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No, it doesn't. For graphical performance that can make games run smoothly, this phone has got a Adreno GPU. Design is one of the most important factors when it comes to mobiles. This phone is 9. Read more. Available, 2G: HSDPA 7. Class 12, 32 - 48 kbpsEDGE: Class Popular Mobiles Comparisons VS.

Amazon Great Indian Sale Day 3: First look LG G7 One smartphone: November 6 - November 10 Unboxing: Critic Rating: From around the web. Recommended By Colombia. From Around the Web. Only the speaker phone is not satisfying, sounding tinny at times. The rear camera sports 8 megapixels , yielding pictures with x pixels.

Apart from some blurring in brighter areas and some color noise which is clearly visible when zooming in , image quality is decent and more than sufficient for snapshots and small format prints. The front camera with its VGA resolution of just x is only suited for video calls. Its images are very blurry as was the case with the Optimus L5 and lack finer details.

It is possible to acquire additional headsets, replacement batteries and external speakerphones on LG's website. It is also possible to buy a mobile photo printer which, thanks to a special kind of pigmented paper, does not require any ink. LG offers 24 months of warranty for all its smartphones. Care has to be taken as this only holds true within the first 27 months after the device has been manufactured rendering models from older production runs a bit of a risky purchase. All accessories, such as the battery and the power adapter, come with six months of warranty.

Luckily, LG has removed the sticky layer on top of the touchscreen which we were so annoyed by during our test of the Optimus L5 II. Thus, it is far easier to work smoothly and comfortably with the touchscreen of the L7 II. The freely customizable button on the left hand side of the device has stayed with us, being assigned either to serve as the camera trigger or to start any application. The virtual keyboard - while called "LG keyboard" in the settings - has remained virtually unchanged in comparison to Android's stock keyboard.

This is no disadvantage, as it works intuitively and offers a special mode for the input of internet addresses.

Thanks to the large 4. In addition, different keyboards can easily be installed via Google's Play Store. The LG Optimus L7 II makes use of an IPS display with a now-mediocre resolution of x pixels, the same as its predecessor, but also not less than what most competitors offer. As with people, the largest are not always the brightest: An average value of just Only the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus remains even fainter. Still, when compared to the smaller Optimus L5 II , the L7 II's image quality is superior thanks to its better black levels and higher contrast ratio, leading to a more vivid experience.

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Brightness homogeneity has been somewhat improved as well. As mentioned above, the Optimus L7 II offers great performance in terms of black levels 0. Also, shades of blue deviate further from the sRGB definitions than all other colors. The grayscale isn't rendered perfectly, either. Due to its reflective coating , the screen can barely be made out in direct sunlight, leading to worse readability than the LG Optimus L5 II despite the improved contrast ratio of the L7 II.

In the shade and in closed rooms, all content is easily readable at maximum brightness. Viewing angles are great, thanks to the IPS display which allows for superb visibility of the screen contents down to very narrow angles in all directions. It comes with a 1. While the processor is capable of delivering decent performance, we are less sure about the undersized graphics card, especially during demanding tasks.

Still, it falls behind when compared to other mid-range smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus or the Huawei Ascend G which are consistently more powerful. The system performance is decent - both the operating system and all of the apps we tested ran smoothly. Even browsing the web is more fun with other mid-range devices. Page loading and navigation work reasonably smoothly , but other smartphones are still much faster in this regard. Demanding games such as Iron Man 3 take pretty long to load.

Indeed, the 4 GB of flash memory used in the L7 II is not of the fastest kind , having to concede defeat to all of its competitors during the AndroBench benchmark. Although LG's smartphone offers enough power for basically all applications , other manufacturers construct better products for the same amount of money. Such a future-proof investment is especially important if one plans on keeping the device for a longer stretch of time, requiring it to be able to cope well with future versions of Android too.

It should be taken for granted that every mid-range smartphone must be capable of running 2D games such as Angry Birds: Both run reasonably well , but not as smoothly as on the Google Nexus 4. The touchscreen and position sensor controls worked reliably at all times , but we were annoyed by the long loading times due to the rather slow flash memory. The case never gets uncomfortably hot , just noticeably warm with If the speaker on the rear was capable of focusing more on the lows and mids instead of solely on the highs , then it might have provided some really good audio and speech quality as it produces some loud and rich sounds.

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Unfortunately, it is not well-balanced at all. In addition, its sound gets dampened quickly when the smartphone is placed on soft surfaces.

Energy consumption levels of the LG Optimus L7 II are mostly great , ranging from exactly 0 watts when deactivated and 0. Only the consumption rate while idle is rather unfavorable, yielding up to 2. This might lead to some unfortunate consequences for its battery runtimes.

Review LG P Optimus L7 II Smartphone - Reviews

Its mAh or 9. Indeed, the Google Nexus 4 manages to beat the L7 II by half an hour during our realistic Wi-Fi test - despite its smaller battery and its more powerful internal components. It takes more than four hours until its battery finally runs dry. This may be a problem for the L7 II since there are already a lot of other great devices on the highly competitive smartphone market. There are some advantages to LG's new mid-range phone. It is a very functional device capable of running almost all apps smoothly. Build quality is decent, as is the image quality of the rear camera 8 megapixels.

The touchscreen works well and the lightweight design also speaks in its favor.

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Unfortunately, its surfaces are very susceptible to dirt and its display - while offering good black levels and viewing angles - disappoints due to its low maximum brightness. When compared to its equally-prized competitors, the L7 II lacks some performance as well as suitable speakers. Those who are looking for an unpretentious smartphone with solid mid-range specs in all relevant areas can't go wrong with the LG Optimus L7 II.

LG Optimus L7II (P713)

Still, other manufacturers offer more bang for the buck - no matter whether we are talking about better performance or a brighter screen. LG should have put some more effort into its new device in order to fully convince potential customers of its merits. A little more boldness in terms of design language and an increased performance.

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LG Optimus L7 II P713

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers. Smartphone Android. Top view: On the right: Power button. On the left: Customizable button, volume rocker. The operating system has only been lightly skinned. The same holds true for the menus. The GPS module is quick in finding satellites while used outdoors. Inside, it is barely serviceable. Software Luckily, LG employs a rather recent version of Google's operating system: Phone functionality and speech quality The phone call app sticks close to the functional standard version of Android, apart from a few cosmetic changes.

Rear camera: Front camera: Reference image: Canon EOS D, 12 megapixels. Warranty LG offers 24 months of warranty for all its smartphones. The keyboard has more or less only seen cosmetic changes. X-Rite i1Pro 2. CalMAN - Grayscale. Outdoor usage. Visible from every angle - thanks to IPS technology.