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I am going out of my mind trying to decide between the Umi XII and the iOcean X7 and its come down to one simple feature: Whats you opinion on this before i spend my hard earned cash. And which of the two do you prefer in general?? I prefer the X7 its light weight and got better looks than the X2.

All are aware that both are same devices. Could you plesae let us now by when the same will be ready? Well that way even canvas 2 plus is with MediTek hardware so that will also be waste of time. Its not just the model its the OS that also counts and its well tweaked on Wammy Passion.

Anyway I will see when I can get the Canvas 2 probably will try getting it from somewhere. Apologies if I sounded harsh there! I was not against Mediatek, I was just clarifying that Wammy Passion Z and this device are similar in terms of configuration, so anyone wanting a review on this one could have checked out Wammy Passion Z. I am eagerly waiting for the Canvas 2 plus review as nobody seems to review it dont now y.

iOcean X7 Elite Inch 32G ROM Android MTKT Smartphone

Igyaan is reviewing this week launched Canvas 4 but still no word on AQ. We are eagerly waiting for your review on AQ as such. Please review at the earliest with benchmarks and p video playback. Amiet, let me tell you android guruz do not have any service center as of now. When you order the handset, u might get it in few days or month or months not sure about that. They are the same company selling UMI check the user response http: Amiet Do not trust the androidguruz at all.

I have booked UMI x2 since last 3 months. There is no response from their side. No call are being attended. Request for refund is not being answered. They are a ghost with no address, you can think about the post sales service. Even on face book page they are removing the complaints and blocking the people who are complaining. I feel gogi and other tech bloggers shut put a black box warning against these chinese companies to protect the indian customers.

Have even filed a complaint at core. Go only for gionee in chinese brand or choose indian componies. Gogiji I have a doubt regarding the ram. You mentioned that out of 1 gb there is only mb available. What happens to the balance of mb. Why I am asking this is that recently my friend got a new LenovoA Pls help me to understand. Hi which app you are using for checking that.. I simply added the both used and available. It is showing mb.

Okay I use the same. Some ram may be assigned for dedicated use, also depends on the OS customization. Hello mr. Now what to do sir… Kindly help and if you can ask them to look into this matter, i know they are not going to refuse your reference…. Gogi U r right about this androidguruz…it seems like a shady outfit—poor chaps can not even manage their company web site- it no longer opens..

Siva, there are two version the youth version with 1. It will take time for the elite version, as of now even the Youth version is not available in India. Ashish, eventually they will updated to 1. So we have 2 options a cheaper one with 1. If they make the 1. I am using the canvas 2 now but now am tempted to buy one FHD phone and i really like the design of I ocean X7…but its not listed yet on androidguruz website..

If i order through any chinese seller then it would cost around 15k with shipping so i dont think its worth it.. Once again good review and good change in rating. I can see you have now included after sales support and asking about users rating. These data can be used to publish rating of all mobiles at the end of month. Hi Gogi, I want the orange cover for this phone, can you please tell me from which site or from whom i can buy this. Hi gogi ji.. More over you know how difficult it is for foreign companies to set up the base in India.

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And not to forget the green tea and mineral water tradition still followed in India chai pani. Hii Gogi, What is That cortex app, i really like it plz tell me about it were u download it from? They are selling for higher price and now now re sell value. Have been trying to sell my titan 2 but nobody wants to give me more than rs…sick!

Androidguruz…stop making mamus of we fans. You have been yelling loud about opening store in Nehru Place…i have been there but couldnt find one.

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Just dont blabber…. Hello Mr. Gigi, I would like to ask one question…and I request you to kindly reply. These phones including zopo, UMI and iocean have only one imei number, I am very confused how two sims can work at the same time. Kindly reply. Gogi, You wrote: Please add Zopo also,Zopo is only their big brother in terms of sales and after sales;.

The octa-core MT launch was delayed it should have been launched last year. There is not much info about the MT though. You should do a sound review also, Specially with the headset. I have question for you.. Vishal, sound is better using eaphone. You can check the video here http: I was thinking to buy iris Q phone and have a question.

Is the camera pics taken by this device good? Is it possible to install apps on external SD card? Thanks for the prompt reply Gogi. Can you reply for this please…. Thanks, nice review as always Gogi. Now no one has to waste their money on wammy………….. Thanx for the reply gogi sir but i have one more question,is it good for gaming bcoz thats my main concern ,if not then please suggest me a good android phone around 5k…………….: Thanx for the reply gogi sir but i was asking for your kind suggestion not nova 3 game play……….: Gogi ji can you also do a field test of GPS and navigation, and present it to us in a form of a video, in all future reviews?

Kumar, I have done this in very few videos. You see most of these handsets use the same hardware and the stuffs like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth are built in the motherboard. In general GPS will work on all devices it may take time to get the first lock.

