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When you are looking at the battery usage statistics, you should be able to swipe the youtube app, for example, and check a box that says force quit when not using. Oh my goodness!

Incredible article dude! Thank you, Emus4U.

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Let it stay active in your task switcher and watch your battery life get eaten away. Remove it, and watch battery life return. They may insist it because it is true, but it is not true to me. I love the ability to set up a calendar entry in Fantastical using voice entry.

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The other day it did not work, I looked and had a couple of dozen apps open. After I closed them all, voice entry worked again. Go fig! Jeff, thanks for the article. I write for Apple World Today and previously for AppleInsider and I was planning on a video tip next week for this exact tip, so if you see it again…… I agree with the commenters that iOS will handle memory for you but I did have one issue while trying to record a video tip for our YouTube channel where the slide to power off and home button greatly helped.

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  4. How to Close Running Apps All at Once on iOS.

When iOS needs memory it will make it available. While the save state is usually not a big deal, it is something you may notice in your favorite game.

iOS: Close Running Apps All at Once

With the game loaded in your recent apps list, it may be placed in a pause state, ready to return to the action when you are. Closing the app, therefore, would turn the game off, returning you to the opening menu the next time you launch the app.

Proof of the Method In Action

As the system manages RAM all on its own, you are mostly just taking control of your recent apps list, keeping it small and manageable. You are about to see it in action, as it is the easiest way to close apps on your iPad.

Apple iPad - View, Open or Close Recently Used Apps | Verizon Wireless

To open the recent apps list, simply double tap your Home button. When you are ready, swipe an app upwards off of the screen. Congratulations, the app is now closed. As you might imagine, closing apps on iPad is more about keeping structure and organization in your life, not a task that you must do for any other reason.

There are times that an app may act up, or your system may feel bogged down, at which time closing an app or two is a great idea, but this is a relatively rare occurrence with the latest iPads and iOS software. When closing an app is not enough, or you are just done with it on a permanent basis, the next logical step is to uninstall the app completely. Do any of you seasoned iPad users have a specific philosophy that you live by for closing your apps?

How to close apps on iPad

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