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Review Summary

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Sky Force Reloaded Game Free Download For Nokia N73 - pretinouftera -

Sky Force Reloaded for Android Classic top-down arcade shooter. Let's Create! Pottery for Android Let's Create! Pottery for Android - Let's Create! Pottery allows you to create amazing pottery items right on your Android device. Feature-list of this project is as follows: You can improve your weapons; Realization of different weather conditions; Textured elements; Destroyable 3D-objects; Shades, blasts, atmospheric effects; 3 difficulty levels; 8 new levels to complete; Lots of new effects! Share with friends.

Do you like this game? Download game Sky force: Reloaded for free. Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games. Symbian 6. Symbian 9.

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Please, select version of your platform. Why do I need to select the version of my platform? To select compatible games for your device, we need to know the version of your platform. It's an old school arcade sound. The complete soundrack takes about 3 minutes, we got a lot of positive comments about it in the past. Have you noticed any odd behaviour?

Perhaps it's a problem with HTC Legend that we should look into? This game is multiplatform and it was originally designed for other platforms. The problem is that we can't save the game state at any given time. However, once you've completed the stage it will be saved and you would be able to resume it from the beginning of this stage. Any other suggestions about how we could improve it other than saving the game state when user hits BACK button? Thats 8 times more content! Anyway, I really appreciate your feedback. We will be making our game better in next updates!

The sound problem is that it is like an 8-bit arcade - I understand the nostalgic aspect of it but, perhaps because I didn't play arcade games or own an early console or gameboy, I don't really get the charm. Perhaps it's the same for the graphics. There's no bugs with either on my device Desire, not Legend fwiw. The sound doesn't bother me anyway I generally turn sound off as I might be playing on the bus or other public places , graphically I'd prefer smoother looking art, more iPhone than Gameboy, but that's a personal preference and I respect your creative decision.

Someone mentioned 5 stages in the full version which I thought was a bit light. Saving the state is even more important if you add this as I'd hate to be nearly at a record score just to lose it all because I get a phone call! Skyfall Member.

Free mobile downloads: symbian games

May 25, 35 6 I remember buying this on my old Nokia , it was great back then, I'm sure you'll get a lot of sales out of this version too. Personally I'm not sure I'll go for it this time around, sound is spot on, and I have to agree the graphics seem a little too stretched, but they're perfectly fine, I've played much smaller resolution games on much bigger screens.

The main problem for me is not the game at all but the control interface, I'm not sure I like using the screen to move around, the controls do work fine but it's personal choice I guess and again not much the developer can do about it considering how technology has "moved on". Dan Fury Well-Known Member. Feb 17, 52 Hi there, I loved Sky Force on my N73, it was a great game that you guys delivered on S60v3 back in the days, with this and K-Rally you still hold the crown for best graphics over there. But honestly, you shouldn't have ported it like this, it was great on it's original plattform, but on Android it really looks dated and doesn't do your usual quality justice.

From Idreams I expect Touchscreen Controls that rival Espgaluda II on Iphone or Trackball controls, I see you as a premium development team and don't want to discourage you from porting to Android, because I'm happy you develop for my favorite plattform, but please update it and show all Android gamers how good you really are. Sep 10, 32 63 Essex, UK http: Loved it on Symbian and I love it on Android. What a great game.

SkyForce Reloaded v1.00b S60v3 BiNPDA

People should give the lite version a go. Hello everyone, Just wanted to comment some of your posts. Sky Force is an old game but we've improved it a lot over the years and there is still a high demand for it. Even on iPhone, where competition is really tough, we've sold a lot of copies and got many satisfied customers. Porting it to Android was not an easy task.

To make it run as smooth as it works right now in such a fragmented environment was really a big task. Still, I see it as one of the most polished shooter for Android. I belive it was worth the effort! We'll definitely be bringing more titles to Android. At first, it will be high quality ports, but over the time we'll try to bring more innovation. Stay tuned, and I hope you are enjoying Sky Force.