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  4. Love to watch online video, but at times it's barely audible?

Letasoft Sound Booster can increase sound volume of any Windows program even if the current system volume is at maximum. Sound Booster makes even very small and quiet speakers sound louder. Now if you can't hear the other person well, you can easily raise the volume above the maximum.

Laptop and Netbooks are widely used today. But their built-in speakers are limited in the output power.

Best Volume Booster for Android - Android Apps

Letasoft Sound Booster makes sure that their capabilities are utilized to the full. If all you need is to occasionally boost volume for some quiet video or music, then probably you don't need new speakers. You can raise volume to the desired level even if the volume level in system set on maximum.

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Sound Booster processes all audio that is being played in system and boosts it before it gets to the sound card. Learn More. Important Note: Continuous use of these volume booster apps for Android may result in a blown speaker. I highly recommend that you either invest in a good Bluetooth speaker or get a pair of headphones, if you are listening solo.

They are useful if you want to boost the loudness by sacrificing clarity, there can be many instances where you need your smartphone to be lower than it is and these apps come in handy then. So, if you want to sound any loud alarms on your smartphone, the best volume booster apps for Android will do a great job.

These were some of the best volume booster apps for Android and we hope that they will help you enjoy your device more. However, I would personally recommend that you invest in a Bluetooth speaker, it will not only be lower but also cheaper in the long run.

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Just out of curiosity, do tell us why you need a volume booster for Android? What kind of smartphone you are using and will you be listening to music using these apps? Feel free to drop your comments below, we would love to hear from you. June 30, June 27, June 24, June 21, Are They Any Useful?

Are They Any Useful?

Equalizer FX Free. Precise Volume is a comprehensive volume app that offers something for everyone. You also get presets that will activate when you insert a set of headphones, and you can set custom volume levels for different apps How to Set Custom Volumes for Different Apps in Android How to Set Custom Volumes for Different Apps in Android Have lots of different apps on your phone that you need different volume levels for? Here's how to set that up just how you like. It gives the finest control over exactly how loud you want your phone to be.

Love to watch online video, but at times it's barely audible?

Precise Volume Free, premium version available. If your low volume woes are limited to music and movies, then installing VLC is a quick solution. Now, when you start playing your media, hit the Settings button and select the Equalizer icon. In the next dialog box, find the horizontal slider at the top and drag it to the right to increase the sound level.

When you exit, you have the option to save your changes again. Unlike on the desktop, VLC on Android is great for music as much as it is movies. If you store a lot of content locally on your device, this could be a good solution for you. VLC for Android Free. For videos only, MX Player is also able to increase the sound of your movies by percent beyond the level your phone normally allows.

Want to make it louder ?

Now start playing a video. Swipe up the screen to increase the volume. Keep swiping and you can increase it by a further 15 points. The volume returns to normal when you exit the app. MX Player Free. Podcasts can be a particular problem, even on phones that have decent speakers. Let us show you which apps to use. Read More have options that can help.