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  2. Switching from an Android phone to a Lumia phone
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  4. How to switch from Windows Phone to Android Phone

It will be really kind of you if you could just give me a little advice. Thanks in advance. You need a third-party software like Mobile Phone Transfer to help you.

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It is a third-party program that needs to be installed on the computer. When you connect the Android phone and Windows Phone to the computer, you can transfer apps from Android to Windows Phone or from Windows Phone to Android by performing this software.

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It empowers you to synchronize files like music, videos and photos between Android and Windows Phone with no hassle and no data loss. And it's nearly compatible with all smart phones which means apart from Android and Windows Phone devices, other devices run on the iOS, Symbian and BlackBerry operating platforms can be supported by the software.

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  2. 4 Ways to Transfer Data from Android to Windows Phone?
  3. How to Transfer Data from Windows Phone to Android Phone Freely!
  4. How to Share Files between Android and Windows Phone.
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  6. Now you can download a free trial version to try to transfer data from Android to Windows Phone at ease. This is a guide of the Windows version. So Mac users can switch to the Mac version and follow the same instructions below. When you finished the installation, just launch the program on your computer.

    Switching from an Android phone to a Lumia phone

    Then in the main interface, click the " Phone to Phone Transfer " feature. You'll see the details on the window as follows. In this step, connect the Android phone and Windows Phone to the computer via USB cables and the program will start detecting the smart phones when the connection is on. After that, you'll find these two devices are in the left and right side as the source and destination devices randomly.

    Ensure both phones stay connected during the transfer process.

    How to switch from Windows Phone to Android Phone

    When it comes to transferring contacts, documents, audio video files and other data from Windows phone to Android devices, connecting both devices to your PC for data transferring is the most preferred Solution. All that you need to do is to connect both devices to your computer or laptop with the help of data cables. Open each folder one by one, and simply copy-paste the content from windows phone folders to Android device folders.

    This is the simplest method to transfer content from one device to the other.

    how to transfer file from windows phone to any android device through shareit app

    There is no need for an internet connection. Files are transferred within just few seconds.

    How to switch from Windows Phone to Android Phone

    The negative aspect is perhaps the fact that files and folders are transferred in their existing format. So, some videos, images, and files that you open in your Windows phone might not be compatible with Android device and may not even open after transferring. Same is the problem with transferring phone contacts, as every handset stores contacts in a different format. This method cannot be used to transfer text messages from one device to another. Microsoft's smart phone operating system may not be as popular as Android or iOS. But, some of Microsoft's apps are impressive for sure!

    Microsoft's OneDrive app is one of those apps that can really prove to be helpful for transferring data from one device to the other.

    The app supports Windows, iOS and Android devices. Check the detailed steps below. First step is to download OneDrive app in both devices. After downloading, the app will prompt you to sign in using your Microsoft account. Once you sign-in using your outlook username and password, the app will open its home page and display your existing content that you have stored in OneDrive. Click on "Upload files" Solution if you wish to upload documents, audio files, and other supported formats.

    If you wish to upload videos and photos from your device, just choose the dedicated Solution. The app will display all the folders and sub-folders from your Windows phone. Open the folder one by one and choose the content that you wish to transfer in your new phone. Once you select the concerned files, just click on "upload".

    The app will start uploading all the selected content on OneDrive server. After uploading all the necessary content from Windows phone on OneDrive, open the OneDrive app on your Android device. Select the content that you wish to sync with your Android phone and simply download the same. This Solution is suitable for people who travel in various countries around the world and change their cell phone several times. As all the important content remains stored on OneDrive, users can retrieve it any time and from anywhere.

    As mentioned earlier, this Solution is best suitable for people who wish to transfer contacts, documents, and files without using PC. Several people use this method to transfer their content from one phone to another while on the go. Images, documents and videos can be viewed with the help of OneDrive app, and can be downloaded in compatible format. Now the drawback! You need an active internet connection in your Windows and Android device, most preferably, Wi-Fi. Transferring data may take considerable time, as files are first transferred to OneDrive, and then, from OneDrive to your Android device.

    Unfortunately, this app cannot help in transferring contacts or text messages from one phone to another. In-order to transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android device, sync your contacts from Windows phone with Outlook. Then, sign-in to your Outlook account from desktop PC or tablet, and click on "People" Solution from the drop down menu.

    In the next screen, click on "Manage" and select "Export for Outlook and other service" from drop down menu. Once you click on that Solution, Outlook will automatically download contacts on your device in the form of. CSV file.

    Method 2: Transfer Files from One Windows Phone to Android Device via Computer

    The next screen will show you several Solutions, and you need to select "import. Once the pop-up window appears, click on choose file Solution, and select the Outlook contacts CSV file that you downloaded from Outlook.