwear so it should be done quick.

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The app is currently available in the App Store, and it details these requirements at the bottom of the app description. These users would likely still have to pay for a MobileMe subscription for now. Apple , iOS , iOS 4.

About time… ive been waiting for this!!! Goofan aka Apple Hater. Sorry meant spending not spening. I get too excited talking about droid cause it does! Looks like that Android autocorrection is working just fine here…. You right, it has been around for years…like 2…LOL…. I thought you left me. I think he was being sarcastic…. Same here for my iPhone 3G. Must not have hit all the update servers yet….

Apple releases iOS 4.2.1 update for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

No update yet here. Another site says 10am pst. John B. No update for me either. Thanks so much Awesome Note 2.

Note/ To-do/ Calendar/ Task

I got the first free version when it first came out. I have used it to keep so many things organized and at hand. I keep track of my handmade items and processes, who they went to as well. I also enjoy keeping hard copy journals and notes, and I make a digital version on Awesome Notes, taking a picture of each page. I used to use a quick journal app but they discontinued it and I was able to move those files into my awesome notes and download them into Awesome notes, and it added them into the correct dates without much tweaking.

I like to add pictures of activities and visits in my daily calendar, and then I can take them out of my photo files freeing up space. I keep finding new ways to use my Awesome Notes. The more I use it the better I like it! I also like the fact that I purchased the app and it is mine.

That would be sad. I love the fact that I can make different folders, customize how they look, and keep track of all sorts of information. Come Christmas, shopping lists are already done. Husband needs stitches and they want to know the last time he had a tetanus shot? Hear about a good book that you would like to read?

My only complaint just popped up recently. On the home screen, there used to be a spot at the top of the page for the last four notes that were used. You could easily grab a note from there, rather than having to go to the folder, then search for the note or use the spotlight search.

Awesome calendar 4.2.1 - Reminders

App Store Preview.