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  1. Apple iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Which is best?
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  3. Apple iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Which is best? | Stuff

It's a fine-looking phone, but the iPhone XS makes much more of a unique impression. You're looking at a pair of stunning, high-end OLED displays here, and if Samsung made the iPhone XS display as it did the iPhone X ones, then they both might come from the same source too. But the Galaxy Note 9 has the advantage here.

Apple iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Which is best?

It's a gorgeous Quad HD screen at a massive 6. The iPhone XS' 5. But given the miniscule difference in clarity, we have to give the nudge to the Note 9. Both phones pack a pair of cameras on the back, with the iPhone XS opting for the same specs as last year: They were great on the iPhone X, and they're significantly improved this time around. With a faster sensor, improved algorithms, and Apple's much more powerful Neural Engine on the A12 Bionic chip, the iPhone XS packs a Smart HDR feature that merges the best elements of several consecutive snaps to deliver one excellent result.

You can even change the background blur and bokeh effects of Portrait shots long after they're taken, which is a really neat perk. We called it "a near-perfect camera" for , even if the Huawei P20 Pro 's triple-camera setup has some advantages, and the Note 9's Auto HDR shots are typically fantastic.

iPhone Vs Android – Which One Is BEST For You

These two phones are very, very close in terms of overall camera quality, but we think the iPhone XS has the slight edge when it comes to consistent point-and-shoot brilliance. Samsung's Exynos chip leads the Android pack of this writing, at least in terms of benchmark tests… but Apple's chips are notably faster. In terms of day-to-day usage, we don't see dramatic differences here.

Melhores celulares custo-benefício de 12222

Samsung talked a big game around the huge 4,mAh battery pack in the Galaxy Note 9, but we were admittedly underwhelmed by the results. It's built for more than a day of average usage, but it didn't quite hit the day and a half we'd hoped for. The iPhone XS packs in about 30 more minutes of daily uptime than the iPhone X, but that's still likely to be little more than a strong day's usage.

It's not built for more unless you're barely using it. Both phones offer wireless charging, too, as well as fast charging. The Note 9 has an advantage when it comes to storage, as well.

That's pretty incredible. Of course, the Galaxy Note 9's biggest hook is the S Pen stylus, which pops out of the bottom and lets you scribble, sketch, take notes, and perform other tasks around the OS.

Apple iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Which is best? | Stuff

This version's stylus also has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the S Pen to be used as a remote camera shutter button or media control. The company always packs its flagships with bonus perks, and those could be deal-makers for some people. We recently reviewed the Galaxy Note 9, and while we liked it a lot, the phone didn't rocket to the top of our best smartphones list.

It's an excellent handset, but also a very iterative one Both are cheaper, yet similarly equipped in most ways. On the other hand, if you must have a stylus, the Note 9 is clearly your handset of choice. But if you're willing to spend big on a brilliant smartphone and you're deciding between these two, we think the Apple iPhone XS offers the better all-around experience for most users.

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