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Microsoft Launcher Sync your computer, customize your home screen, keep tabs on your kids, prioritize, organize, and give your phone a whole new look. Download Microsoft Launcher. Sync your phone and computer Pick up where you left off, wherever you left off. Webpages, Office 2 docs, photos—read, write, and edit them on your phone then send them instantly to your computer.

Your feed is one swipe away Microsoft Launcher allows you to create a customizable feed where you can see your recent photos, Office 2 docs, emails, social posts, events, and more or less if you want. Oh and of course you get the ability to customize icon packs, theme colors, and wallpapers. Easy access to your apps Designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft apps, Microsoft Launcher gives you quick access to everything you need.

Office, 2 Outlook, Cortana, 4 Skype, and more—they're all nicely bundled into a folder ready for download. Peace of mind from your phone Stay up to date on your kids 5 whereabouts and their app activities. Get a notification to launch an app at set times or locations. Just a few taps and you're done. Run launchers with your voice.

Microsoft Launcher

All of this is available for free! Set up specific widgets for morning, weekends, home, work, the gym, etc. Multiple widgets not available on iPhone 4S. Please support further development on the app by unlocking Multiple Widgets or the Pro Version today. If you don't see an app in your Installed Launchable list when adding a new app launcher, try searching for it instead. This is a new restriction placed on the app by App Review.

Download iOS 7 Launcher APK - APK4Fun

Launcher cannot support launching of every app you have installed. Only certain apps that can be launched by third party apps are supported. We strive to keep our list of launchable apps as complete as possible and we're adding new apps every week. If you have any apps that aren't currently supported by Launcher now, please fill in the following form: From v3.

Run any launcher with your voice using the Add to Siri button on the launcher edit screen. These are useful for home automation or other power uses. If you like Launcher, please consider writing a review in the App Store. They really help us out. I try a lot of apps.

I'll get really excited about an app I saw on the App Store or heard about from a friend or podcast and try it. And I usually use it for a few days or even a few weeks before I lose interest because it only does a couple useful things or I realize it doesn't really do what I need.

The best launcher apps for iOS

But Launcher has been my absolute favorite app from the moment I downloaded it a couple years ago. And it continues to add features that make it so much easier to do the most important things I need to do on my phone. With one swipe, I have everything I need just a click away.

I can set up separate launchers for work vs home. I can even set them up based on time of day so I can quickly do the things I need to do when I wake up, go to bed, and all day in between.

Winner: Launch Center Pro

There have been a couple times when I had trouble adding a launcher, so I contacted the developer, and he was super responsive in adding access to the app I was looking for, and every time there's an update, I find even cooler ways I can shortcut my workflows. It is so rare to find an app that exceeds my expectations. But Launcher does that every day.

Ilauncher(IOS Launcher) For Any Android Phones

And it saves me a TON of time, which is invaluable. You can check out other lock screen apps if you need more. Apart from that, the UI seems promising. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done without any customization options. Expect few ads and sponsored posts, it sounded awesome while we had it on our OnePlus 6T. Themes Land Price: Free 5. But the lack of customizability makes it least favorite. Most of the system icons or replaced with iOS icons, so it feels good. One thing that I stood up is the unread badge count in the default messaging app, that is awesome.

Unfortunately, it is available for only messages you cannot modify anything! The full-screen ads are annoying, considering it has the income source for developers we have to bare it. Theme Inc Price: Free 6. The system icons are replaced with Apple ones, even the non-system apps have rounded to match the iOS style. It nails down most of the aspects, right from the transitions to the app opening style.

The best part and my most favorite is the options to customize the way you need it. You Can even try the 6 Plus launcher and many others to experience the iPhone launchers themes on android phone. Apart from that, you can try to use this iPhone launcher for Android to make your mobile a clone of Apple device.

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After all, it boils down to the user preference. Tap Phone Price: These Apple iPhone launchers For Android just brings the staggering iOS launcher user interface on Android, you simply cannot expect too much with these iOS launcher apps. Better you download these iPhone launcher apk full version and get through your interest in Apple ecosystem.

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Nice collection. I have been working on customizing my Redmi device all day and I found myself on this beautiful post. One Launcher 2.