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  1. Galaxy S2 HeadPhone Jack issues
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  4. Galaxy S2 HeadPhone Jack issues | Samsung Galaxy S II I

This will ensure that the main hardware component of all your device's functions is not damaged and your device should start to produce sound again. Visit our troubleshooting page for more information about your problem and any future problems you may have. There is a section about sound issues already waiting for you!

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Just concerned how the volume's up key made it worked? I mean; what was the exact issue whhich caused so! Kaylin Benniefield. Possibly related issue.. I have a Galaxy Tab 4 I thought at first I had the same problem as above. When I tried plugging in some computer speakers into the headphone jack it seemed I couldn't get any sound out. Tried above suggestions Tried another computer speaker set.. After a little examination I realized that the silly plastic case Nook case that my Tab 4 was in had a smaller plastic hole for the plug to pass thru than what would normally be required to let the speaker plug seat completely in.

This prevented the 3 point stereo connection So I drilled out the plastic hole on the Nook case, put the case back on, inserted plug.. Ak vohra ak Its been long since I have been trying to figure out the sound and volume stuff but now I have solved my problem. What I did was i just disabled all my freaking equalizers and issue solved. Give it a try!! This works on my Tab 4 7. Just try this before you go and reboot or restore your device. Sylvia Lai. Accessibility hearing section has a "turn off all sounds".

Galaxy S2 HeadPhone Jack issues

I had forgotten that i set this. I had a similar problem where I had no sound when I tried to Skype my son but found that all I had to do was to plug in earphones, wait a few seconds and pull out the earphones again. The sound was back!

If it is due to static then we all need to be careful that the audio doesn't end up permanently damaged. There are other forums on the Net where people are complaining of constant 'crackling' sound coming from the internal speakers which sounds like classic static problems. One person even got a Samsung tech to come out but all he said was that he'd never come across this problem before so didn't know what to do!

It's concerning, in that this problem is not confined to one particular model of Samsung phone or tablet and I wonder if Samsung models are suffering from one of the following; poor grounding, bad connections or some internal component. There are 2 kinds of static EMI which is electromagnetic interference - this is the one that you hear like crackling or fizzing coming from your device and ESD which is electrostatic discharge - this is the horrible one that gives you that zap when you touch a metal object because you unknowingly got charged up on the nylon carpet.

However funny for others to see you can actually permanently damage your device if enough of a static charge hits it. Coated cables inside your device should protect against damage from static so perhaps some Samsung devices are not as well protected as others. We all have so many devices in our homes these days and it is essential that we try to keep them apart so that static isn't built up in them. Those of us who have been affected with audio problems should think about where you charge your device or where you leave it when you are home. The one thing I did wrong was to leave my mobile phone on top of my tablet Ensure you use a anti-surge adapter when recharging your device, so this is possibly why my audio stopped working!.

14 Answers

Dust is one of the biggest problems for any device because dust particles become charged and can cause your device to not work properly. I haven't tried using something to discharge the static on my tablet but I would imagine one of the anti-static bags that are used to transport computer parts would do the trick. Sorry to have gone on but sometimes we are in such a rush living our lives that we don't see what we are doing.

I hope this has helped. Parvaiz Lodhi. If the sound coming when earphone plugged in but not when out then socket switch contact not closing. You will have to open up tab and resolve the problem. Alfredo fredo My earphones work fine but the speaker does not put out sound. I found the problem when I opened it up, the battery had swelled causing the contacts to separate the speaker is mounted on the back cover.

I have no idea why this worked.

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I do not have headphones but had no sound. I have a Samsung Galaxy tab E and after holding the buttons as you suggested, I now have sound. Aug OP Senior Member. Jun Senior Member.

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Galaxy S2 HeadPhone Jack issues | Samsung Galaxy S II I

If you can, there is a possibility that your music or video player has problems. Try clearing its cache and data or use a different one.

Factory reset. Backup all your data and bring the phone back to its original settings. Send phone for repair. For those under contract, bring the phone in for inspection and you might even receive a replacement unit. If you can share a screenshot or two, that would be better. We may not be able to respond to every email we receive but rest assured we do read them… yes, all of them even if some do look like spams. It seems the screw in between the camera lens and the flash was loose. Try it.