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However, after submitting my app to the windows phone store, it never passed certification. They are giving me this issue, the application is exiting on launch. I copied the database to the root folder of my project aand copied if newer. My question was, how can I test whether my database on the root folder is working or not? Hello Subramanyam Raju, This is fantastic tutorial. But i have one issue. Please Help me. I am begginer in windows phone technology. I have one issue found on sqllite integration Error: Unable to load DLL 'sqlite3': The specified module could not be found.

I had learned so many things reading this article, thanks a lot for sharing the information.

Our site also provides an innovative and interactive Mobile App Services and if you want more ideas to refer our site: So as developer choice we need to decide "which way is best to store data? However windowsphone is very good at this case.

Local SQL Database in Windows Phone Isolated Storage

It is very very useful for storing some basic application settings like user profile settings,and especially in login application after login successfully app need to be home screen when user again launch the app. And i am really addicted with this uses ,because it is very handy and simple way to store data.

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It is enough for most of applications. And no limit to data store but of course you'll get an exception if you run out of space when writing new data, so you have to handle that properly. It is very useful to store data in database with structured way, Mmm this concept is covered by this post. And this article covers windowsphone 8 sqlite database. To run this sample ,you must install windowsphone 8 sdk or higher sdk from here. So this post covers all about sqlite with beginners level like this. SQLite is a very light weight database. Sqlite is directly not available in windowsphone ,and don't worry now it is very easy to setup sqlite in windowsphone apps.

So we need to follow three steps only i. It should look like the following picture. You will be redirected this link. It may not useful for you,but best to read this document.

And we need to add this extension to our project like this. So to install it right click on your project i. Now we are almost completed SQLite setup.

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But in addition we need to add sqlite-net package which is available from nuget. Because this package provides two helper classes SQLite. Remembering Notes: The type or namespace name 'Community' could not be found. Verify you have the conditional constants set. Verify you have added a reference to SQLite. If you get a warning message as shown below, follow these steps to fix it: Lets see first my table structure first.

Opening a SQLite database from the Isolated Storage in Windows phone

PrimaryKey , SQLite. In above step 2. In the app. In the constructor we check if the database exists and if it does not we create it. Since if there is no file exists ,it will get an exception. Combine Path. Combine ApplicationData. CheckFileExists "ContactsManager.

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So in Model folder i placed table class name is "Contacts. And finally Views folder i placed All my three UI related pages. This page for adding contact to database,when click on "Add Contact" button it will be add contact in database like this. This page for displaying all DB contact list with listbox. When "Add Contact" button is clicked is navigated to " AddConatct.

When "DeleteAll" button is clicked ,i done like this. Parse NavigationContext. When "Delete" button is pressed i done like this. When "Update" button is pressed i done like this. Isolated Storage Explorer tool to get the database file. To use Isolated Storage Explorer, the following things must be true: The app that you want to test must be installed on the emulator or device.

18 packages returned for IsolatedStorage

You cannot do the following things with Isolated Storage Explorer: These are settings that the app saved by using the IsolatedStorageSettings class. After downloaded from the Store you app may not be create database file. If not exist,then copy the your database file from installed folder to local folder. Thats it will fix the app store issue. Visitors Note: This content may be change in future.

You may visit this link: FeedBack Note: Please share your thoughts,what you think about this post,Is this post really helpful for you? I always welcome if you drop comments on this post and it would be impressive. Posted by Subbu. B at IsolatedStorage , SQlite , Windows phone 8. PremNath RajaSekaran 4 August at B 4 August at Daniel Nyamasyo 19 October at PremNath RajaSekaran 5 August at B 5 August at PremNath RajaSekaran 6 August at Now open the tool.

Figure 2: IsoStoreSpy Click on the Settings icon in the middle or the top-left side of the tool. Now you need to select the device. Figure 3: Select a device If you are running on the device then select Device or else Emulator.

If you are running on an emulator then please install the app in the emulator and be sure the App is Not Running. In my case I am running in an emulator so I'm selecting the emulator. Figure 4: Running in emulator Now hit Select and by default it will show the app settings like this: Figure 5: Figure 6: Figure 7: Figure 8: You can get it from Link.