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10 Best Photo Collage Apps to Combine Photos on iPhone

Nearly everything about your collage is customizable, from border width to background color and texture. You can also opt for a more playful image with rounded borders, choose from 14 original photo filters, or manually adjust for brightness, contrast, hue and color saturation. Once you're satisfied, upload your image directly to Instagram, Facebook , Tumblr or Twitter. Available for: Edit your images with a unique set of 56 light filters and 66 textures, plus 75 adjustable frames and vintage wallpapers. Afterlight also offers tools for cropping, rotating and straightening images.

Sometimes a photo's composition is better served in its original rectangular dimensions.


Unfortunately, Instagram's cropping tool doesn't allow for this. Squareready adds a white or colored background so you can upload your uncropped rectangular images directly to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Whitagram is another handy app for preserving the dimensions of a portrait or landscape photograph. PicStitch offers layouts for photo collages, as well as original filters and editing tools that let you rotate, flip and zoom. Create a photo collage of up to nine images or videos with PicFram. But that doesn't mean it's the only app you can use to make collages for Instagram.

5 cool photo apps to make your images pop

I've put together my short list of four collage apps that do more than Instagram's Layout so you can decide for yourself which is right for you. Diptic has been around for five years but continues to update regularly with more features, and it is an old favorite of mine for making collages. With Diptic, you start by picking from 34 standard layouts, but there are also tabs across the top to choose Jumbo, Fancy, or Fresh layouts, each with several unique styles that get away from the standard grid theme.

You also can adjust the frames and borders, and add text to your collages to call out the action. Diptic is an easy way to create quick collages, and lets you share your work on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

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Free; iOS , Android. FotoRus lets you make you make standard collages like Instagram Layout, but also offers a number of other features and cool ways to display your images. You can start by selecting a layout, but you'll also be able to add photo filters to each image in the collage to make the pictures pop. Whether you go for the standard collage style or something a little more exciting, this app also gives you an additional interesting twist on the collage.

2. Layout App

By choosing the magazine feature, FotoRus will display your photos so they look like a magazine layout. Additionally, there's a button to shift the different elements around until you get a look you like. It also lets you replace the text in the magazine theme to fit your photo selections.

FotoRus does display ads that can get a little annoying, but for the features you get with this free app, it's hard to complain. Free; iOS only. Diptic accommodates various workflows by letting you import images or take new ones within the app, and add photos as you go. You can also pull photos from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and more.

Best Photo Collage App For iPhone: Compare The 5 Best Collage Apps

My only complaint is that the app is a tad slow in initially placing pictures. The app lets you adjust aspect ratio, borders, border color, patterns, and decorative frames, and offers a vast number of resources for everyday collage building. Within your template, you can make adjustments like merging cells or using the node control to adjust existing cells into wild shapes, or splitting an existing cell so that your collage looks unique.

Onscreen controls let you dynamically adjust borders and shadows, add and change text fonts, and add stickers. Double-tapping a cell lets you enhance, adjust, or place special effects on the image within it. Thus you can distill hundreds of photos down to a reasonable number of unique shots from each photo session and arrange them in a collage, complete with a title.

In conjunction with doing its job on collages, Eventiles also helps to organize your photo collection and keep track of when and where you shot your images. You actually shoot panorama style by launching the app camera and moving it around your location 3D space in Boinx parlance. The app shoots automatically as you move and compiles the results into your choice among seven built-in backgrounds with names such as Polaroid Stone, Vintage Fabric, Magic Lights, and Shining Through that you choose by flipping through previews.

The results are unique and pretty cool, though this app is not for everyone or for every situation, and for some users, there may be too much emphasis on the backgrounds.

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For the highest resolution image, save the collage to your camera roll and sync it to your Mac. Template, Freestyle, and Stitch. Within those, you get square and rectangular arrangements, a patterned or solid color background or a vertical or horizontal layout containing up to 12 images, including panoramas. Within each module, you can change cell size and width and add text to the collage in different colors, patterns, and fonts. That might take some time, since there are no fewer than 60 free layouts, and a whole lot of image tweaking capability to go with them.

In addition to creating collages and stitching images together, you can also select and remove parts of images and superimpose them on other images for unique combinations.

The entire process is simple and intuitive with lots of variety. The app is slider-based, so once you have images loaded, you can dynamically adjust frame width, aspect ratio, and borders. Clicking inside a photo brings you to a whole new world of Instagram-type effects and the ability to swap or replace images. A rotate panel lets you adjust and resize each image in the frame.