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As for the display in most cases it is mentioned. X7 is with IPS. Screen tech is one of the USP, so if the handset is using a better screen technology they will surely mention it. Hi Gogi, I like the phone. Really Good One.

Kishor this X7 is youth edition, there is another version called Elite with 1. Free RAM is only Mb????? Is this affecting gaming performance or multitasking by any chance? Spec wise its better its full HD for 12K. But delivery is a major issue, if you are aware of UMI 2 there are many still waiting for the handset. Yeah heard about that. If it is possible to come up and setup some store by themselves or may be with some retailer like univercell or mobile store then this kind of unavailability issues might easily get resolve. Thanks gogi Was waiting for it…I hope they dont mess up with this also like they have done with availability of UMI X2…when can u expect them to start taking its orders??

Aakash, check this old news http: Gogi bro just wanted to ask you why the benchmarks are so less meaning Quadrant Benchmark is Antutu Benchmark is NenaMark2 is This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The iOcean X7 runs on the Android 4. Benchmark Scores Quadrant Benchmark: Antutu Benchmark: Multi Touch: Related Posts. Yogesh July 30, Vinodh July 22, Hi Gogi, Could you please suggest me a good smart phone worth 15, rupees. Manoj A July 14, Gogi Rana July 14, Zopo ZP seems better. But getting any of these phones could be a nightmare. Pankaj July 14, Well stated review as always.

I just got one for my wife. Despite being a fairly stock ROM there are some tweaks which are mostly positive. The first and most obvious change is that the settings menu has been altered slightly and there are some new colourful icons. Some interesting additions here include Audio Profiles of which 4 are provided by default. The dialler has been tweaked to include a good implementation of dial pad autocomplete, something that is finally available in stock Android as of version 4.

The camera app has also been changed, more on that later. The quick shortcuts in the notification drawer have been added to and improved. There are now shortcuts for managing your data connection, audio profiles and screen rotation among others. I find this a useful and thoughtful addition. The battery percentage can optionally be shown next to the clock in the top bar, another useful enhancement that is to be welcomed.

Beyond these tweaks, the software on the X7 is stock Android right down to the icons and the lock screen. An impressive job and one of the most appealing things about the phone for me. The X7 takes 13 megapixel images from its main camera at a resolution of x This may sound very promising but in reality it is closer in quality to mid-range phones from last year most of which were packing 5 megapixel cameras. Pictures come out a little soft, underexposed and often slightly out of focus. The X7 struggles to pick out fine detail yet noise levels are kept under control reasonably well.

This is a camera I am more than happy to use for quick snaps and sharing photos to Facebook, but it is not great. Low light poses a challenge for the X7, but actually it is shadows and mixed light were it performs particularly poorly. You can see in the sample shots below how it struggles with images taken with that mix of shadows and bright light while in an indoor shot, detail is evenly captured even if poorly so. The video camera is more of the same although audio is very clear.

I could not discern any difference recording at high or medium quality levels. Amazingly, the front facing camera is at least as good as the rear facing as long as you are in a well lit area. It is a very good front facing camera. The camera interface is very simple and offers a reasonable set of adjustments.

It has an HDR mode, various scene modes and can capture panoramas as well as multi angle view images which are similar to photospheres. These settings can be annoying to use as some aspects are immediately on hand and other settings have to be found in the settings menus, but at least they are there. You can initiate image and video capture from the same interface which I always find a big bonus too. The phone also supports dual standby, so both SIM cards can be active at once. This can be very convenient, but how well does it work in practice?

The X7 detects when you insert a new SIM card into either slot and you can select which is used for voice calls, text messaging and data. You are able to use whichever of the two SIMs you want for each purpose. Reception on the X7 was generally good but definitely different for the two SIM slots. Overall though network speeds were good and signal strength consistent. It should be noted that using both SIM slots does have a deleterious effect on battery life due to two radios drawing power at once.

Call quality is generally excellent although I would prefer the speaker to be a little louder. The external speaker on my X7 is very poor being both quiet and very distorted which is a shame. The performance of the quad core A7 CPU running at up to 1. The issue comes with the GPU trying to drive the very high screen resolution that the X7 has. It is up to the job, but only just.

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It is not that the phone is slow or lags consistently, but there are times when scrolling will judder or swiping between home screens becomes a struggle. These moments do truly only last a moment though. Overall, performance is impressive and apps open and respond without delay. The ARM A7 cores may not be the fastest performing platform, but it is certainly more than adequate for running Android.

Battery life is largely very impressive. The X7 has a fairly small battery by today's standards but I comfortably got a day out of the battery. If it had the twenty percent larger capacity that most five inch screened flagships from the likes of Samsung or Sony have, then it would match their battery performance too. What is especially impressive is that standby performance quite possibly beats that of the Snapdragon based flagships we are seeing today, but those slightly slower A7 cores have to be driven harder when under load and consequently, the battery suffers.

It is important to discuss what the risks are when importing a device such as the X7 although this goes for any device of this type. The main risks are warranty and certification. Whilst I had a decent experience dealing with a warranty claim with BuySKU, your mileage may vary and there are no guarantees from BuySKU as to what they will do beyond 45 days after delivery. Other retailers have different rules, but none that I can find offer a UK style 1 year warranty. All phones sold in the European Union are certified to meet a set of safety and performance criteria governing items such as the radios - WiFi, cellular and bluetooth - within the device.

Batteries and radiation levels are also tested before a phone can be sold here. Any device you import yourself is highly unlikely to have met these criteria. Whilst it would be surprising of there were issues with any phones these days, you are offered no guarantees. Technically, your cellular network does not have to provide a connection to an uncertified device and they will be unlikely to offer any serious technical support.

Import duties may well be charged and collected by UK Customs authorities although there are no guarantees either way here. How UK Customs decide what level of duty to charge is an unknown too. But it is also worth noting that the basic underlying hardware is starting to find its way into mainstream devices. The launch of the Oppo R recently marks the first EU certified phone to ship with the Mediatek CPU also found in the X7 while there are already a range of tablets available with this hardware.

One of the most annoying issues with the X7 is the left soft button below the screen which is marked as the multi-tasking button but is actually the menu button. It is also noteworthy that on my example at least, the external speaker is very poor and the vibration motor weak. There are perhaps smaller issues, but you can start to see where costs have been cut. The worst of the issues though is the GPS. It takes a long time to get a lock and unless you are standing still or walking, the lock can be extremely inaccurate.

At first, when I was driving, it would have me on roads up to half a mile from where I was, rendering Google Maps Navigation useless. Having tried a few GPS tweaks, it is generally accurate to within metres which is just about acceptable for satellite navigation in general but is still very frustrating. Shockingly, I was forced to stop and ask for directions one time which was most upsetting! It is worthless trying to compare the X7 to anything else with general UK availability, so I wont bother.

My concern is that none of these will have the same screen as the X7 Elite and it is hard to be sure. I have used an X7 Youth - lower end than the Elite and Plus - but the screen on that device was not optically laminated and had significantly worse black levels despite being similar in other ways. So, the iOcean X7 Elite. No, it can't, but then it is also less than half the cost of those. It IS a very compelling device and is a class act all round.

If you are prepared to take the risk and if GPS is not important to you, this phone is better than any similarly priced device you can buy in the UK today. Posted August 30, Great review of an interesting device. The price drop on the Nexus 4 leaves very little room for Chinese phones to put a foot wrong though. The N4 has just warped my sense of what devices should cost as I guess it's pricing was intended to do. I have a Galaxy Note 1 and I can't use a phone with 4. Those Chinese phones look quite appealing, since I'm tired with Samsung's bullshit regarding the updates. At least I'll pay less and I won't expect any kind of service if I break something: Posted September 6, Great review.

My interest in Chinese phones has been around for a while but always been put off by the poor quality. But with modaco's recent mentions I started researching some over a number of months. I came across gizchina and after a few weeks I decided on the iocean x7 elite - but stock seemed to be low and being a real cheapskate I thought its cost was on the high side!

In the end I looked again and had been browsing the Antelife sellers website - they always seem to have decent offers group deals and quite a few discount codes mainly on gizchina. I was very, very pleased when I got it, but as per your review had issues with the mediatek GPS easily fixed with an external BT GPS - more of that later — I also tried all the soft fixes and it did improve but not enough for driving directions. The THL is very much a Samsung Galaxy clone - but they at least brand it unlike some other manufacturers which are straight up Samsung copies complete with Samsung logo.

It came with a flip case, screen protector with one on it already , extra battery and the usual accessories - nicely boxed.

iOcean X7 Elite 5.0 Inch 32G ROM Android 4.2 MTK6589T Smartphone

Build is nice and solid, the only thing that let's it down is the shiny plastic back. Screen is P and lovely, twin sims is the key thing for me as I use a work sim no data but we can use for personal calls and pay for those and personal sim for data. And a friend had the Beyond and is very happy with it and has no issues with ram it seems so I must have been pushing it too hard! The W8S screen is fully laminated so very close to the surface - how I can tell if it really is Gorilla Glass is beyond me - I don't dare test its claims - time will tell!

The 2GB seems to fix all my memory issues and now with an S-Line silicon case on it I do not notice the cheap back! I can certainly recommend the THL W8S and the Beyond if GPS car nav is not key for you - I was always someone who thought 5" phones were too big - but in my mid-forties and having recently struggled with reading on my previous phone 4" Motorola Atrix then I am converted - 5" is the limit though! I can also from my limited experience recommend going for the cheap postal service, first phone took about 7 days from notification of shipping, the second about 5 days. Latest deals on Antelife: